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Mothers Ultimate Wax System - Made in USA - Low Price!

Discussion in 'TFI Classifieds' started by Auto-Mall, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Auto-Mall


    Mothers Ultimate Wax System®

    Sold directly by Mothers India Sole distributor

    Instead of an all-in-one product trying to do multiple jobs, Mothers® has engineered three individual products to address three distinct facets of paint care. With the Ultimate Wax System® you decide what your paint need -- and when it needs it. Does your paint have minor oxidation, scratches and imperfections? Pre-Wax Cleaner is the perfect surface prep treatment. Need extra depth and luster? Sealer & Glaze is formulated to give your vehicle that elusive, show-quality "wet look." Want to wax without polishing? Pure Carnauba Wax is pristine and pure, with no added polishes or cleaners. Best yet, Mothers® Ultimate Wax System® is absolutely safe for all paints, including clearcoats.

    Pre-Wax Cleaner -- Step 1
    This is the foundation of the Ultimate Wax System®, preparing your paint for Sealer and Glaze and Pure Carnauba Wax. Pre-Wax Cleaner removes oxidation, old wax buildup and other contaminants, cleaning and shining your paint. This mild polish smoothes the edges of larger imperfections and removes small scratches. Your paint's appearance is dependent on a good polishing -- Mothers® Pre-Wax Cleaner should be used at least once or twice a year.

    Sealer & Glaze -- Step 2 Regular application of Mothers® Sealer & Glaze will increase your paint's depth and luster. Whatever the color, it will give your paint added character and a brilliant, glowing shine. Sealer & Glaze fills and hides minor swirls and defects, minimizing unsightly visual imperfections. It also contains a super-fine polish that further improves the paint surface. Sealer and Glaze is key to giving both light and dark colors their perfect finish.

    Pure Carnauba Wax (liquid) -- Step 3
    This is the final step on the path to a beautiful finish. Mothers® Pure Carnauba Wax is made with the finest Brazilian #1 yellow carnauba for superior shine and protection. Pure Carnauba Wax is non-abrasive, so use it as often as you like. You can also apply more than one coat to keep your efforts well protected. For unsurpassed shine, depth and protection, trust Mothers® Ultimate Wax System®.

    .Get on the path to detailing greatness with The Ultimate Wax System exclusively by Mothers™.

    Join the legions of enthusiast and detailing Pros who turn to Mothers™ high performance products to get the most out of their detailing efforts.

  2. Whats the cost of the 3 bottles and is it available in Kerala???
  3. Auto-Mall


    Forgot to add price, Price is Rs 1400/- and 10% discount for TFI members. You can transfer or deposit to any of these accounts, will ship you free of cost. http://www.auto-mall.in/how-to-buy.html

    Its available only online. Some of the mothers product will be available all over India in a months time.

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