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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. All,

    Yesterday i took the car to the workshop about this problem.
    They have not been able to resolve this issue.
    They have tried the below:
    1. Switched the front tires (right tire to the left and left to the right)
    2. Wheel balancing and alignment
    3. Replaced the left tire with the spare tire and wheel.

    The problem still persists.
    I am getting this done at Tejaswi motors in Hyderabad.
    I also met two other Punto owners at the workshop with the same problem, and their car also pulls to the left, I also called my friend who has the same problem with his 1 yr old Punto, till date. He says they have not been able to resolve his problem as well. He is currently running the car on yokohama tires and alloys.

    The service engineers and work manager tell me that this is a known problem in the Grande Punto, and their commitment is that the car should move in a straight line for 50 mts on releasing the steering when in a straight line. If it swerves before 50 mts they are to work on resolving the issue.

    In the tests after the work was done, the car swerved in less than 10 meters of releasing the steering, the work manager himself was driving the car.
    He asked me to bring the car to the workshop again today, and I have dropped it off on my way to work this morning.

    I wanted to inform you guys about this, and also wanted to see if there are any more suggestions.

    About the suspension, I was told by the work manager, that the punto's suspension does not have any adjustment other than the toe adjustment, which only is done to keep the wear and tear of the tires optimum. Other than this adjustment, it is not possible to adjust anything else, and it is fixed.
    They say that Fiat is aware of this issue, and they have given service centers options of corrective measures, trying which the issue can be minimized, and the service centers are to try all the options out and give back feedback to Fiat.

    Please let me know if anyone in the forum has similar experiences, and any suggestions.
    According to the service center this is a problem that almost all Punto owners should have.

    Anindyo Dutta
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Anindyo, did they mount the tires again?

    That is, remove the tires completely from the rim and then mount them again afresh. I experienced something similar on a Punto and this set the alignment issue right. Before this, the service centre guys had everything they could do, to ascertain the cause of the pulling issue, but failed.

    Give it a shot. Ask the Works Manager to look into this aspect. It's a 15 minute job.

  3. Hi Gurjinder,

    I forgot to mention it in the points above.
    They removed the tire from the rim, and they mounted it back flipped over.
    Meaning they laterally flipped the tire and mounted it back to the rim, so the earlier "outer edge" was made the "inner edge".

    They did this when they saw that switching the tires did not help.

    THanks for your response, and please let me know if you have anymore suggestions.

    <-- Cheers,
  4. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Even I am still facing this problem with my 11 month old punto. So far I have not done anything except the alignment check. Even the person who did the alignment was telling me that the tire rotation should solve the issue. And yes mine is also running on JKs. I was suspecting a suspension issue.

    @Gurjinder do you mean to do this to all the tires ? By any chance it could be related to rear axle ?
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Na Cinju, the Punto i'm talking about just had the front tyres re-mounted. That solved the issue, luckily.

    I reckon if all this has not solved the pulling issue then suspension & associated components remain the only culprit.:?
  6. Anindyo ji,
    I will suggest you to do the alignment in a proper tire shop..like here in navi mumbai i get it done in michelin shop and they do it very well...see if this can help...
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  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    @anindyodutta : i had this problem in my punto. in the beginning it took me a long time to confirm that there is a problem as the roads are banked in most places. When I complained about it in KHT motors bangalore, it was resolved the same day.
    I did not ask details about it that time only thing they told was it took good 5-6 hrs to resolve.
    Hence the problem is definitely resolvable and its not like you have to live with it. Whenever I go to KHT next time I ll try to get the details about what was done to fix it and let you know the same.
  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Hey Anindyodutta,

    I am from Hyderabad too. Seems like all the Puntos have the tendancy to pull towards left, which only FIAT will know the exact reasons. I suggest you to visit XeneX at Madhapur and get a wheel balancing and alignment done. I have done the same and the problem has been rectified. Hope your problem gets solved soon.

  9. @Gurjinder- I think the same, it has to be the suspensions only, the work manager says that even changing the suspensions may not resolve the issue. I will however look at this as the last resort.

    @Sanjeev sir- I think I will try out other shops outside of the FIAT workshop, but not right now. If the suspensions are not the problem, then I also think it can be solved if the wheel balancing and alignment is proper, because he did it about 3 times, and i did feel there was a slight improvement, although the car still swerved, but a couple of seconds after it happened the first time. This is only my perception, the gradient of the road also has a impact on these tests.

    @Shams- I will look forward to hear from you when you have checked with the workshop.

    @Kiran- Xenex and other outlets will be an option, but after some time. It feels good to know that this can be resolved in other places in Hyderabad. I will check with them if there is no other option in the workshop.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will keep this thread updated with the progress on todays findings.

    Also just in case I need it, can some one give me an email ID to which I can escalate the matter to within FIAT, if this problem in not resolved and they refuse to change my suspensions under warranty.

  10. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    my 2 cents here.

    Even my vehicle had this problem within the 2nd week of ownership (April 2011) . I took it to TASS and complained. They did some alignment checks and fixed the problem,but the steering stood in a titled position. The "cross" steering (as they SA told me) was corrected when i visited TASS next time.

    I had a talk with the service fella who accompanied me on the test drive to check the problem and he told that it is a common problem in Punto and some it takes even weeks to get the correct alignment. I dont know if this true or not but that fella seemed a reliable chap.

    I have read about a lot people facing the same issue but i suppose we have not zeroed upon the problem yet.
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