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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. EBD failure, ABS activated. Airbag error messages on my Linea MJD

    Today.. for puja.. i took my car out (started and moved).. cleaned it..then placed it back (car switched on.. moved back and placed in parking)...
    after sometime.. while doing puja i had kept my headlights on, AC on and music system on (engine off)... and did puja and when i wanted to start the car and take it for a round.. it was not cranking...suddenly... i got these error messages on my MID.. EBD failure.. ABS activated.... Airbag error.... what could have caused these error all of a sudden.. just few minutes back.. my car was working fine... now all kind of these error messages pop up...
    is it due to battery problem ?... or any thing else?.... i am not able to start my car at all... can anyone suggest what could have caused this problem...
  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    That is your problem. You have drawn more current from the battery and the battery voltage is too low to crank. All the errors you are seeing are due to low voltage supply to the sensors. You can try spraying water on the battery terminal and crank, but stop if it does not crank right away. While doing this, make sure that AC, ICE, lights, etc are switched off, so the starter motor gets all the available power.

    If this fails, try jump starting by connecting to another car's battery. If you cannot do that, then you can call RSA. They will come and jump start the car for you.

  3. Prasad

    Prasad Timido

    Thanks Sat-Chit-ananda i have messaged Vithal :)

    @Nightfuryd: i not sure of any brand at present because i dont much about the tyres.. just going through the treads and realised that tyres also a huge topic :p .. my requirement is smooth drive, should be rugged because it has to with stand hyderabad bad roads.. and cost effective..

    Mine is 2010 car GC is less, so my other thought is how abt using 195/65/R15? any suggestions?

  4. rpm19050


    has anyone got a bent alloy straightened? i have a suspect bent alloy, though the 2nd tyre shop guy i spoke with said that it's probably the tyre.
  5. navi_tjet


    Did you check your tyre pressure? I was having same issue in my brand new Jet. It used to have vibrations at 80-90 KMPH range and I was wondering how a brand new car can have such an issue. It so happened that front right tyre got puncture and I went to a tyre shop to get it repaired. He fixed it and i asked him to check air pressure. It was very high - around 40. I asked him to check air pressure in all the tyres - needless to say all were having very high pressure. He brought it down to recommended value. Result - better ride and vibrations gone. Hope it helps.
  6. mkaru

    mkaru Timido

    Thanks Navi_tjet. I had verfied the tyre pressure after I experienced vibrations. They were ok. Yesterday got the wheel balancing done(in Iyengar and sons) . 1 wheel could not be balanced(they added weights may be 4-5 times ). they tried for a while. I need to check this with service centre. Also did not get chance to drive beyond 80KM yet to verify the fix.
  7. GaganTakker

    GaganTakker Amatore

    New Delhi

    I had same issue , did balancing twice and tried air pressure rotation , which didnt help

    You can get the tires unmounted and try changing tires and proper balancing

    Else raise a warranty inspection request with ture manufactures

    Mine were Goodyear and were replaced and now the problem is gone
  8. Saumya

    Saumya Amatore

    Advice please

    hi guys....
    off late i m noting that my diesel emotion linea is gvng me an average of 9.6km/ltr in mumbai city which i feel has reduced from 12 to 13kmpl... this time i have changed and topped fuel from HP so as to know if the fuel was the cause of low average ya what would you advice for me to do?

    (oct2011 model all services from official dealership only)

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  9. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    1) Clogged Air/oil/Diesel filters
    2) Bad fuel
    3) Changed driving habits
    4) Linea begging you to take it outside cities, on a highway drive.:-D

    Time to pamper the Linea man. When was the last time you serviced it and took on along drive.
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  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    Any noticeable reduction in pickup? Heavy black smoke on acceleration? Have you noticed these things?
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