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Morimoto Projector Color Mod / Aiming procedure for projectors

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Manilruben, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    This is my second project but this time on my main headlamps. I was coming back from pondy on the ECR i saw a bright lights with blue ring around the headlights and color changed on the ring as it kept approaching me. It was BLUE , Green , Red and orange. I was sure those were projector lights on a BMW. So i was interested to find out, so after lot of searches i came to understand it as FLICKER EFFECT and can be achieved by little mod on the projector.

    So work started and need to remove the projectors , i decided to little modifications on the shouds and paint the headlights as in ABARTH. so i painted the shrouds black , with amber on the light emitting places then smoked it to get a dull finish as below.

    20130717_114129.jpg 20130717_123445.jpg

    Now need to add the AMBER 5020 SMD led strip which i purchased online and JD welded it behind the shrouds.

    20130717_114120.jpg 20130717_202551.jpg

    Now on to the main job of color mod the projector to get the flicker effect.

    Disassemble the projector while doing so you will find two washers on the top of the projector and two on the below.

    From the solenoid cluster remove the spring , and pull the spring to increase tension so that solenoid reaches till the end after the high beam is released.

    1374849022545.jpg 1374849043927.jpg 1374849065103.jpg 1374849086291.jpg

    Now re fit the solenoid and check that the spring works freely. Now when mounting the lens, add the top washers on the bottom so you will have 4 washers on the bottom legs and nill on the top. This will give a thick blue band and strong flicker effect. You can reduce 1 each to get a more sharper cut off and flicker effect.


    Now projectors are ready, fix the shrouds and text run them.


    Now aiming the projectors are very important to get the fullest advantage of the lights.



    Choose a wall and a flat ground.

    Park the car in such a way the headlights are 25 feet away from the wall.

    Mark center point of the left side projector so that the projector light is straight.

    Measure the height of the projector from the ground in the car and mark the same height on the wall this is the reference line.

    Now align left side of the projector to the reference line and Z line very straight. Bottom line of the z should coincide with the reference line

    Measure the distance between the center of the left projectors in the car to the right side. Now measure the same distance from the left side on the wall and align the right side.

    Now both the projectors are aligned with the reference line. Now for low cars you align it 2.5 Inches above the reference line.

    After all this ..

    20130717_202245.jpg Colour mod.jpg

    And my BLUE FOX

    20130718_162120.jpg 20130718_162133.jpg 20130718_162145.jpg

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    30 Feet Away

    Colour mod.jpg

    20 Feet

    15 feet.jpg

    10 Feet

    10 feet.jpg


    Final Pass.jpg
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