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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. coolboy

    coolboy Timido

    Dear Friends,

    Could some one please provide me the contact details of Fiat Senior Management? I am yet to get any positive feedbacck from Concorde Motors regarding replacement vehicle.

    Currently I am getting strong pulsation from the brake on appying it and the steering vibration is severe


  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Here you go.
  3. amitp

    amitp Amatore

    Pune, Maharashtra
    Hi Guys,

    Congratulations to all the three of you on the new cars. Be rest assured that apart from these small niggles, the cars offer the best experience day in and day out. No other hatch back will be able to manage the dynamics of the Punto, so once you get used to sorting out the small things there is only the fun part for years of ownership to come.

  4. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Please advice me for my Queries

    I don't know if such a thread exists, I am creating this thread to Know the following things

    After I start the car I want to know what is the optimum RPM to Gear ratio? to get the maximum fuel efficiency

    1. My Punto Sports is reporting a fuel economy of just 9.5KMPL in City, I am a sedate Driver Here is my driving behavior

    In first gear I will rev the engine till 2000-2500 RPM before changing to Second,I am shifting to third gear once the engine RPM points to 2200 RPM
    So in any gear if possible to drive further I am shifting gear roughly after the car reaches 2000-2200 RPM? is my driving behavior correct?

    I usually take my legs off the Clutch once the gear shift is done. But due to dense traffic in city I always have to drive with clutch , I press the clutch pedal half not full during I change gears, How to avoid clutch less driving in bumper to Bumper traffic?

    2. Which Brand of Diesel is best for Punto, I mean Which bunk (HP or Indian Oil or Bharath Petroleum) Does going for Premium diesel gives any better mileage , I read in manual that We should always fill the normal diesel

    3. I have driven about 300 KMS, How much more I have to drive to get past 2.5K rpm, i.e cruising at around 2.8K - 3.5K RPM?

    Please advice, Any valuable advice is greatly appreciated

  5. 9.5 with ac is not that bad,this is a brand new car...so wait for a few thousand kms you will notice some change...at traffic where ever you are stopping more than 45 seconds switch off the car there...
    As seniors here have said earlier there is no run in period as such,the engines are pre run,you can go above 2.5k rpm after 1000 kms...

    Regarding mileage i would say use the instantaneous mileage,it will do wonders with your driving...that will also give you idea at what rpm you should upshift...in city with enough idling and ac i am getting 11.5kmpl
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  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    Few points from my side:
    Take the car to different rpms but try to avoid hard foot on A/B pedals as much as possible for atleast couple of thousand kms.

    Whenever you start driving, look at the engine temp guage. drive around gently (without pushing the A-pedal hard) atleast till the needle reaches center, like shown in the above picture. usually it takes around 10 mins for the needle to reach there if engine is cold. This is good for engine in long run and it also impacts FE slightly.

    For changing gears, best way is to get a feel and change. as the kms pile up it will happen naturally. looking at tacho wont help much. car opens up around 5k kms till then you will feel it to be little heavy!!

    Just keep these points in mind and drive around without worrying too much:)
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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    chandu, what is the average speed, when you are getting 9.7 km/l mileage?
    Take it out to some normal/empty road and see how much its giving.

    Use only normal diesel, from any bunk.
  8. sungoa2010


    On an open highway drive with IC display. Just see different things like

    Check how much you get when cruising at normal speed 70-80. If IC shows very low figure then you may show it to TASS.
    If it is normal then the problem may be your driving habit.
  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Chandu, have you reset the trip meter at least once since delivery. I have been saying since 2010 that do reset the trip meter at least once after delivery to clear low average readings in case the car was run at idle during PDI. :)

    I was also getting 10-11kmpl initially but it increased by the end of1500-2000km.. Infact i scared away one Fiat customer when he saw my 10kmpl mileage. :eek:
  10. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Chandu sir its too early to check on the fuel economy it will take few thousands of kms for the engine to tune in and thow up..

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