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Misty Roads and Green western Ghats-A must see

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I did 870kms drive to Srigeri,Horanadu Kalasa and back to banaglore,for those who don't know these are spiritual places down south and each temple is very old most of them are constructed by stone.Sorry no photography is allowed there.
    DSCN1577.jpg DSCN1578.jpg DSCN1606.jpg DSCN1607.jpg DSCN1608.jpg DSCN1651.jpg DSCN1652.jpg DSCN1653.jpg
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    Very good thread. Keep posting.
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  3. Here are some more photo's taken enroute Sringeri,Kigga,Horanadu and Kalasa.
    DSCN1541.jpg DSCN1542.jpg DSCN1547.jpg DSCN1553.jpg DSCN1561.jpg DSCN1563.jpg DSCN1577.JPG DSCN1578.jpg DSCN1628.jpg DSCN1630.jpg DSCN1644.jpg DSCN1646.jpg DSCN1649.jpg DSCN1650.jpg DSCN1651.jpg DSCN1652.jpg DSCN1653.jpg DSCN1654.jpg DSCN1655.jpg DSCN1656.jpg DSCN1660.jpg DSCN1661.jpg DSCN1662.JPG DSCN1663.JPG DSCN1664.jpg DSCN1668.jpg DSCN1669.jpg DSCN1670.jpg DSCN1671.jpg DSCN1675.jpg
    Above picture is the road leading to Kigga Rashyashunga Temple,you can see the temple at the far end.
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  4. Sirimane falls in kigga,where i am planning to buy a house for my retirement.
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  5. Very good pics,can you post the routes you took?
  6. Bangalore-->Hassan-->Chickmagalur-->Aldur-->Balehonnur--Sringeri-->Kigga-->Kuduremuka-->Kalasa-->Horanadu-->Balehonnur-->Aldur-->Chickmagalur-->Haaasan-->Back to bangalore
  7. DSCN1777.jpg DSCN1778.jpg DSCN1779.jpg DSCN1781.JPG DSCN1782.jpg DSCN1783.JPG DSCN1786.jpg DSCN1787.JPG DSCN1789.JPG DSCN1790.JPG DSCN1792.JPG DSCN1793.JPG DSCN1795.jpg DSCN1796.jpg
    I know Ravi a waiter in Adyar Athihi restaurant from 6 years,I visit this place because he gets me the type of food i need.
    How many times you go to hotel just because you like a waiter there:) This restaurant is just after Channaraya patna.
    DSCN1798.jpg DSCN1799.jpg DSCN1800.jpg DSCN1801.jpg DSCN1802.JPG DSCN1803.jpg
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  8. Folks, most of these photo's don't do justice to the actual beauty but please let me know which one of the photo's you liked.
    If any of you got inspiration go to this part of westren ghats,this is good place to stay http://bynekaadu.com/
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