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MJD Turbo details

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Fiatophile, May 28, 2013.

  1. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Turbo in Multijet & Quadrajet may be same as Ranjangaon plant
    produces both engine at same point.

    In TDi & DiCOR turbo is Made by Garrette
    In DDiS engine turbo is KKK brand.

    I am not saying that all components Made in India are bad.
    Only mentioning my expriences from year 1999 to 2013.

    I mean owing Fiat UNO of 1999 for 9 years without any serious issue.

    But in GP 75 HP of 2009 & 90 HP of 2011 same problem
    Poor performance but no ecu error.

    In addition to that cars after 2010 fitted with Indian sturts Made by Endurance facing
    problem of bumpy ride where sturts Made in Brazil Copef brand gives outstanding ride quality.

    Fiat is slightly neglecting quality for cost cutting.

    New customer can't observe these changes.
    But old hardcore fiat fan is unhappy. Fiat are you listening?
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  2. Very true Bhai,having owned previous gen Fiats and growing around them,i feel Fiat has compromised the current generation cars,for a fact ..KKK and Garett are well known turbos and a very common brand among performance products,jeez even the Hyundais plonked in an awesome turbo for the Verna (not advocating the Koreans.actually i hate them)

    P.S. You mentioned the DDIS uses a KKK,but the brochure shows the indian company supplying the Turbos to the Swift.Did they initially get them from KKK and now since this company has a tie up with BW/KKK they switched over to a locally made component???
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  3. Not true my friend.Especially not in the Auto industry,India is always a dumping ground for older and unreliable products.For exports,a lot of the (what we think are awesome cars) will fail the safety norms/tests miserably.I am not saying all is bad.But we Indians with the "Mileage kitna hai" and ROI mentallity,its the glory hole for dumpers.
  4. I don't know why think made in India is bad.Force motors manufacturers key engine components for Mercedes.
  5. No wonder there are so many issues in the Mercedes...Why do you think everyones shifting to Audi's???
  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    No my friend. I am in a way associated with the auto parts industry and hence I beg to disagree.The kind of effort that goes into making parts nowadays is quite stringent and not very different. The specs are followed to the T depending on the quality the OEM expects. Turbos for Fiat is made by KKK which is none other than Turbo Energy Limited , a part of Brakes India Ltd, chennai of the TVS group. With recalls and penalties for failure, the processes are stringent and none takes it easy.

    To say that the cars that are exported from India will fail tests is not fair either. Maruti exports a lot of cars and they go to markets that have a certain specification. If the market calls for higher spec, then the mfr will make the required product. End of the day, the product is made for a price. Components that are critical are not compromised for the price. All cost cutting happens in other areas, and with improvement in processes and value engineering

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  7. Check your source of info. Audi was found to have least reliability of all European car makers,Mercedes was numaro one for of European brands just falling behind Honda.
    Audi was found having one issue in every 27 car it makes.
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  8. Im not from the auto industry but i do know that Borgwarner/KKK is an American company and TEL (as you say) is the Chennai based TVS group.KKK does have a technical collaboration with TEL on turbo chargers,but they are not the same company unless somebody in the Top managements became rishtedhaars.:evilsmile

    Ah..the Maruti Suzukis,inspite of strong Japanese technical know how,there were recalls in the recent years for the A-Star,Dzires,Swifts with Defective fuel pumps/tanks,rubber gaskets and defective connecting rod bolts.Read about the recalls,there are a couple of them.Now dont me the export products were having special components,if thats the case..:eek:we are the dumpers glory hole.

    Dont know of your source but Audi definitely grabbed the market share in India and Check out sales in China(one of the biggest market for luxury cars),they are 2nd to BMW and Mercedes is losing sales big time.

    Interesting read http://www.worldcarfans.com/112101049238/mercedes-benz-cant-keep-up-with-bmw-and-audi-in-global

    Now i am not trying to argue here ,but the point is why is Fiat doing wrong to a success formula they already have???
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  9. Thanks VJ for the catalogue.Does anyone have the technical specifications of the Turbo?
  10. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @Fiatophile. Gaining market share is not a big thing but this link may help you to find the difference. Audi is in the second spot of the least reliable engines and it's parent group VW at 9th spot in least reliable engines. Our beloved Fiat is in the 7th spot of most reliable engines and Mercs is in 3rd place after Toyota, Honda. Mercs losing the ground is because of the designs. The people know the Mercs as the luxury car in India from 1985 and they want changes in the design and different names, etc. So they easily switch over to the Audi, BMW, Bentley, etc. The sales figures only is not going to make the market on a long run but if the engine fails happens frequently then the people will automatically switch back to Mercs. Now only Mercs wake up and brought the SLS AMG products to India in bulk numbers. They will easily get the first place soon.
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