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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Tellmepleaze

    Tellmepleaze Amatore

    Cochin, Kerala
    Linea 1.3
    I am sorry to not the service center guys cant make out the reason of the rattle sound until it was striped to nut bolts !
    It must be the reason Fiat given a rethinking and planning own facility. Nobody will nurse somebody's 'bacha' that sincerely, especially when he is struggling to rear own ones !
    We 'Fiat owners' are lucky, Fiat knew it at last !

    TS: Pls check if your car too is under the said replacement lot.
    Yes, Linea is the cheapest sedan in my experience too, by service and FE too.
    1.5 months and first replacement is last week when I started hearing a slight grinding sound, i knew it is from break-pad. It was true and my regular SC RF Motors changed the set @ 3454.00 incl. labor.

    One more lesson: When any Doctor advice a costly surgery is the remedy; just tell him "Let me think and come back..." and really think twice and take a second or even third opinion... Probably few cheap bushes would have solved the problem !
    Esp. is this axle is a usless part, if can noway hamper the vehicle even faulty.

    Lessons, lessons !
    Whatsoever, we are with you...
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  2. Seems I am posting on this thread after a long time.. (One Year Gap)
    I reside in Ghaziabad, and recently (one month back) bought a BNW T-Jet.
    Honestly speaking, I am overly impressed with the FE some of you have posted in this thread.
    I, somehow, having run the car for 600 odd kms, have been able to achieve an FE to the tune of 10-11kmpl.
    While, at the same time, it becomes important for me to mention that -
    1. My workplace is in range of 2-3 kms from my residence
    2. Workplace <-> Home is my majority of the drive,
    3. The other drives are in the older parts of the city with car parked on both ends and frequent breaking and accelerations.
    4. She is yet to do her first Highway drive (plan to go to Agra tomorrow for the weekend). The only time she actually could cruise / sail was when I had gone to Outer Ring Road.
    Although, I was seemingly satisfied with the FE I was able to achieve but.. after reading this thread, well, it made me re-think.
    What do you say about the FE I am getting as yet?
    Also, have you guys tried Eco - Drive?
    I installed it on my drive today, and am yet to get the first reading.
    In case you have, well, I would like to know what engine you have choosen? I find T-Jet (1.4 Turbo - Without Intercooler - 114 PS) engine missing from the list.
  3. That makes me curious... how to get a hands on the list to know if my car is due for a replacement .. got my t-jet a month back.. and i do not know anything about these recalls..
    Thanks @TFI for throwing light on this!!!
  4. sungoa2010


    I had driven a Tjet at dealership and I asked about the person who sit with me for test drive. He told the vehicle can give 21 kmpl if driven between 60-70kmpl. I didn't belive it
    but after seeing the ansal11's FE, I think what he told is possible. See in goa the traffic is less than Delhi. I have achieved 21 once in my 1.4 Punto,
  5. arian

    arian Amatore

    They say my car is not the replacement list and also out of warranty so cant do anything. I inspected the original rear axle & the thing looks clean (no damages whatsoever). But the SC, I dont think will do a post mortem. The practical thing for them is to replace the whole part. Cant blame them since its one piece. Dont know about cochin but in Mumbai the labour costs are killing. I m seriously thinking of finding an independent mechanic. Kava motors at opera house has most of the parts of LINEA including the very often required brake pads. So you buy it here & get the work done by someone else

    There is a seperate thread TFians have created on the recall. Check that out.
  6. @Arian: thanks a lot ... in fact it was from Thread: Fiat India - Official Upgrades that i had come to know about all these re-calls and upgrades...
    However, am concerned about.. does my car fall in the re-call list..
    cause, to be very honest, i will not rely on TASS to be calling and informing me about the same!!!
  7. arian

    arian Amatore

    The only practical suggestion that I can give is to get your part replacements done under warranty before 30-35000 kms no matter how much TASS guys try to push the matter under the carpet. After my email exchanges what I have realised is that even people at FIAT are ready to give free spares when the car is a little new. Esp. with car suspension if feel there is a slightest of problem get the work done under warranty before 35000. TASS during check up of cars under 35k dont really bother about small issues as they know that if not rectified later on post warranty they can make money. My car gets serviced every 7-8k though the interval is 15k. How is it there is no wear & tear reported at 35k and within the next 7-8k after there is wear & tear in most perishable parts. The common retort is "Sir if your car was under 35k then you could ve gone for a warranty claim."
  8. My First highway trip on Jet

    So.. finally took my first long (if you call 200kms long) drive on my T-Jet.. one month and 600 kms after ownership. After getting FE of 9-10 kmpl in city, and reading alot on FE in this thread.. I left Ghaziabad for Agra at 1600 hours.
    The drive was smooth... and incuded 4 small breaks
    1. Tank Up (Delhi)
    2. Daughter induced (Palwal)
    3. Nature Call (Kosi Kalan)
    4. McDonalds (Mathura)..
    totalling 4.5 hours to cover the distance...
    as per MID.. I had got a FE of 15.0 kmpl when i entered agra, but thanks to some irritating traffic, it had dropped to 14.7 kmpl by the time i had finished parking her at my place.
    As per eco:drive, i got a overall eco:index of 73, with bst drive being the stretch between mathura and agra with an eco:index of 78.
    The sad part was, when I had started from delhi, the FE as per MID was 11.2 kmpl which was constantly improving throughout the journey. So, i was kind of disappointed when the journey ended, as I was hoping that the FE will continue to improve.
  9. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    I dont think there is any possibility of increase in kmpl to 19-20. Those who have achieved it, their trip meter might have given erroneous figure. A simple question - are they getting this 19-20kmpl on average daily driving? ARAI itself has given 14kmpl figure for T-Jet. i am getting around 10.6 to 11 in city. And highway i got 13.7 average (recent trip to coorg).

    I tried improving my mileage through Ecodrive. And I feel its very difficult to implement Ecodrive suggestions on indian condition. so overall the max i would be expecting from my car is around 12kmpl and highway upto 14-15kmpl.
  10. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    As rainy days around,during my recent trip of night journey was horrible,i have to took 5 haults just cleaning the windshield.
    First of all Wiper created the problem,when wiper control activated,it leaves the wiper radial water marks, i have to get down and clean with the cloth,after looking everything clean journey starts again ,then i find mist on the glass i have to turn on the heater, if i off the heater again the mist forms, otherwise turn ON AC @23 or @22 temp :( with all window glass closed.
    When evrything good i.e. no wiper marks no mist i can see the upcoming vehicles headlight focus is being like spreading across a single point ,its not like a single dot. :( is this a call for windshield treatment ? if yes please advise the solution.

    Can you please explain in steps(economically) how to get ridoff the mist from the windshield.i will be happy if explained with respect to outside and inside temperatures of the cabin.

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