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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. In the new 2012 linea, can we atleast tilt the backrest of rear seats forward to about 45degrees by opening the bolts from the boot?

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    Hey if anyone can help me? Foldable seats will be a huge factor for me to buy a car because we usually transport long matresses in our cars.
  2. cannonera

    cannonera Amatore

    puntojith, this is exactly what I experienced... for sure it was not entering the cabin and got it the first time after my First service...
    gurjinder, good to know that it is normal..

  3. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    The console light dimming is a nice feature. You do not need the brightness level (for daylight) carried on when the sun goes down. So your Fiat automatically dims the brightness of the console lighting as soon as you switch the headlights on.

    Re the tank level, I usually fill up when the low fuel indicator light comes on and the Jet takes between 35-36 litres of petrol at that level.
  4. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Did u feel any improvement in running and FE after the use of system D.
  5. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    You can also adjust the amount of the brightness of the interior light when you switch on the headlights.
  6. sungoa2010


    Is the injector cleaning a costly affair in petrol cars?
  7. puntojith


    thank you guys for all your replies...I will check tomorrow with the windows closed.

  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    why dont you try with system D like 'Sat-chit-anand' has done( if your too keen ). He has some good opinons about it..
    Also AFAIK petrol or diesel doesn't make a difference when it comes to injector cleaning..
    (Correct me if i'm wrong)
  9. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Could it be that, it is for the ideal fuel available in European countries? But for Indian fuel conditions it might be recommended?

    I am not a expert in this, but let me explain my experience....

    1. With my WagonR, I was recommended fuel injector cleaning in my annual service or 10000 Kms by the SA. I did not experience any significant difference. It could have been to earn few extra $$$!!!

    2. Once I had bad fuel on one of my long trips. The car started stuttering. When you press A pedal, pulling will be with significant jerks; inbetween there will be sudden loss of power. I had a tough time driving to nearest destination. Over the next couple of days I found about IFTEX System G.... added the recommended levels. I could immediately see the difference... when the first bottle got empty, most of the power was back... with second bottle my car was back to normal... from them I used it on a less-frequent basis and it had a good effect....

    I have not yet tried it with T-jet....
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Our Indian owner's manual does not recommend it. ;) India-spec Linea & Punto are not exactly the same as their global cousins.

    Secondly, the efficacy of these "cleaners" is open to inquiry. In no way can anyone claim that they do work. Similarly, no one can claim that they don't work at all. I'm from the second category.

    FIAT should've put up a once-every-1,00,000km Injector clean-up interval in the book. That's all what is needed.
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