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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    But i think most of indian roads are inclined from centre to left in some old places it will be more even ur car will be slanting , thats why we are keeping a slight twist in the steering , what happens here is after some long time even steering becomes slightly tilter too..

    just have a check in high way
  2. girishbhat

    girishbhat Timido

    I have the similar issue.
    I have a Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion. 2011 model. Had my first service [15K kms] few days back [28th July].
    The steering wheel vibrates after 100km mark. I suspect the wheel alignment/balancing. Because before the service it was perfectly good and the problem appeared after the service.
    I am visiting the showroom [Concord motors, Mysore Road] this weekend. Is it safe to drive with this till the week end..?

  3. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    it is fine to drive for a week.

    i dont know how good the dealer is,it will be better to get the balancing done by an autorised balancing centre.
  4. Linea veering left and right!!

    My problem is a bit similar. A couple of months back my car started to wobble at 40kmph (remember the Fevicol ad where a tractor and trailer carry a whole crowd?) in 4th gear. When asked around, the common solution that i was given was to go for wheel balancing and alignment and I did. What the guy did I can never fathom but not only the wobbling was strong as before, the car had then started to veer towards the left. Got it realigned by the same guy and the same problem but now to the right. As I was getting late, i decided not to go forward and test the guy's intel.
    As my 4th servicing was due, i decided to sort out the problem at the service centre itself and also to replace the stock tyres to MIchelin PLC (Really great tires). Unfortunately and predictably, the service centre was at its wits end. The wobbling has stopped- perhaps due to the new tires but the car was still pulling towards the right but lesser than before. I came back to the first guy for re-alignment. Nothing much happened except the veering now shifted to the left. I noticed an interesting thing while the computerized alignment was going on. The alignment was checked twice without moving the car and twice the readings were different-by a large margin. I took the car for a drive and it still pulls towards the left by 5 to 10 degrees. Now I'm at my wits end just like the TASS guys. Can it be a suspension problem or what? I believe i am going to lose my new tires very soon. I never knew that alignment was such a mysterious subject!! Can anyone help?!!
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Did you get the alignment done at TASS or some outside tyre shop.

    A relative's Punto was recently doing the same thing. Going to the left, quite a lot. Alignment at TASS sorted the issue. If alignment at TASS does not solve the issue, the ask them to look at the suspension. That's the only culprit which shall remain then.
  6. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I'm having the same problem and noticed it recently. My car has done about 33K and there is a slight pull to the left.
    Now considering the fact that only toe can be adjusted in our cars this leaves me with only suspension problems right?
    If that is the case then i can claim warranty for these parts?

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    The extended warranty says "shock absorbers(restricted to leakage) bush /mechanical failures/ control arms, upper and lower wishbones, spring, strut mount bearings" are covered in E.warranty , so can i get it replaced?
  7. The first time the alignment was done in an exclusive tire shop. The second alignment was done when the tires were replaced and the third was at the service centre. One point i forgot to mention was that the threads of some of the studs of the wheels were damaged and had to be replaced. The TASS technician told me that there were supposed to 2 lock nuts in the wheel hub and absence of these nuts is creating the problem. I don't know that i can believe him or not.
    If the problem would have been the suspension, won't the veering be to one side only? i mean initially my car was pulling to the right and later to the left. if the suspension was at fault then the pulling would still be to the right?
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    If he's referring to the two pins which hold the wheels in place, then he is just bluffing or day-dreaming. Those pins are just to make life easy when installing wheels.

    On our Palio, those aligning pins were removed 7 years back and it still goes as straight as any car can.

    Yes i agree with your reasoning. But i wonder why TASS is not able to correct it. Which city are you based in? Kindly update in your profile as well.
  9. I reside in Numaligarh, Assam. There's a SC in jorhat, about 70 kms away but I'd rather visit a loca garage than them. I generally visit the Ghosh Brothers in Guwahati for servicing and all. Not the best but best of the worst.
    Yeah he was talking about the aligning pins- going by his logic the problem should also be with the right tire.
    Has ever TASS resolved a problem to your satisfaction??? I am amazed by the fact that they still can run a garage with so little knowledge
  10. vijaycool


    A small tip from my side. Our roads are inclined to the left to aid water channeling. This adds little uneven load to the left and if this thrust exerted on the left side wheel the steering will move to left. Correction to this problem takes time hence most alignment centers will avoid this.
    Solution: Check the wheel alignment especially Caster and toe-in. Toe in (mm) must be equal on both sides. Say for example linea caster on left side (passenger side) +1.5 deg and driver side is also +1.5deg due to the thrust it will dive left. To counter this issue th left caster should be adjusted to +1.6 or +1.7 deg. This is to counteract the thrust generated by the inclination.
    How to adjust: Remove left wheel and loosen the elastic pad bolts, Hold near the brake ends and pull towards front to generate positve caster. Fix the wheel and measure again. If the left wheel have +.15~.2 degrees more than the driver side its all good. The car will never pull left. Before doing alignment fill the air atleast 34psi to avoid deflection in tires.

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