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Mumbai - Pune Meet, 28 Jan 2012 - Big Wheels Motoring

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Grandeur, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Guy's... Long time no meet. Let's plan a meet over coming weekend somewhere around Lonavala.

    Share ideas and suggest venue. BTW, How about Big Wheel Motoring?


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    1) Grandeur - Point Mumbai
    2) Amey - Line Mumbai
    3) Aniket - Point Mumbai
    4) Rajesh - Point Mumbai
    5) Toruk Macto - Point Mumbai
    6) Ratan - Point Mumbai
    7) Andy Point - Mumbai
    8) Ajinkya Point - Mumbai

    Meeting Point:- Khargar Flyover
    Time:- 10:30AM.


    1) Girish - Point Pune
    2) svsachin - Point Pune
    3) Navendu - Pune
    4) CountRock - Point Pune
    5) Kedar - Point Pune
    6) Gautam - Point Pune
    7) Anand - Point Pune + 1 (a nephew)
    8) Amogh - Point Pune
    9) Milind Gujar - Point Pune
    10) Vipin Point - Pune
    11) Sachin Point - Pune (Tentative)

    Meeting Point:- ICC Trade Tower, near MSIL Showroom, SB Road, Pune
    Time:- 11:15-11:30PM
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  2. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    You mean "Big Wheel Motoring"?
  3. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Im in if this happends on a weekend like sat-sunday.Why not celebrate 2012 on Kashid beach this time?? Maybe we can have an overnight camp too :-D
  4. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Yes..exactly. My bad, miss-typed while posting through phone.

    @ yes buddy It will be on weekend. Suggest any other interesting venue, if you are aware.
  5. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Good to see you back healthy.

    Shame I can't come over for the meet. But I am sure you will enjoy it without me. However I hope to organise a meet when I am back.
  6. Aanand

    Aanand Amatore

    2. Aanand
    - Venue for lunch meet - Big Wheels Motoring on old Mumbai-Pune road
    - Venue of overnight stay - Diveagar - pluses:
    (a) the beach - particularly at sunset and sunrise
    (b) the 14 odd kms drive from Diveagar towards Shrivardhan.
    (c) the drive from Mangaon to Mhasala. (After all, the drive itself is the destination, isn't it?)
    (d) It's almost equidistant for Mumbai and Pune folk. (checked on Google maps)
    (e) lots of places to stay e.g. MTDC Diveagar (Exotica Beach Resort). No place of stay has a direct access to the beach due to Government regulations but this one is the only resort located nearest to the beach compared to all the others. Look up all the reviews of this resort at TripAdvisor:Exotica Beach Resort - Dive Agar (Shrivardhan, India) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
    Also, look it up at - :: WELCOME TO EXOTICA :: Exotica Beach Resort Dive Agar | Exotica Beach Resort | Dive Agar resorts | Dive Agar resort | Dive Agar hotel | Dive Agar hotels | resorts in Dive Agar | resort in Dive Agar | hotel in Dive Agar | hotels in Dive Agar | Map D
    Contacts: MTDC Dive Agar,Talani
    Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad,
    Pin:- 402404
    Mobile No.9969572239, 9923613339
    Email ID : exoticabeachresort@gmail.com
    If anyone has negotiation skills request get a group discount.
    For more information see Exotica Beach Resort - Diveagar/Maharashtra
    Disclaimer: I have no commercial relationship of any sort with this resort either directly or indirectly.
    Confession: I have stayed at this resort and liked it.
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  7. ameysane


    Quite Interested

    21st & 22nd Jan not possible for me.

    28th/29 Jan I am in.
  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    In month of Jan 2012 not possible for me if the meet is overnight. If we can schedule this meet in Feb 2012 then I am ready anywhere anytime :)
  9. I am in as long as this is happening anytime after Feb 12th.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Grandeur lets wait till this month end for FIAT Cafe, Pune opening.

    Orelse lets schedule this meet in Feb 2012 and which will be overnight at Diveagar....what say?
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