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Minor Issues - Squeaks, Rattles and niggles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cliffhanger, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

    This thread reads suspiciously like my underbody noise over the past month ever since I got it back from Fortune Powai. TCRS at Worli could not replicate the noise during the TD (I accompanied the tech on the drive) but torqued the suspension anyway and tightened the stone guard. But the noise persists. If I drive carefully over bad patches (which is most of Mumbai Suburbs roads) then the noise is absent.

    Does anybody know if link rod checking is part of the suspension torquing job? Or is it up to the technician to decide what he feels is suspension torquing?
  2. clash81

    clash81 Regolare


    Sorry for the late reply. Link Rod costs 1494 Rs. I have updated the picture of a linkrod and part number here : http://www.teamfiat.co.in/punto-1-3-mjd-90-hp/2153-punto-90hp-has-arrived-10.html#post148178

    I tried my best to get it replaced under warranty but Prerana refused. But there are members who got it replaced under warranty.
  3. Sam

    Sam Amatore

    Noise from from left suspension and dashboard


    Recently I am being bothered with multiple noises in my car two of which are most annoying. Please help me with your advise.

    1) Noise from front left suspension.
    2) Noise from within the center of dashboard.

    Let me elaborate #1. The noise only occurs in mornings when temperatures are low. The sound, though I can't really describe it fully, is like wheel hitting the under body (and it is definitely not :)) It occurs whenever I take it over a rough patch or potholes. On some potholes the sound is like super harsh its like THUNK THADK THADK (please don't laugh, I am not an expert in describing sounds). But this all GOES AWAY when the car is sufficiently warm and run for several meters!!!??? Can you please let me know what you think it can be? Dosnt really sounds like link rod.

    The #2 has popped up more recently. Its a sound coming over from within of the center of dashboard just behind the AC vents. The should is like TIC TIC (like when the turn indicators are switched on) but occurs only when the car shakes side by side. Don't know what could this be and worried that if I let TASS guys fix it they will rip off the dashboard.

    I maintain 30 PSI of air pressure on all wheels and mine is Punto Emo PK.


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  4. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    the sound is of the meter cluster(the glass),might be the screw have got loosen.
    i have faced this issue and solved with just screw fitting.
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  5. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    I'm also facing facing the same issue as given in Sat's link. The left side gives some kind of mild grinding noise and a tak tuk tak tuk sound while car moves from a stand still in first gear and appears when I break. It sounds only during low speeds :( 500 kms left for 15 k service. lets see what happens
  6. If you are goinfg to ASS, make sure to tell them not over fill the grease on the strut mounts,it will be smooth initially but later will attract lot of dust and become an another headache inducing niggle .
  7. Haaah ! I got my money back....problem was escalated so much that the dealership called themselves to handover the money.
    Special tanks to Zonal manager Mr. Pradeep Dhane who took this in priority.
  8. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I am facing the same issue now, went to Prerna Motors and SA immediately said its due to bent engine guard.
    Will take my car for repair today.
  9. Sam

    Sam Amatore

    Thanks guys for replies.

    I got the answer to the dashboard rattle; it was a tiny panel just beneath the left stalk on steering wheel came out loose. And no TASS didn't help me with this; it was purely my discovery :) Couple of days back I was parking my car as usual when I accidentally touched the base of left stalk and to my horror the panel was dangling on stalk. I just pushed that panel back to place by pushing it gently and voila no more dashboard noise!!!

    I am glad I didn't let TASS fiddle with it. I am sure they wouldn't have had been able to diagnose it correctly and would have ripped the entire dash assembly.

    PS: suspension noise is still there and going up day by day.


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