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Mohandas or Kulathunkal in TVM

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by kannan.suraj, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. My first service is due now , 3k service and ABS is also not working Mohandas is near to my home and Kulathunkal is 12 km away , I took the car from Kulathunkal, Which is the best for after sales support , TVM guys need u r feedback plss

  2. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    your first service comes only at 5k kms. check again.
    anyhow, its just a formality, the frst service... they just check everything, fluid levels, etc. they change nothing and costs you nothing. do it anywhere you can.
  3. royj

    royj Esperto

    Both places are good in their own ways. KM is always a busy place and MM was comparatively less rush. But my recent visit to MM for 4th service took 3 days.
  4. I ve booked the service regarding the ABS failute in MM , The service advisor told me they have to check with Fiat and do the work accordingly from the instructions from Fiat india since its under warranty , i dont understand what they mean by saying this. As per the forum its a normal issue regarding the sensors or some wire cut , lets c

  5. Went to MM at 10 in the morning day before yesterday for rectifying the ABS issue, ive alrady had a booking i told the receptionist, but she dont know that cool, waited for 35 min to get the service advisor for me , I asked her whats wrong? Again the answer came with a flashing smile... Only one service advisor for FIAT ok again after 35 min Mr Asokan came i explained the probs to him some underbody / seat noise when enter in poth holes coolant top up and ABS failure . He told by evening u can collect the vehicle. Ive seen several puntos and lineas at their service centre feels happy though. called him at 3 15 about the status , he reverted the car is in the service bay they are inspecting the vehicle .Again called him at 5 20 , i was really surprised with the answer , the examiner is not working so ABS problem is not rectified, He told me it is not a big issue u can come again at 5K service and sort it out. I dunno how a service advisor dont know the examiner is faulty till 5 20 pm and it requires 3 days to rectify . So without examiner how they can service fiat cars? My doubt is how i can rely these guys . Taking the Vehicle to KM tomorrow Lets c how they are treating.... Really Bad experience for me with their attitude no seriousness at all ...
  6. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Sorry to hear that. Please try KM if MM is not able to fix the issue this time. I am satisfied with the way KM delt with my issues. Last time my Punto had a fluid leak form the clutch area and they identified in within 5 mins and replaced the faulty part and returned the car by 3 PM. was happy with that, but their washing and cleaning department need to improve by leaps and bounds. Hope your problem will get rectified soon.
  7. Thanks for u r feedback Vishnu Ill update on on KM anyways need to get the car there tomorrow

  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @KS: i do not have any personal experience, but have heard good things said about Km in other forums also.
  9. Its really faar thats the only issue :) anyways ill go there tomorrow and lets c
  10. royj

    royj Esperto

    I gave my car to MM for 4th service on Monday 9 April and got back on Wednesday. The experience this time was mixed. One of the Fiat SA seemed to be on leave and this showed up in the speed of delivery and the experience.

    Within 10 minutes of reaching there the SA came and took my vehicle for service. At the outset itself he informed that delivery will be possible only by Tuesday. On Tuesday when I called up, I was told that car will be ready on Wednesday morning. By 11:00am on Wednesday morning the SA called me the informed that the car is ready. The car was well cleaned and overall it looked good. Started the engine and it felt much smoother than before. I checked the MID and found that the service interval was not reset. When I asked he said the examiner was faulty and so they couldn't do the reset. I wonder what kind of service they do without the ecu examiner.

    The total bill came to Rs.8780/- and I was not provided a detailed bill as their 'system was down', but was promised to be made available when it is back online. Now I am still waiting for it to be back online.

    It is now over one week since the service is done. The car is behaving perfectly fine. All the rattles and noises that was there before is gone. FE figures which were sagging a bit too have come back to normal levels considering summer AC usage and traffic conditions.

    So how would I rate the service this time. For the work done on the car, I would rate them good, but for overall experience, the rating would be 'needs improvement'.

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