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Minor Issues - Squeaks, Rattles and niggles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cliffhanger, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Dilip_dmk

    Dilip_dmk Superiore

    Delhi, India
    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Dont go for any third party service centre ... Go to an another service centre , even if it is far and once and for all , get all ur problems sorted out ...
    Do , stand[or sit inside the car ] while the technician is adjusting the beams , and get them adjusted as per ur comfort ....
    And the lock of the glove-box just needs minor adjustments , should not take more than 10-15 minutes .
  2. jerryruban


    Hai Paddleshifter,

    Yeah i have done the sunfilm and speaker checking in the doors.
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    So, there it is. The installer who changed the speakers hasn't donea decent job. The noise is as a result of improper fitting of the door panels by the installer.
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    Exactly PS - That's why these cars develop rattles. My car is rattling from the door pads only after installed the speaker & sun films. I'm getting the damping done shortly to overcome this.

    Also you can try VST Motors which is well within City, Try and contact Mr.Kribukaran within there and he should be happy to help with all the rattles.
  5. bibudesh

    bibudesh Timido

    Rattlling, noisy Linea T-Jet. Tata- Fiat A.S.S Useless and Hopeless.

    So till date my 5k done Linea T-Jet has spent 9 days at workshop in totality.
    Problems till date-
    1. Rear plastic rattling- earlier I thought it is the misaligned door. They fixed the alignment, the rattling reduced but did not disappear. Now it has increased. I myself am unable to make where the sound is coming from (forget about KHT motors mechanics)
    2. Rear left suspension klick-klick sound- And now the sound is coming from both the sides while slowly manuevering the car over potholes.
    3. Gear noise while shifting from 1st to 2nd- They did quick fix last time and the sound was reduced, now the sound is back.
    This is happeneing when I am NOT driving the car the way any Fiat is meant to be driven. I am very careful on pot-holes and not rashing. Not sure what will break if I start rashing the car around the way I do with Palio.
    I complained the problems to Fiat 3 times till date. They do their job excellent in following up, but there is all talk and no work at the end of the day.
    I know the problems are very small, still wonder the level of competent mechanics the dealers have that they are unable to diagnose a simple plastic rattling, forget about fixing it.
    I have crossed my fingers for any major faults like Engine breakdown. Touch-wood, but if it happens then I am ready to pack and transfer the car to Ranjangaon plant.
    I have stopped recommending Fiat to my well-wishers. Made a mistake of recommending two of them which was a materialized deal. It was based on my Palio experience which according to me does NOT belong to the awful quality family Fiat India cars.
    My car was taken by KHT again today after following up/requesting/complaining for multiple times since last week.
    Prior to this my car was with KHT from saturday 14th till tuesday 18th (5 days). Besides not fixing the rattling issue and dirty greases here and there, they goofed up my glove box. I have no idea why they touched something which was proper in place. The glove box got a play and open/closes in two steps now.
    I cannot try other dealer since I do not have the bandwidth to go to other end of Bangalore. Location was the key for me to select KHT.
    Hunting for a Hariprasad Automobiles for my Linea now.
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes indeed the problems are small (but irritating), but pointing exact location of rattling sound is always difficult. And no body can train the mechanics on these, it will come with experience.

    For any issue with KHT service, contact Mr Adit (adit_morzaria@khtmotors.com), hope he will be of some help. And my suggestion is to visit Concorde and try to resolve the issue there.
    Last edited: May 24, 2011
  7. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    First things first : had you done a PDI of the car before taking delivery ? If yes, were these sounds / issues present then ?

    About the gear noise - what was the quick fix ? (I suspect all that they did was spray WD-40) And why a quick fix in the first place ? What was the diagnosis of the problem ?

    +1 to Ravi - email Adit immediately with cc to FIAPL Service & Mangesh
  8. My Jet too had developed rattling in the first 2 months of ownership. The rattling emanated from the rear shelf which was rectified within few minutes by the TASS guys at Concorde, Chennai.

    The rattling developed because of the 1 km bad multi-potholed roads near my house.

    The tass guys were efficient to quickly spot the exact location of the rattle and it was arrested to my satisfaction.

    I doubt whether any training would help in spotting a rattle. As Ravi rightly mentioned, nobody can train the service centre guys on these, it will come only with experience.

    Why not try a different service centre. Maybe Concorde Motors would be of help to you ?
  9. jerryruban


    Thanks teky,

    The problem with VST is if u take the car inside the service station, it will take 30 mins to come out due to congession and unplanned parking inside. Anyhw ill give a try.

    If you are planning to go VST just for this complaint, ill also try to join u, please let me knw.

  10. jerryruban


    hi bnzjon,

    im facing this rattling issue in my punto, i have opened a thread also reg this, ill try my luck, cld u please name the person who attended you in concorde, ambattur.

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