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Minor Issues - Squeaks, Rattles and niggles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cliffhanger, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Ashish Agrawal

    Ashish Agrawal Timido

    I second it. My brand new punto 2012 too is giving this thin rattle from front left door & also from driver door as well. It has barely done 300 kms & this sound developed within 3 days of ownership.

    This problem has been reported by few other owners of new punto 2012. So i guess mine is not an isolated case, but any leads so far, for source of the sound?
  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Same with me...rattling noise from left front door....whenever I goon uneven(rough) roads...on smooth roads no noise...very irritating...
  3. Noise upon applying brakes.

    Hi Friends,

    My two week old Linea is developing a " Tak" noise while braking. I hear the sound from front right wheel ( or just because that's where the break pedal is located ) It actually aggravates when i am executing a brake with steering movement say like curves. This sound comes only for the first application and subsequent continuous application on pedal does not get me this sound. If i go off the pedal and come back for another brake the first application is getting me this sound.

    Have anybody faced a similar snag. I have done around 1230 kms and deeply worried. Please advise.

    Apart from this i had a large list of niggles or troubles with my Linea. Mailed FIAT and i have no response :(

    1 FIAT Logo on boot rattles and would fall sooner anytime
    2 Paint scraped in the rear right quarter glass
    3 Beeding peel off on rear right side.
    4 Huge panel gap in front AC foot vent on the driver side
    5 Rusted seat in front passenger side
    6 Damaged seat with cut in passenger side
    7 Bonnet holder had broken down. Making me to hold the bonnet.when i open it.
    8 Rattles, squeakes, buzz and vibration in the cabin.

    Attaching pictures of my Agony DSC00686.jpg DSC00681.jpg DSC00678.jpg DSC00677.jpg DSC00679.jpg
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard.

    I'm sorry to hear you're facing niggles in a brand new car.

    The clicking noise as you describe probably points to the brake lever pivot/brake switch needing a bit of lubrication. The rubber beading on the roof is also a classic FIAT niggle, and is fixed by a bit of Fevi Kwik. :)

    Fix an appointment with TASS and i'm sure they'll rectify all the niggles.

    Were the following issues from delivery day itself?
    -Scraped paint
    -damaged seat

  5. sungoa2010


    Sorry to hear your problems. Is it a 2012 model? What is the date of manufacture? Have you noticed any of the problems in PDI?
  6. Thanks Gurjinder, Gives me some relief that its not a major repair. The scrapped paint thing was barely noticeable i didn't notice it while doing a PDI. The 3 M guy who received my vehicle for waxing pointed me this. I am worried that it should not spread further.

    The seat also i noticed it later when i removed all the covers :( During PDI i removed couple of covers one in drivers side (expecting damage could be there since it was used at least 100 kms to operate the vehicle ) but the passenger side being pristine didn't do it and did a check on rear. Missed it .

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    Yes its 2012 model .ALZ - But the stickers on the engine compartment, seat covers and tags indicate it was made somewhere between 17-20 of December 2011.
  7. raj_90hp


    Extremely LOUD A/C noise

    My 2011 Punto 90hp is too noisy these days. The noise comes when I switch on the AC. It comes from the engine bay & I think its the AC compressor. This happens only during afternoons when the outside temperature is too high. Early morning & late night, it is normal.

    Is it normal for the AC compressor to be so noisy in Puntos?
  8. raj_90hp


    1) I checked the seats. It was properly locked in position. I have no idea where the rattle is coming from. Totally irritated.

    2) I have been to my A.S.S more than once, they have never been able to solve the rattling issues.
  9. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3

    You can do small check for your satisfaction ,when AC on in fully automatic mode it starts with huge fan sound and after some time reaching the setpoint it calms down, at this point you idle the car, come out of the car and immidiately close the doors listen carefully to the air compressor sound, you will not feel any difference :) now open one of the door and listen carefully to the air compressor the sound increases.

    The thing is that,when temp inside the cabin goes above the setpoint(the knob use to set the temp) the process starts to cool down the cabin temp as per required setpoint.Dont think on this too much its normal.

    if you are not feeling the chilling effect as per setpoints then that should be worry !

    One more test, try to match the setpoint temp with outside temp and let me know what kind of difference in sound of air compressor you feel ? (i never tried this :))
  10. Vroom

    Vroom Amatore

    Check your bumper? That might be making noise, but it feels like its coming from inside..

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