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Minor Issues - Squeaks, Rattles and niggles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cliffhanger, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. The noise is mainly from the tyres. Goodyear GT3 and NCT5 are prone to awful noise, especially on cement roads. Take the car on the highways and you will realise it.

    Change the tyres and you will feel significant difference.

    The noise through the ovrms are much more bearable than the GY NCT5 tyres !
  2. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    I have Apollo Acelere on my JET... it still is noisy beyond 100....
    Would door dampning help?
  3. sid
    get the beeding for the windows and the door frames( a pillar) checked. that is enough. also the air is seeping from the orvm stalk into the cabin) this is due to faulty fixing of door pads after film is installed..
    also if you wish you can get padding done. but that will be of no use for your complaint if i am not wrong
  4. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Noise is mostly due to tyres. I have noticed that noise changes with the quality of road too. If the road is well laid, noise is there but it is markedly lower. On a poorly maintained road, noise is awful.
  5. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    ur absolutely right here..In mumbai the roads are very bad and noise changes everytime..Theres no consistency in the noise..The quality of TAR/Concrete might be of inferior quality screwing up tyres big time..Especially TAR roads with patches everywhere are really awfull..
  6. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    the tjet tyres are much better than the gt3 tyres. i had got the tjet tyres onto my car at the service station as i was suspecting it to be some problem with the car. they tried to convince me but i did not and they finally swapped my tyres with the tjet tyres and the sound was less 80%. so tyres are the culprit.
    for the wind noise i have done a lot of research on linea. i had tried sealing each and every gap on the door with tapes but the noise was still there. finally i gave up.
    but what surprises mt that fiats are known for their build quality and thick metal sheets but still the road noise insulation is very poor. even maruti 800s do not have road noise. so i think it is some sort of designing fault.
  7. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    the noise is higher on higher speeds and messes up with the music quality in the cabin. Its dependent on the road type.
    Its more noisy on concrete roads than on tar roads...

    Few questions for experienced guys:
    1. can door / boot dampning reduce the noise to some level?
    2. sound absorbent mats / foams etc etc.... got a few results on googling...
    3. Sponges placed at strategic locations... again some more googling.. looks like it will be messy in the spongebob's car...
  8. sungoa2010


    Have you tried with mirrors in folded position? The door gaps are too much in Punto. Even though it may not the only reson it has its share to contribution of wind noise.
  9. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Khat khat sound from below while driving. Edit: LINK ROD changed

    For the last few days my GP90HP has been producing some kind of weird Khat-Khat noise from below.

    The noise is not even, it doesn't increase when you pass over potholes. It comes at times when you pass over potholes. Some time it feels like something has broken and is dangling down as the noise persists for a while. The sound is coming from the LHS of the vehicle as i have been noticing.

    I did check the under-body but couldn't find anything broken or dangling down.

    Confused :uh . My 3k service is due very soon. I have clocked around 2300 kms. I think i should take it before 3k and get this sorted out.

    Today morning, here in bangalore i spotted a broken down punto, i was scared to hell because i was driving my ride with the sound and was almost praying that i dont get treated to complete break-down. :!:
  10. Sam

    Sam Amatore

    Same here, few days back I had ACC blower tripping issue which I got it fixed from service center. After that I keep on hearing some noise from LHS which is annoying. It seems like its coming from left door or sometimes it feels from within glove box. I will get it fixed at my first service. Anyways on other note is your first service due at 3k mine is due at 5k.

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