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Monsoon Drive - Which place?

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by ramjn, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    This route is also a good option, ramjn. From Javagal you can take Kalasapura and then reach chikmagalur instead of taking Halebeedu->Belur->chikmagalur.
    Another option is take Arsikere-Devanur-Sakharayapatna and then reach Chikmagalur there by you can save 15 kms of additional travel time instead of going through Javagal.

    Try extending your trip till Sringeri which is one of a must see temple in Karnataka. You can drive from Chikmagalur via Mudigere-Khalasa-Kudremukh-Sringeri. Taking this route you can avoid Charamadi Ghat. Last heard that this Charamadi route is very horrible and Khalasa Kudremukh route is in mint condition. Just a piece of thought!!
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Then, how about directly going to Kudremukh? Are there good accommodation options at this place?
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  3. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

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  4. Is there more options available in kalasa? I see the cost per person is more than what is offered in coorg.I guess more competition is driving prices down there.
  5. addy

    addy Amatore

    There is one more place called Upasana Retreat. I haven't stayed there, but I have heard good reviews about the place. Another option is Bhagavathi Nature Camp or KIOCL Guest House in Kudremukh Township. The nature camp is a beautiful place with basic tented accommodation. It is not the basic tent, but it is like a room with attached bathroom. It is a neat place and if you give provisions to the caretaker, he will cook meals for you. You need to book this place through RFO, Kudremukh. You can call and book. I haven't stayed in KIOCL guest house personally, but heard it is good.
  6. Most of these home stays used to cost 700-900 per head until beginning of this year, now range has shifted from 1400- to 2500 per head.
    Home stays used to be cheaper option for people to stay than hotel but now they seem to be becoming more expensive then hotels.
    Homestays in Karnataka | Resorts in Karnataka | Homestays and Resorts in Malnad | Malnad Homestays acts like agent for most the home stays in westren ghats,may agent fee is driving the prices up.

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    I have booked Krushikoota homestay in tirthhalli,will write a travelogue on it once I am back.
  7. addy

    addy Amatore

    Sat-Chit-ananda, the trick is to use these websites (like the one you quoted) to find names of places and then search for their own websites. Most homestays nowadays have their own websites and you can probably get a better deal if you contact them directly instead through agents. Even if the homestay does not have websites, phone numbers are easy to find over the internet.

    Yes, lot of them have become more expensive than resorts/hotels
  8. From last four days we have had called some 100 home stays,even if you contact them directly they are not ready bring down prices lower then Rs 1500/-, they quote some thing like 2500/- b then give discount of 30% which will close to 1500/-.
    but for person who doesn't drink tea or coffee and have only very normal veg food this seems to be on the expensive side,only good thing is they are ready give us food minus the item we don't eat(read it as garlic/onion/oil).
    any way i can't stay in bangalore city during Diwali, i am used to going out to quieter places during the period.
  9. hpmadan

    hpmadan Timido

    Sat-Chit-ananda , please try this devagiri home stay in sakleshpura, I had gone to this homestay last month it was really awesome with good facilities and the price was also competative we gave 1k per head.

  10. I will try it next time, now I have booked krushikoota

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