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MJD Engine Noise & Vibrations

Discussion in 'Technical' started by amit2301, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. amit2301

    amit2301 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Here's I cribbing about FIAT once again:
    Despite all assurance from FGA and TML, I am in dark about the future of my car.
    My MJD's engine noise has increased and now it sounds like a tractor. The audio file may be accessed from PUG-facebook. It's the idling noise.
    The pick ups at different gear levels is sluggish with the rpm shooting at the press of the pedal.
    I am posting this on the forum to assess the level of competency at TASS following which I sought a replacement and had to approach the consumer forum for redressal.
    I do not want to waste my precious time in the workshop any more please.
    Perhaps you too said now that enough was enough!
    Moreover, during the vehicle's 1 month's stay in the workshop (06.11.2012-07.12.2012), please be informed that I wasn't provided with a service vehicle. My patience is wearing out fast.
    The vehicle has completed 27500kms this month (54 months since purchase). In the meanwhile, it's visited the workshops of TML in Kolkata several times.
    FIAT India arranged repairs at TASS recently and the vehicle was there for about a month in the month of November - December 2012.
    Please be informed that I am not claiming any damages for harassment – mental and physical, for all the troubles inflicted, problems that brewed and misinformation spread about my non-cooperations, etc.
    It was learnt from good friends in the forum that I wasn't cooperating. Now what has happened? They've ruined my car!
    Perhaps I do not have any option left but to ask for a replacement with a suitable model after an inspection by a 3rd party or people from FGA who are technically sound. Else, it'll be again portrayed that I crib about FIAT and do not cooperate!
  2. How old is your car and how many kms you have it on ODO?
  3. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sat, He specified that it is done with 27500 and 4.5 years old.
  4. kvk

    kvk Amatore

    Mine has done 50500 and still running good. I am assuming that the engine oil and other regular services have been done at the right time?
  5. amit2301

    amit2301 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.2
    I love my car and the TASS is hell-bent on making it SICK! FGA was kind and benevolent enough to let the TML & TASS make a huge bill for repairs. No issues with servicing (I hope fervently) as I do not take my car out to roadside garages.
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    What exactly is the diagnosis they are giving, if any.

    Have they been able to pinpoint any area of concern .
  8. amit2301

    amit2301 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Yes. I have been cribbing about FIAT and TASS for quite long. The reason? After one or two days' drive, after delivery of the car from TASS, the problems - some new some existing surface. It is not known why the workshop charges for incomplete jobs or things that they can't handle.
    Non-cooperation and blaming the workshops is another phrase attributed to me.
    Now everyone can see why I blamed the workshop and did not agree to the repair of this car here at TASS.
    This time, TASS made FGA bleed like anything charging exorbitant amounts and they didn't even bother to get the customer sign on the works done page. Even FGA did not ever ask. Please understand that this isn't a driver driven car.

    Following are the points of observation following which my voice for a replacement has become more stringent:

    1. The gear handle is devoid of the reverse lock. It was broken by some inexperienced handler at TASS.
    2. The front windshield needs replacement. I was blamed initially for breaking the front windshield glass. TML has got it now from PUNE and is due for replacement
    3. The rubbers at the doors and roof need replacement. They have been fixed in such a manner that glue is sticking out on the roof. They have not been put back in place properly.The ORVM needs to be fixed properly as the lever, if turned right the mirror turns left and similar when it is moved up/down. It works exactly in the opposite direction of the movement desired upon moving the lever.
    4. The covers in the inner side of the door need to be properly attached as they are out of place at various places
    5. The sprays of paint at places like the inner side or door on the driver's side where the switches for power windows exist
    6. The excess paint - inner sides of the doors, beneath the handle on the rear back door and several other places need re-look.
    7. The inner side of both the front doors need to be repainted as the paint technicians have discoloured it with black paint.
    8. The vents of the AC under the dashboard needs to be fixed for which photographs were taken and I suppose order has already been placed. They are broken in a manner that the plastics are now taped (as per the electrician at TASS). It is not known how I could have inflicted such grievous injury to parts that are inaccessible to the rider/driver.
    9. The top of the dashboard need to be covered with grey film or painted in that colour to erase the injuries inflicted.
    10. The transparent shield for the odo/temp/rpm meters needs to be replaced as it's full of scratch marks
    11. The doors need to be aligned with the body. Rattling sound from doors needs attention.
    12. The rusted AC pipe needs to replaced.
    13. The inner roof, where the pasting is coming off need to be pasted to its original position
    14. The areas left out of the purview of treatment for rust should be taken care of
    15. The warm/hot air blower doesn't work
    16. The loose connection behind dashboard needs to be fixed.
    17. Brake booster may be checked for effective braking as after the shoes were changed and drums primed/polished in lathe, braking isn't effective with squeaking sound.
    It is extreme inexperience and utter callousness at the TASS that has led to my request for a replacement with an equivalent model from FGA stable without bleeding more money at the hands of TASS.

    I was duped into getting the repair works carried out at TASS so that I did not pursue the matter with the Consumer Affairs Department any further. The paint job was shoddy to the fullest extent and perhaps a roadside garage did better that what was done at TASS. I was firm on one count that I have had enough of TASS incompetencies and that the car be brought back to PUNE plant for all inspections/corrective actions. FGA isn't supporting this request at all. After the car came out of the workshop, I was out of town for about 15 days and slowly started discovering the misadventures at TASS and injuries inflicted. When I showed them to the TML Regional Head here, all he had to say was that I was blaming all on the Workshop (all the time - cribbing!). Now, I do not understand, how could I break the plastics beneath the dashboard? How could I break the reverse gear lock when I knew how to operate it! To make everyone aware of the criminality of their offence, the car was delivered without any coolant. The brakeshoes that are barely 3000 KMs old have started squeaking! Windshield glass and plastic beadings need replacement for which the TASS has placed orders a couple of weeks back but are yet to intimate me regarding their arrival. I am fed up with the compounding injuries that they are inflicting on my car.
    It's now cancerous turn that the problems of my car has started showing. TML & TASS have ruined my car

    I am afraid of taking the car again to the TASS as they'll inflict more injuries. Let it run as it is till FGA takes and owns up to the cancerous impossibilities inflicted through a thorough inspection by experts from the plant.
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  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Amit, first calm down.

    Few points -
    1. Car will never be taken to Pune plant, so trying on that is just a waste of your energy.
    2. What is reverse gear lock?
    3. Did you try in any other workshop in your city, I see there are 3 in Kolkata?
    4. All the problems you mentioned above are still present, or few of them are resolved?

    I would suggest try other workshop. Provide them all details and keep Fiat in loop.
    Unfortunately, there is no other way, but to get the issues sorted from service centers.
  10. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Amith - Please make the points more readable. its all messed up.

    How many times did you visit the SC? did you try any other SC? if not please try some were else where they listen to your concerns.

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