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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    i used to have this left pulling problem which persisted for a long time during initial days with my car.
    it was resolved at KHT only.

    And yes i too experienced right shoulder pain during many of my drives when this problem was there.

    I would suggest you to post your problem in KHT service thread:http://www.teamfiat.co.in/service-c...sive-service-center-kht-motors-bangalore.html and send an email to adit and gm kht. you will find the email ids in that thread.
    this could help your car in getting the required attention.

    I have got body repair work done on my punto in 2-3 days many times. so you don't need to compare the time taken for body work with a different issue like this one.
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  2. kapare1209

    kapare1209 Timido

    Linea Pulling towards Right

    Last Sunday I had a trip to Pune from Mumbai and return. While going halfway, I noticed my car has started pulling towards Right :eek:. The issue was not there in morning and started out of nowhere. No bump no pothole, I was on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The pull is so strong, that my left arm has started paining when I returned :cry:. See the problem has not evolved gradually but started suddenly.

    Yesterday, I took the car to Fiat service center Balaji Motors Turbhe. I showed this issue to the attendant and also asked for 3rd Service (30k km). Initially, that fellow thought the issue with alignment, but no success after alignment:confused. Today he suspected something else again no success :hit. Now the reply I got is that the service center people are not able to identify the problem and it will be reported to Fiat, this process will take minimum 4 days for Fiat to respond. :mad:

    I saw other threads here of TFI for this topics but no case is like mine. Any idea what would have gone wrong to cause this problem all off sudden? Has anyone face similar issues?
  3. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    Yesterday i took the GP back from service center. Problem is resolved by restoring the correct fittings of Front assembly (That's what i heard from Service Engineer), as the problem was resolved i didn't stressed him to know the Root cause.Worried of some faulty Break Calipers or Front suspension Damper or wheel hub. These were inspected and fitted back in originals with proper fittings (as the assembly was having factory fittings, there might be 1 or 2 round of tightening required manually to resolve this problem).

    Didn't drove much yesterday as there was raining here, Will take on highway during this weekend (Hope there wont be any surprise ahead). Thanks to K.H.T and team for resolving this problem.
  4. kookaburra

    kookaburra Amatore

    I am also facing the issue of left-pulling in my 1-month old Punto MJD since day 1.
    (My 4-year old WagonR Vxi is still rock solid straight when if you leave steering wheel (even if you leave the accelerator))

    I visited the service station twice, looking for a fix to this issue.
    First visit: The Agent there took a long test drive on highway and assured me that there was no problem at all.
    What we observed on this particular visit was it never pulled to left while accelerating.
    But the problem was evident when the speed low (20/30?).
    I was told that it could be because the slanted roads.
    I thought if they are so insisting and confident then let's not force them to do a repair job on a brand new vehicle.

    Meanwhile I test drove a Linea T-Jet and experienced exactly the same problem in that vehicle too. So there was a case for me to generalize that "it happens"
    But it (left-pull) was always nagging my mind and after a week, I decided to visit the service center again.

    Second visit:
    I asked the agents there to do a thorough test drive and this time asked them to accompany me when I was driving.
    On low speeds while accelerator pad unpressed, I showed him that it was indeed pulling to the left.
    But this time also they assured me that it was not an issue at all and they had taken thorough readings and if they do any work it might spoil the correct readings.

    They even offered me a test drive of another punto which I readily accepted.
    Boy, but this particular punto turned out to be even worse. It was pulling toward right!

    I didn't want them to work on my vehicle when they themselves were not satisfied. Who knows some other issue might get induced because of the work.
    As of now it still pulls slightly toward left but I'm ok with it as it's not a big pull.
  5. guruprasad

    guruprasad Novizio

    1. Did you done any wheel alignment outside the FASS
    1.a (if yes), Punto 2013 model alignment has bit different allowable (Range) of values. (as i know , 2009, 2012 customized, 2013) these 3 variants. In you case it would be 2013 (TFI, pls correct me if i am wrong).
    1.b (If not), ignore this
    2. any wear and tear in the front tyres. if yes, then there is no need to take up Test drive for this problem.
    3. Maintain a constant or healthy Tyre pressure of 32 PSI.
    Above are general behavior we can carry out. nearly 2 months i had this problem and with various source of information, Most probable chance is the alignment and defective tyre. if not then FASS will have to sort this out.
    This problem is only seen above 40KMPH+ and test it on a plain road (Concrete road in Bridge where left side banking is bit less compared to other tar road) or high way . Let the car be in straight line, either you hold the steering straight or leave it after some time minute bump will lead to drag towards left (This is what i faced). If this you already carried out, then pls ignore this msg .
  6. kapare1209

    kapare1209 Timido

    Today I came to know from FASS that the issue is with the Steering Rack. They need to send some report to Fiat for their approval and after that place order for parts as Balaji Motors Turbhe does not have this spare in store. This process is going to take another 5 days. I suspect 5 days is only for fiat approval. for part, I really doubt if Fiat can supply it that fast.

    Till the... :A
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Normally any pulling is suspected to be alignment issue, but good that you got it checked properly at FASS.
    After 5 days, if you don't see part arriving, directly contact Fiat.
  8. kapare1209

    kapare1209 Timido

    Linea Pulling towards Right

    I had to get it checked from FASS. The pull was quite strong. When by force I kept the steering straight I could feel entire car is vibrating. Even my mom seating next on passenger seat could feel that there is something wrong.

    Let's hope that the approval and part delivery will be speedy enough. Because Fiat is in Pune, and from monday Ganesh festival is starting. In Pune it means many people going on holiday...

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  9. Manish Pawar

    Manish Pawar Timido

    Issue with Alloy and Brake booster

    Hi everyone,

    I need alloy wheels for my Punto in Mumbai, please help.

    Also my Punto has a breaking issues, in close traffic the break paddle stuck up after 2-3 pumping, so I went to Balaji service centre, the replaced break booster, the problem was not solved so they replaced break piping, even though the problem is not solved.
    Anybody faced this kinda problem? please let me know.
  10. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare


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