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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. My vehicle is under warranty ( till feb 2013) luckily... purchased it in Feb 2011.. have covered around 20130Km.
    today i went to TASS... Malik cars @ hyderabad.. they had removed the engine cooling system and showed me.. the service person told that gasket/o-ring is intact.. and now they have to pressure check the cooling system to check for any leak/pin holes...:(
    i had applied for insurance claim for my bumper and boot lid...Service person said that they would check one by one to find out where and how this has happened and once fault is identified they said it would be rectified under warranty.
    keeping my fingers crossed...
    RSA was really helpful... they were prompt... thanks to them.
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  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    It can also be a failed Oil Cooler unit ask TASS to check that also.
    Insist on TASS performing compression test before opening engine.
  3. S.K


    Get the turbo pressure check at TASS.
  4. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    Would a weak suspension can also result in vibrations especially on paver block roads.

    Although I dont get noise from my front suspension but I can feel vibration on bad roads especially paver blocks roads but no problems on speed breakers.

    My rear suspension is making some noise.It was rubber boots first but the some noise still there even after sticking the boots properly. Now I suspect rear bushings.

    what r the symptoms bad rear bushing and would changing struts remove vibrations

    my car has done 65800 Kms with original suspension but new mounts and tie rods.
  5. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    All normal u r straining the engine at lower gears.

    But also no harm getting it checked .
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  6. shanmugam

    shanmugam Amatore

    Smoke from AC vent

    During my long trip last week, there was heavy rain we felt very cold i switched off during the travel after some time switched on the AC of my punto suddenly i observed smoke came from one of the AC vent above the sound system. i turned off the a/c. Experts please advice.
    After some time i turned on the a/c it worked good.

    Please advice on this...
  7. Checked with TASS today... As the coolant+engine oil mixture has entered in to radiator and is in semisolid state (thick slurry).. they are unable to carry out the pressure check....
    They are escalating the problem to fiat india asking for suggestions/directions....
    Keeping my fingers crossed..

    P.S: In the meantime i have asked them to arrange for a service vehicle for me...

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    A Similar problem faced by one Mr.Sukhvinder Singh (New Delhi) is posted in customer complaints forum...
  8. dhans4all

    dhans4all Amatore

    Friend of mine is also having this problem with his punto 1.3 Active, not sure what exactly the issue is.

    my palio had this issue long back and its been cleared automatically hence not done any research on this.
  9. rajks

    rajks Amatore

    Shanmugam, when you observed the smoke was the A/C running in recycling mode or the air vent was opened to take in outside air?
  10. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    Given the weather at the time of your drive it seems to be more a case of condensation.

    If something were burning then the phenomenon should be accompanied with a burning odour also smoke & smell would be observed every time you were to switch on the air con.

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