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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Are you hearing the rattles somewhere from the Dashboard? If yes and if you have a reverse parking sensor display mounted on dash, check if it's causing the issue. Remove all loose items and take it for a test drive. If still there, then most probably it's due to the air vent of the front defogger. You can ask the service people to remove it and take a test drive to see if you still hear the rattles. Placing additional foam in it would solve the issue.

    Regarding the power window issue, I had similar problem. When compared to other windows left rear would roll down very slowly and sometimes stop. It's due to the top weather seal or the rubber channel which guides the glass. Get it replaced under warranty and do not allow them to spray any oil in it. While they can use some window channel cleaner spray, strictly instruct them to avoid oil as it'd end up inside your door panel.

    Top weather seal is shown below in the picture

  2. sidd

    sidd Amatore

    I'll keep these points in mind when i give them the car to rectify the issues.that sound from the wheels have started creeping in again.

    dad's not getting time to give them the car and be there.
  3. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    1) There is no any connection of labour cost & ext.warrantee.

    2) You got part received FREE & they charged you VAT.
    VAT is calculated on price of part.If price of part is Rs.Nil that how they recovered VAT ? :confused1
    Recover the VAT amount from them. File a complaint to FIAT India & Sales Tax Office
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  4. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    I don't know the rules now but I was given new rack in EW with no cost to me .However I was given reconditioned Turbo when my car's Turbo conked off.
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  5. nileshrmusale

    nileshrmusale Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Coolant level reduced drastically Again !!!

    Dear Friends,
    My car had a hose pipe leak of the coolant which use to drain down drop by drop when car was parked, which I got replaced a month back along with the necessary fittings. Today when I opened the bonnet of my car to have a general look I found out that the coolant level had gone down drastically, its only 25% left, having no trace of leak on the ground when the car is parked.
    Want to know what may be the reason behind it ?
    Also what necessary action need to be taken to mend it ??

  6. jet

    jet Timido

    Linea T-jet What could cause these ?

    i am facing these issue with my
    linea t-jet ,

    1.when depressing
    clutch from 1st , 2nd and 3rd gear
    RPM drops to 500

    2 . Also in 2nd and 3rd gear engine
    revvs stuck on 2000 to 2500 rpm
    even after releasing accelerator
    and it takes a long long time to engine revvs to drop

    3. When engine is under load i am getting a
    metal grinding noise in 2nd and 3rd gear, if i change the gear noise disappears
    this happens when climbing

    can any one point me in a right direction
    what could cause these behavior before
    i visit service center to explain them properly

    thanks in advance

  7. mahesh.bandel

    mahesh.bandel Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nilesh you can top it up and observe whether it comes down again. If there is no leakage is shouldn't reduce as you mentioned.

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  8. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    First make sure that its leaking

    1. Top up and drive , give it daily check
    2. Check hose pipe clips : is it firmly clamped?
    3. if Hose pipe is fine , it can be at radiator level
    : Look arouhnd radiator for leaks

    Best way is to take a car to service station and check

    Note : Coolant leaks can be tricky sometimes , I remember in my Ford coolant leakage , Ford service center was not able to fix it But my local trusted mechanic found it and fixed it.
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  9. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    There are 4 places where the collar will go loose and the leak can happen.

    1. Check near the coolent reservoir.
    2. Inlet to the thermostat valve.
    3. Outlet from the thermostat valve.
    4. One below the thermostat valve not visible until you remove the engine guard and the silencer.

    My car had leakages at 3 places. All due to the collars. All pipes were intact.

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  10. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP

    I had similar problem in my previous Indica. The coolant was getting reduced drastically and there was no visual indication regarding how and where it was leaking. The culprit was a water pump which circulates the coolant. Hence please get the same checked.

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