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My 2009 linea diesel not performing well.

Discussion in 'Linea' started by Surinder kumar, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Surinder kumar

    Surinder kumar Timido

    Linea 1.3
    Hello guys my linea active diesel has lost its pickup considerably it was taking 0-100 endless 26 seconds. My brother's linea taking just 15 seconds for the same both cars are 2009 mine has done 1,50,000 kms and the other one has done 90,000 kms.
    My mechanic found to much smoke from exhaust main field so he told me that pistons/rings/cylinders are worn out and engine overhaul is due. So I proceed with it. Now after overhauling and going another 2000 kms smoothly it is still taking 20 seconds for 0-100 and spark of a kind of new engine is never felt. What to do.
  2. nareshreddyp

    nareshreddyp Novizio

    @Surinder, May be problem with your turbocharger. After 200rpm did you feeling the turbo kicking in ?

    Between, how much you have spent on overhauling the Engine ?

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