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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Even my car makes noise when going over a rough patch. But not a metal to metal noise but kinda plastic parts vibrating. The noise comes only when going over plain rough patch not even when I go over a pot hole or a bump. I am yet to take my car for the service center.

    Experts could shed more light on the link rod.
  2. The same problem arised for my New punto after one week from delivery. The culprit was loose link rod. As soon as I told this to the Concorde Cochin, the techinician rectify the problem.

    Now free from the "dhut" sound...
  3. Oh..this looks like a common problem...! Eager to know the importance of this component and in general what make it to loosen up.
  4. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Even my friend's new Punto had this issue with in 2 days after delivery. He got it corrected from TASS.Is this a common problem? can't this be corrected at the first time itself?
  5. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    hiii , i also have same problem , kind of Kat-Kat sound on bad roads , but to me its sounding as if the noise is coming from steering column . TASS told me that link rods have to be changed , they dint even care to check if it can be rectified by tightening link rods . But i have heard that there is a circular from fiat to change link rods and strut mounts on cars having this problem.
  6. @ Vishnu, It could be an assembly issue..so it could be observed also in a new car..mine is not very old it has just done 3000Kms and i observe this issue..
    @Ranconteur : Yes i felt it was also some time (rare occasion) from the steering column...this happens when the suspension is in use (moves up and down)..when you try to steer the vehicle in motion the vehicle weight is dynamically loaded to suspension..But my problem was solved in 5 mins..nothing was replaced.
  7. I met Venkatesh of Gowri Automobiles for the same issue last saturday, Vekatesh has over 20 years of experience working FIAT cars. he used to work for hariprasad automobiles.
    after driving my car for a bout 4 km's he told me to get the Gearbox float bush checked and changed,also suggested it could issue with bushes used in lower arm or one near to front bumper or strut it self.
  8. paritosh


    Side Wall tiny puncture..

    For some reason for the past few times, everytime i have gone for an air check, i find out a puncture. :confused:

    However this time after fixing the key one, the guy detected a couple of very small leakages on the side wall when dipped in water. Now i was in a super rush so i replaced the punctured/half fixed typer with the spare.

    Now my spare has hardly any run as i have been getting the tyre fixed almost immediately every time i had a puncture.

    My odo shows 24K and tyres are stilll in good shape.

    I am going to show the tyre to my regular puncture wala and see if the side wall is really punctured. If so, help me on following query:

    --> Is putting a tube a worthy option? if so, i have to make it the spare and now my spare will be the newest of all the rest 3. which would be an issue for rotations and replacements. Any thoughts

    --> If the punctures are not really that major and on the border of the rim and side wall, are there any repair techniques available?
  9. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    Whisteling / squealing sound from the brake

    I have been facing a 'squealing sound' (or whistling, as I'd like to call it) whenever I apply the brakes in my Linea TJet+. The noise is most definitely from the front. I noticed this right from the first few kms, and thought it's because the brakes are new. However, having clocked 1100 kms as of today, I still hear the sound, especially in bumper to bumper traffic, and when speeds are low.

    What is the cause and solution for the same?

  10. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    You mean while soft braking when cold right?? If yes, then this has been present in all FIAT's new generations cars.If ur talking about grinding sound then thats alltogether a different story for which u can claim warranty on rotors and brake pads. I did :-D

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