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More Power for Palio 1.2

Discussion in 'Classic and Retro FIAT's' started by Linea-Lover, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Its been 9 years since she has been with us. She has taken us places without giving any major trouble. Even today all the parts are in perfect condition. We have driven her on terrible roads, super smooth highways and she took whatever was thrown at her without a hiccup.

    On the way from B'lore to Ahmedabad via Goa during our first trip we took the unforgiving SH 46. Forget bad road, there were no roads. Still no rattles what so ever.

    The only problem we have with the Palio is the mileage. It returns a mileage of around 10 km/lt which is very low by any standards considering the fact that its not one of the fastest cars around. It takes its own sweet time to gather pace. Once its up there, its a dream ride provided no one cuts your way . So its time to add some juice to it and get her something she misses out on, power. Peter a.k.a drifter on the forum was always more than willing to work on the Palio and thats what we are exactly doing. Currently he shall be replacing just the air intake with his famous and very renowned GSK air intake kit and later on he will be doing an engine remap as well.

    Our biggest concern always was about mileage for the simple reason being that if the car is fast and quick, low mileage is still acceptable. But getting worst of both the worlds is totally unacceptable. Also with the increasing fuel costs if eventually we end up losing out on mileage, the whole exercise would not be worth for us. Being given assurance that the mileage will improve and with that power as well, we decided to get rid of the money saver kit (read as LPG kit) which was installed a few years back as it was interfering with the location of the new air filter.


    As I write this post, the kit is being removed which will also help the Palio shed some weight.

    The next step is to remove the catalytic converter from the exhaust. But that is a difficult task as Fiat has placed the cat con in the exhaust manifold. So in order to get rid of that, we have to find a new manifold for a 1.2 Palio.
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Nice to see the old girl being given some deserved TLC.

    Waiting to see the post AIR+remap results
    Or you can make it a free flowing one by breaking out its inner structure. You can do it like the way we did the soot trapping 'catalyst' in our Palio D.

    By a heavy duty screw driver and a hammer. Using these two, the mechanic broke the insides of the catalyst and removed the contents entirely. End result- free flowing catalyst housing with nothing obstructing exhaust flow.

    Most probably this 'jugaad' will work on the 1.2's catalyst also. It worked on my uncle's Wagon r. :p

    Edit - Why is that valve cover so covered in oil.
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  3. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    wow removing lpg and adding some extra horses. well not everyone is bothered by rising fuel prices. waiting for the palio upgrade
  4. By fixing a new air intake and remapping the engine, the power definitely increases. Regarding the mileage, it actually increases as well unless it is pushed around the corners. We also thought that there will be a drop in mileage which isn't the case. So why not!! :).
  5. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Does this include my test drive? LOL

    The cam cover gasket is very bad on leaking.

    Problem with the cat is the location rather than the cat itself. The manifold construction is very bad because the cat sits in the manifold and does not allow for a correct tubelar length and the shape of the manifold does not allow optimal flow.

    Adding power does not necessarily mean an increase in fuel comnsumption. In many cases a fuel consumption reduction can be achieved. It might not sound logical, but then you need to understand the whole story.
  6. RaviInTfi

    RaviInTfi Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Palio 1.2 mileage and performance reduces with AC on and full load in city with stop go traffic. My Palio gives me 12kmpl with ac in city and 13-14kmpl without ac. Highway it's nothing less than 16. Many times I have got more than 17, all this with full load.

    Hints: Use of good low friction engine oil like Shell HX-7 or better. Use good fuel like extra premium or shell v-power. Palio 1.2 ecu is tuned for 87 octane, but can take advantage of higher octane rating with spark advance. So 91 octane and higher does it good to get better torque. Use low rolling resistance tyres. With section width not more than 185mm.

    Most important of all : drive at optimum engine rpm: this would translate to less than 90kmpl at full load
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