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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. abhiuday

    abhiuday Amatore

    New Delhi
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    Saturday, I am gonna visit concorde motors and take a second opinion on this. I told abt this toa frnd of mine who has a Linea and he told me that he had a noise problem with the brake some time back and he just got it cleaned from TASS during service. This solved his problem. I think for me also, a basic cleaning should work. Don't know why TASS simply asked me to replace it. They should have atleast taken off the tire and inspected the brake.
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  2. asif


    Wiper blades are covered under warranty for 6 months/5000kms,TASS doesnt need to lodge any complaint with FIAT for getting it replaced,they just tried to make you pay for wiper blades,that could have gained some bonus for the TASS.Prolonged exposure to sunlight may be reason for wiper blade issue.
    Dont worry about the quality of your car,there are many happy owners in this forum and some have clocked 1L+ kmz on punto without any major quality issues.
  3. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Cleaning Disc pads will cost you around 1K.
    On my 2nd service @ 15K kms. The service adviser asked me to do so. And when I saw how they did the cleaning of the pads the cost they charged was too.
    As your car is new, ask them to do the same without paying a extra amount.
    And if the SA refuses to do it then raise your concern to his manager. He has to do it...
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  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yeah basic cleaning does help but depending on your road conditions and your driving style this noise will re-appear
    What you should be more concerned is whether the pads have worn out or not. Noise is something you will have to live with if you choose to maintain your OEM pads only.
    I dont know the exact size of the pads ,perhaps someone in this forum can enlighten you about it.

    But this is a strange issue. for just 1700kms if the pads have gone bad then i'm left to believe that when you bought the car those folks have done something to your pads..
    I just cannot believe that pads can die at 1700kms, I mean even if you drive in the ghats for the full 1700kms this seems unlikely..

    Demand for replacement under warranty if the TASS tells you that you need to change pads
  5. sungoa2010


    On a new vehicle it is impossible to get this sequel because of worn out of pads. The sequel while applying brake is due to the contact of a materiel located inside the pad materiel so that when the pad reach its life end the metallic part will be in contact with the disc making the sound. Other reason is the coupled resonance vibration of pad and disc. The only way to get rid of this to change the resonance condition. They do it by greasing contact between caliper and pads. The third possibility is very rare. At TASS they might have replaced the pads with old ones. Read about disc brake in Wikipedia. You will get an overall idea about it.
  6. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    You can separate the booster seat from the seatback when your kid grows older and thats how it will remain usable till the kid weighs 36 kgs.
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Head to HIM Motors , Patparganj (TASS) for all your servicing needs.

    Meet Mr. O P Sharma there. He shall take care of your Punto and prescribe you the best possible route.

  8. sungoa2010


    Can we use regular seat belts for kids? Will it protect them in case of collision?
    Found some products in hoopos.com. I am a regular buyer from hoopos.com
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  9. s_mehta


    Pls help a new Linea owner


    I took delivery of my BNW Linea tjet+ (June 2011) model on 28th July 2012 (OTR 7.8 !!) and have done around 750 km in 1 month. Car's running awesome but have a few doubts

    1) At an HP petrol pump the "value added services" guy opened by bonnet and checked the oils, coolant level etc. I also check these things every 2 weeks. Last i checked, the coolant level is higher than the 'max' indicator and also the indicator on the dashboard for engine temperature is exactly at the halfway mark. But the chap at the petrol pump said coolant needs to be replaced. he said theres lots of water ?!? coolant box in the bonnet shows the proper pinkish/magenta colour of paraflu

    2) The oil level is a li'l higher than the halfway mark on the stick. chap at petrol pump suggested to put 1 litre. he said they have shell synthetic. is it ok to merge the existing oil with a new oil or should top up be with the existing make only ? is it necessary to change synthetic oils every 1-2 months or ok to stick to fiat recommended intervals ? i was thinking of waiting till first service

    3) i examine my tyres at least once every week and remove small stones etc. Once i saw a small nail (the one used to hold papers together, around 2 inches long) stuck to my rear left tyre. Removed it immediately and purchased a digital tyre gauge on ebay. Till date it seems the pressure is fine but its gotten me rattled. also our dear mumbai roads keep me perennially worried about tyres engulfing some nail or other object which takes away the pleasure of driving :(

    4) on stationary at signal, car moves behind automatically once i take my foot off the brake. how/why does this happen and what can i do ?

    pls help a newbie :)
  10. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Regarding points 1 and 2, if your Linea's coolant and oil levels are at the maximum level, don't listen to the over-smart petrol pump guy. There is no need to replace or top-up coolant. If the pointer of the temperature gauge stands at half-way mark, it is absolutely normal. Nothing to worry about. Since the oil level is at the half-way mark, you can buy Selenia K from Tata-FIAT authorised service station and top up yourself. It will consume about 250 ml to 500 ml. Don't mix up oils of two different brands.

    Regarding point 3, the paper clip might not have penetrated deep enough to cause a puncture. So, the air pressure is intact. Check the air pressure. It there is no loss of pressure, there is no cause for worry.

    Regarding point 4, if the car is at neutral and stationary, it will go back if the road slopes down.:) Engage hand-brake to prevent this from happening.
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