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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. did you get it replaced.. how much did it cost... I am looking to replace the front windshield of my linea.. some children playing outside hit it with a stone,, cracks have developed.. i am planning to check it with windshield experts in hyderabad..don't know whether it can be repaired or not... pls share your experience how did you replace it with TASS or Windshield experts.. did you claim insurance... what is the cost with and without insurance
  2. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Do not repair. It will not last long. Any repair will stop further development of cracks only. The windshield should cost you around 7.5 K for Linea. If you claim insurance, the loss from hand would be around 1.5K
  3. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    The Punto and Linea share the same windscreen. Would cost 6.5k inclusive of sealant paste and labour. Go for Saint Gobain if available, they are better than Asahi.

    I claimed insurance and loss from hand was 2.6k, i feel i was overcharged by 1k.

    Does the compulsory deductible amount/excess cover up the overheads we pay?(sealant paste+labor), or that amount is like a fee we pay to the insurance company?
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  4. Replacing Front Windshield of My Tuscan wine Linea 1.3MJD

    Morning.. i bunked my office... started making calls to Concorde motors, workshop at sanath nagar... got a estimate of 6.5K to 7K:( ( cost of windshield AIS Rs.3300/-, labour charges Rs.650/-. sealant + beading etc Rs.2500 to 3000)... Checked with Malik Cars, service center,, got a similar estimate 6-7k,:(, and the service manager asked to bring the vehicle and apprised me that it would take 1 day for the replacement... I asked him why one day... he informed that setting of sealent would require that much time.. as the vehicle is not to be moved ...... I found out the contact number of windshield experts at Hyderabad... two offices are there one at himayat nagar and the other at Kairthabad.. I was trying their number but no one was answering the phone.. called the toll free number as well but no response.... I decided to check them out,, before taking it to TASS... i took My LADY (A) Linea to Windshiedl express at Kairthabad... it was open.. i checked with them whether it is repairable... they said it is not possible as the cracks would propagate since the size is big... I asked for a estimation for replacement... he initially gave me Rs.5500 and later increased it to Rs6500/-:mad:.. They gave me choice that they would help in claiming insurance but i have to pay Rs.1450 from my hand in that case... Paying Rs.1450+losing NCB from insurance (@ Rs.6000 for current year.. could increase in the next year if i don;t claim)... so decided against insurance... finally bargained and finalised the price for Rs.5200/- without insurance;)..
    My windshield was replaced within an hour:eek: with a similar one that i had earlier:)....(though saint Globian was available i went with the OEM stock AIS)....The dealer promised a warranty for 1 year against any water leak or gas/ AC leak..... advised to drive slowly for a day... and at my normal speed then onwards...
    hope everything is fine... decided to give the vehicle a rest for today....
    let me check her tom'row...
    will keep u posted guys...
    thanks for all your support and valuable inputs..
    if not for TFI.. i would not have known about windshield experts...
    thank you guys...once again
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  5. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    drag issue

    Recently I noticed when i release clutch in the 1 st and 2 gear after the car is already in motion (WITH AC ON) I feel some kind of drag.It feels like some kind of breaks are applied after the clutch released.The drag is low in the 3 rd gear and negligible in 4 th gear.This issue is there only While the AC is on and no issues when the car is running without AC.My car has completed 62000 Kms and I hear clutch bearing noise although its still quite silent but no hardness of clutch, gears.

    What could be the issue. Kindly advise.
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  6. prakashjam24x7

    prakashjam24x7 Timido

    saforn (kum kum) - faded away the color of Linea MJT TW within Hours

    Hi Team,

    I got possion of my dream car on 7th July 2012 from chennai concord motors velachery. its a LINEA MJT TUSCAN WINE COLOR.

    All my happines turned into sorrow on 9th July 2012 need advice from experts.

    On 9th morning i took the car to a temple for pooja. over here the priest did the pooja to the car and applied tilak/Bindhi on front and rear of the car on the body using Saffron (KumKum).

    In the evening the sales man and a mechanic came to my office to collect the car as there was a minor issues on one of the doors no closing properly.

    the cheif mechanic when he saw he car immedatly went near it started rubbing off the KumKum from the car and said do not never apply KumKum on the car as its a chemical it will fadeoff teh color.

    To my dismay :'( the place where the KumKum was applied the color faded away in the size of 1rupee and 5paisa coin on both sides. :(. the color became ligh Algay green over in the place.

    It will not be visible from far, but when u look at it closly its visible.

    Please advice on weather that faded area can be removed with out painting using some method of polishing or waxes.

    I will post the photos as soon as possible as the car is parked in my office.

    Also if possible please advice all Fiatian's of this issue. as in india its a common practice to do pooja and apply KumKum and sandle for Tilak.
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  7. this happens as the kumkum isn't real saffron, rather some chemicals. real saffron will completely remove itself once u do it using ur fingertip. these days, u never get good saffron from temples.
  8. prakashjam24x7

    prakashjam24x7 Timido

    @Rahul - i guess you are right...! any remedy now ? really desperate for an remedy :'( .

  9. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Correction- Drag after release of accelerator and not clutch.Sorry for the mistake
  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    ask the TASS to use some touch up paint and polish it probably...
    since the size is not big it can be done easily i guess

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