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Minor Issues - Tyres/Alloys

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by nitinkumardba, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    No Kedar bhai it's very common in all cars...It'll gone after 2-3k Kms..
  2. Have a wheel cleaner handy, I am using formula 1, results are pretty good but you need to spend close to 2 hours to clean all 4 wheels :p
  3. chetan
    first soak the wheels in water. put lots of water.
    and use a wet cloth and wipe the dust off.
    its pretty easy. and wipe dry with another cloth!

    10-15 mins and your wheels will be shining
  4. Brother Srkaratluri, i agree with you and following the same. It is a tedious job overall
  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    Problem with wheel alignment

    Hi people,

    A friend of mine has a punto mjd e-pack, bought in october last year from a dealer in bangalore. it has run around 14k + kms.

    Till now he has been to the ASC only once.
    Whenever he returned from a highway trip, I used to ask him what mileage did he get. it was never more than 15kmpl.

    In the first service he had asked for checking wheel alignment. They told him there was no problem.

    Recently first time he had a puncture in one of the front wheels. When he was getting it repaired, the puncture wala showed him how the front tyres were wearing out unevenly from inside.

    Request you guys for suggestions and also how to take this up with the ASC. Should we ask for free replacement of the front tyres?
  6. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    shams it's not the fault of service center.
    Your friend should have got the alignment done when he felt that car was not going straight.
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    Hi Vijay, theres no problem like the car drifting left or right. it goes straight.. earlier only noticeable thing was mileage being less than expected. he had complained about this in the 1st service..

    Isnt it possible that drifting in a direction and uneven wearing of tyres are two separate issues?
  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    I do not think they will agree for free replacement, but there is no harm in asking. If all your friend want is to fix the issue, go to Madhus @ langford road (near hockey stadium) and get the alignment and balancing checked.

    PS: IF car is moving straight and thread displays uneven wear, check for negative camber.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  9. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    AFAIK it's not possible as the tire wears from inside if toe out is not in range or if camber is negative.

    Camber setting is not adjustable in Linea/Punto and if it's not right you would have to check the whole suspension for the problem.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
  10. Loose Front Link Rods

    Hello everyone,

    I own a punto which has done aroung 3500 Kms. And i would like to share some information with you.

    From the past few days (after the car returned back from steering hose replacement), I noticed a strange sound from the from suspension (metal to metal contact) when the car passes over rough roads or speed breakers. It was not so evident...off late the sound became more evident and strong...and from the last drive i could feel this with every rough surface the car passes over...

    It was really irritating and also scary as i could not find any thing by visual inspection by myself.

    The things which i noticed was that a small plastic bush was missing from the position where the bonet locks to the body. and when i try to shake the bonnet..it vibrates. But i was sure that this metal-metal thud was not due to the bonnet.

    I almost lost my sleep (as this is my first car experience)yesterday and decided to get this checked. I arrived at Concorde Motors, Bangalore, and explained him about this problem. He immediately guessed that this is a symptom of weak link rod. And he decided to to a quick service to check for this problem. When the car was jacked, and this rod was checked, it in fact was loose. After this was tightened, the noise immediately disappeared and the ride was smooth again...Great Relief...

    When i told him that this started after the steering hose replacement..he assured me that for a steering hose replacement they never touch any of the suspension related parts..he said that steering hose is replaced by removing the front bumper.

    I am happy that the problem is solved and my baby is back to normal..
    I just wanted to share this problem with you all so that you all are informed about such a problem. If other have had similar experiences they could share it as well.

    As soon i got this solved, I tried to google for this "link rod" and it purpose on a vehicle, but could not gather much information over internet. It would be very helpful if any one from this community has more information on this component. I hope there are enough Automobile engineers here to explain...

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    Just to give you a visual of this link rod (as this rod is hiding behind the front tyre)..I found this link which explains the replacement of link rods..


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