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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP

    Maruti Van, 800, Indica Hyundai santro, ascent these cars are lightweight cars. Heavy car more load on clutch while working of clutch. Clutch of light weight cars last longer than heavy weight cars.
    Replacement of clutch after 40000 k.m. of linea & Punto is acceptable.
    I had replaced clutch of my former 75 HP GP at 35000. Replaced sturts & elastic pads after 35000 KM in warrantee.

    IMHO safety,buid quality,excellent ride & handling these characters are in FIAT then we should not complain about clutch & suspension wear. Finally what you want ?

    If anybody want only maniac acceleration,risk of injury,cold-drink can quality bulid quality,milege then go for Korean/Jap cars. If you want safety,buid quality,excellent ride & handling then FIAT is the wise choice.
  2. cgujral

    cgujral Amatore

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    Ok Guys..its getting very interesting now!! :rolleyes:

    I got a call from FIAT SERVICE and as per them in the extended warranty booklet, first only the normal warranty coverage is mentioned. Everything below Emission Warranty is under extended warranty "Emission Warranty means Extended Warranty" :evilsmile When I argued with him he says that below Emission Warranty there is a line :

    Emission Warranty

    Additional 24 months after expiry of OE Warranty or 150,000 kms (cumulative total mileage), whichever occurs earlier.

    And the extended warranty is only applicable for all the parts mentioned below it!! i.e Engine, Fuel System, Engine Management System, Electrical System etc. but not the clutch system or Suspension ( Poor Guy doesn't know that I have already taken replacement of suspension under extended warranty)

    I argued that in there is an Extended Warranty Booklet given separately with the Name to the people who go for Extended Warranty Coverage, this is not given to people who opt only for OE warranty. Every page of the booklet has a Header " Extended Warranty".

    But he (kind of any credit card call centre person) stuck on this that as per the information that he has Extended Warranty is only applicable to the parts Below Emission Warranty.

    OMG!! Can't Believe this....Anyway I am sending an email to Fiat Service and other seniors about this...
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  3. shekar

    shekar Timido

    Hi all this is my first post on this forum...i own punto mjd active 2011. after around 10000kms on my machine, i noticed this problem of left pulling. the weird thing is you only feel the pulling when you are driving at high speeds. at low speeds (speeds less than 80) you would not notice it. i raised this issue with the 'only' FASS in hyderabad on august 2013. Though they did the wheel alignment, the problem was still there. i mentioned this to the servie advisor but still no result. now i recently went to the service camp to close this issue and they gave an appointment for today. today when i went there, they started convincing me that there was no left pulling problem. they however did the wheel alignment...but still the pullign is there. when taking delivery of the vehicle..the technician told me that this is a universal problem with all Fiat Puntos and no exact reason is known. in some cases changing the tyres from JK helped. I am not sure why if this is such a universal problem, Fiat is not doing anything about it.
    I am really pissed off with the quality if service and training the mechanics have at the FASS. They cant fix a problem but tell you to live with it!!!! this is ridiculous!! Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. vinodvisha

    vinodvisha Novizio

    Do you have the wheel balancing and alignment report. If yes, please upload here.
  5. satheesh

    satheesh Timido


    Hi Fiatian's

    I am getting noise from left side front wheel ,nobody is telling a clear reason for the issue can you people help me, is this related with suspension or brake pad and also getting noise while playing steering
  6. rahulvfx

    rahulvfx Amatore

    It's all JK Tyre's blessings ... Change it, anyone can get result ... (Though 10% of J K Tyres doesn't have this problem, you never know you may be the lucky one) ... Recently I end-up paying some 20% amount to claim the warranty... whereas I only drove 13K ...
  7. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Shekhar try again wheel alignment and take report.
    And report problem to Fiat about what service center says ..

    Naach na jaane aangan teda..that is how many service center people are.

    :p heartsent for our mutual benefit .. !
  8. shekar

    shekar Timido

    I do not have the wheel balancing report. I will check for the technician and get it. They never gave a wheel balancing report to date. thanks for the suggestion.
  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Left pulling is not a universal problem, incorrect alignment may be.
  10. kiran.khandre

    kiran.khandre Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi All,
    I'm having the same problem with punto 1.3 MJD. I have done wheel allignment and balancing from a good wheel allignment shop. I was informed that left front tyre is little inclined towards right I need to check the suspension setting. I would like to know the what could be the issue. I am from Pune so can anyone suggest me a good mechanic

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