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Most arrogant

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by rameshjoshi, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Rituraj

    Rituraj Regolare

    Jorhat, Assam
    The primary culprits - Taxis, no matter what car. Next underage bikers
  2. puntojith


    How do we fare?

    I do not have much driving experience. But I have noticed reckless overtaking by some swifts. But once I was shocked to see a punto overtaking me from my left and driving off rashly. I had always thought that punto owners being so rare would also be the most intelligent on the road. I still do think so. But as with everything there are exceptions to this too.
  3. mayank

    mayank Amatore

    I think people who drive SUVs are the most arrogant!! They occupy whole space of your lane while coming from opposite direction..they will honk like hell and will blow dipper on n off until you give them pass..and they will try to overtake in the worst possible scenarios..it always seems like they don't care about their own and other people on the road..2nd in my list comes the figo ones..they also drive pretty recklessly..they will be always keen to compete with you..3rd comes the swift/dzire owners specially the dezire ones..they think they are driving an Suv so one can get an idea what i amtrying to say here..ndfinally 4th in my list comes the alto/i20/verna/honda city people..these people are always in a hurry...
  4. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey - I think I can really get Arrogant at times and give any damn car a Run for the Money... I have beaten the Best of the cars and the Mumbai team Fiat members will sing it aloud That I am Crazy when it comes to speed....Though I Hate all Suv's as they do not have a good judgement when they are about to Cut lanes.
  5. sungoa2010


    90% of credit of the fact that 1.2 FIRE is not a underpowered car goes to Ratanji. I had gone through the Fiat factory visit posts and I recommend the newcomers to go through that thread. http://www.teamfiat.co.in/teamfiat-meet/758-fiat-factory-visit-3rd-december-2010-a.html

    I think one reason for buses not following lane is the parked vehicles on side. Considering their size some time they have to change to right lane. But with the suv's this is not the problem. The problem is Power with immature hands(applicable for those who are arrogant)

    Recently One Astar made me to overtake from left. The driver was not giving space, even after constant audio-visual requests in all possible ways.
  6. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    IN Chennai , call centre cabs ' like sumo, indica's also i want to mention Share Auto's or normal Auto they are the best example like monkeys jumping in trees when they travel in roads.We dont know when he is going to take a left or right side or stop.
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  7. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    +1 to RatanSir

    I also get Arrogant many times... I drive Normally - Peacefully... but when some jerks dont show respect to my FGP, I dont give up untill I teach them - who is the Boss? Who is the heavy weight champion?

    I always appreciate and honor audio-visual request from their end for the side but when some bugger(White VDI Swift, i20 & Polo Most of the times... I guess they just get jealous seeing my pretty FGP and They beg to taste the defeat) just do zig-zaggin and cuts the lane in horrible manner, I make a point that I overtake him and Throw him out of the lane... with my RaceChipped Car its quite easy for me now which otherwise needed some efforts earlier to do it(ofcourse you can do it) when it was not Chip-Tuned...

    I am also crazy and maniac when its about speed... But now Many times I try to calm down thinking about responsibilities I have (My beautiful wife and about 2yrs old most beautiful Daughter + Expectations from parents though they are independent)...

    As I already know and I accept that its dangerous and Risky for me and others and I try to improve on that... But having many Idiots on the road, wake up the beast inside me and inside my FGP....

    Apart from the Hatches (i20, Swift and Polo) - I find SUV & MUV drivers are horrible and most arrogant...


  8. sungoa2010


    I have a huge respect for the Volvo low floor bus driver's in cochin. For it's size it is very difficult for them to drive the vehicle without hitting others. Buses with 1/3rd of its power(private) are the deadliest on cochin roads.
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  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    I won't call arrogant, I would rather call them impatient. Tempo Travellers, honking incessantly even when they are a kilometer behind you, comes first to my mind. Next are a few from the fair sex, driving with almost the same driving habits as the Tempo driver, again impatient. They are just bothered about their way, and least care whether any other vehicle is coming from either sides, and they assume that they are always right.

    I have my share of impatience too, especially when I am late in reaching somewhere, but I dont honk to irritate everyone else on the road, I pass them before they know that I am in a hurry.
  10. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Hope the car you are speaking about is not an Exotica Red MJD Active with a Team Fiat.co.in sticker on the boot. If not you can add +3 to it, I know few Fiat owners who drive rashly. May be it is because of the confidence Fiat cars give in maneuverability in City traffic conditions.

    Personally, I haven't come across a particular brand users who drive rashly. But yes, Hyderabad Autowalas, cabbies and the Govt. city buses are the rashest you can find on Hyderabad roads.

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