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My 1st Show Room Car

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cubbie, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Hi All,
    I live and work in Jaipur and yesterday I gave a token booking amount for a 2009 Manufactured Showroom Grande Punto 1.4 Petrol - Emotion Pack - BosoNova White. :dancing

    I have owned 3 cars in last 3 years all of them being used cars didnt get a feeling of 'OWNING' the car as it always reminded that someone had driven it before me.
    My 1st being Swift Vxi - 2006, then New Honda City Gxi 2005 & till last 2 weeks Hyundai's Jet (Verna Diesel).
    All cars were excellent except for Swift, which had some or the other cabin noise and engine had a knocking sound irregullarly.

    So you might have a question on why a 2009 model in 2010 or if you may allow in 2011??
    Big Discounts !! and 4 years Warranty, free 1st Year Insurance, 2+2 years RSA, free mud flaps, carpet and a BIG PROMISE of Trouble FREE Service for YEARS from dealer !!!

    For past 2-3 days, I have spent some 8-10 hours in total reading the posts on this site- Highly Informative I must say and all members have done a fair bit of explaning the car to its core.. Thanks Everyone One for the same.. you have put in Confidence (Needed Most on buying FIAT) for buyers such as me who dont want to stick to one brand...

    Help Needed :
    I need feedbacks on how to approach FIAT to know if this 2009 Model Punto needs a Clutch Sleev Replacement and other issues like Air Conditioning replacement etc.- Does going with the VIN Number help? Do I need to call FIAT 24x7 Toll Free Helpline to get this confirmed? I have a feeler that Dealer will not heed to my request on 1st go.. that too as this car is not driven....

    And Finally, using this opportunity to know if I should demand (or meekly request) for a Engine Oil Change? as the Oil although not used, is more than 12 months Old? Viscocity Issues etc??

    - Any particular Pre Delivery Checks you would suggest ..

    I am very eager to drive the new beauty around.. just that finances is being arranged as i write this and next week it would get registered and insured.. till then i am supressing the lil boy inside me who is jumping and kicking to get this car out now from the Showroom and go on a drive !!

    So please wish me luck and I have few more things to add.. would reserve this for the next time (read it as Post Delivery) :traffic
  2. chefvikas


    @Cubbie , if you have already made up your mind , well , congratulations , but I would rather not have you buy that car , see the discounts you enumerate are also available with the new puntos , why , I got all of those when I bought my car a month back ,and then some more . Also , in most probability it would be EuroIII , that can be an issue , sooner or later , plus if you are really aiming to buy your first new car , well it should be just that , the first new car .You must also contemplate as to why has the car not sold for this long ... Just a freindly advice , dude , book a new 2011 car and be happy ...
  3. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Yes, its Bharat Stage 3 model, As long as RTO is able to register i'm ok... my worry is more towards Clutch & Air Con issues thats being discussed widely... Any help on this would help me deal with it beofre taking delivery next week...

  4. capt_slow


    welcome cubbie

    this is not to dampen your enthusiasm ,but i feel vikas makes a valid point .if its true that the same level of discounts are available on freshly manufactured cars , then why go for a '09? Heck if you look around really hard I am sure you'll find dealers who have '10 made cars lying unsold and they may offer similar discounts .If i were you I would think dispassionately ; if its a great deal of savings in cash go for it . Else buy a new car.
  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Unfortunately no turning back at this point....i checked 2 dealers available got 1.1Lac less than what it wud hv costed normally... the body sheet metal , B&M feature and the lady's voice made me fall in love with this machine...
    & fingers crossed that the car will give me best experience till date :steering :redcar ...
  6. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    You can ask for further sweat into the deal, I think as 55Kish is something already offered in company offers.
  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Why buy a car which was not run for a year?,even at home when not run for even a month cars develop problems
  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    "Why buy a car which was not run for a year?,even at home when not run for even a month cars develop problems"

    Agreed mechanical stuff needs to be run often to keep it smooth, the car was given to dealers around May'10... .. only consoling point is getting 2+2 yrs warranty which would take care of any issues...#
    now its a make or break situation for FIAT.. if it gives me good service, i will surely buy another one in next 2-3 years and make this my second car..... i am going above everyone's suggestions... so FIAT...serve me well !!

    But still i havnt heard anyone commenting on how to find if this car is need of a clutch sleev or Air Con replaced?? Pls help me on this point asap.. Monday I am taking delivery... thanks
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    I think AC kit is recommended to be replaced in all Petrol Linea/ Punto. Am not 100% sure though.

    Clutch slave cylinder needs to be replaced if car is manufactured before Oct'09. Give VIN to the dealer & ask to replace Clutch Slave cylinder. If he says its not needed, ask him to give it in writing.
  10. sindu2000


    Point made......


    I suggest u go for a 2009 model only when u r completly convinced of its mechanical aspects (which FIAT doesn't gv a warranty of) and also if you hv got a good deal.

    Of my buying/bargaining exp the disc. given on 2009 & 2010 models can never match and as a matter of fact be hovering nearby.........I can bet on that. I myself got my babe in Nov for a tot disc of Rs 1.2 lacs and also had the oil-filter & engineoil changed along with the whole car being repainted to factory condition before delivery.

    Mechanical parts are also a matter of luck and things can go wrong in 2010 models too......

    First get completly convinced or take someone exp along to do a through PDI to satisfy yourself and then go for it.

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