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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Pride Car's K.R road bangalore Contact person is Harish number 91-9945112233, he is very good at service and shock absorber issues,you don't have to look at any one else for mechanical issues.
  2. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Thanks Shams, I looked around but it is none of these. will keep it safely till the first service and hope the brake pedal doesn't fall off at 130 :)
  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    don't worry that screw belongs to one of the plastic panels only. TASS will fix it back. And brake pedal doesn't have any such screws
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  4. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4
    update- since doing a ecu reset(specific to ac settings only) thing didnt stop the burning smell issue i had to go again for a check up today.

    he opened the front air intake panel to check whether on recirculation mode for AC the valve is shut completely or remains partially open.

    here are the pics,

    Image00004.jpg Image00006.jpg Image00007.jpg Image00008.jpg

    the intake vents,

    Image00010.jpg Image00011.jpg

    he found the intake vent not shut completely and hence yet again suggested for an ECU reset but this time with the latest software and that software they dont have it on their EXAMINER (computer ) hence will have to download the stuff from online and since the authorised person to download is not in town...i shall have to wait..

    Also he suggested that setting the AC temp in the range of 16- 20 might negate the problem.. as with temp above that range the AC system mixes hot air with the cold air to produce the desired temp. and hence i might be getting that burning plastic smell :confused:

    any ways as of now i am waiting for the ECU update to happen to see whether it makes any difference....
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  5. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    I have now driven punto long enough to tell the practical oddities. I found the remote boot opener and fuel lid opener are missing compared to some other cars in the same segment. Do you guys also feel it is essential??
  6. cannonera

    cannonera Amatore

    After having driven the car for just 2 months now, I believe FIAT has surely put some thought into whatever features (which non-Fitians refer to as oddity!) are present in their cars...
    During the delivery of my car the SA gave a reason for the reverse light as follows,
    If most of you have observed the reverse light is actually on the LEFT side. The reason being while reversing you are looking out of your Right window directly, which requires little or no illumination, where as on the left side it helps to have some illumination... Sounded like common sense to me ! Of course the other one is to have the most often used stalk placement on the left side!
  7. Anish_A


    I had a Ford Ikon and it had the indicator lever on the left hand.

    For me it is abetter option as I'm used to having the indicator on the left hand side

    One reverse lamp is cost cutting Dude. :)


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    I had a Ford Ikon and it had the indicator lever on the left hand.

    For me it is abetter option as I'm used to having the indicator on the left hand side

    One reverse lamp is cost cutting Dude. :)

  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Handbrakes apply stopping power on rear tires. How tightly did you pull the handbrake?
    I think not very tight. Because if you will pull it to max. limit, the car shouldn't move. That how the burn outs are done in the Front wheel drive. It would have caused brake pads to wear out, depends how long you have driven.
    To check it stopping power, drive it at 40-50 km/hr & pull handbrake. Not like a maniac but stage by stage to sense where actually it is braking optimum. if 80 deg. is the max limit for handbrake pull, first 30 deg. are for light braking. More like to hold a parked car only. Engine had to do some extra work because of braking obviously.

    But why to use the handbrakes at all I personally never use it except power-sliding.
    Better slot it into gear after switching ignition off.
    For high speed, i warned you earlier too & again a suggestion. Yes it's FIAT that's why you survived on 2 occasions.
    You must have hunted down a couple of bikers had it been a swift, Rambo!!!
    Earn 30000 KMs before crossing 100km/hr. It's an appeal. You will end up with immatured & dangerous driving.
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  9. muni



    I feel the following features could have been handled better

    1) Steering rake adjustment is still a bit high at the lowest position. The seating height adjustment also doesn't feel refined in operation.
    2) The power windows buttons are placed a bit further to the driver by about 1 to 1.5 Inches for easy access. Should have been a bit towards the driver.
    3) Only steering controls for USB ( they should have given access from the main unit)
    4) Placement of the USB in the central console itself instead of the Glovebox.
    5) Mp3 playback from Bluetooth not supported ( very useful feature if you ask me and not difficult to give)
    6) Utility/ Cup holder design could have been handled better.
    7) Response from second gear at low speeds could have been better.

    Having said that, There are umpteen things that are quite good in the Punto which makes you ignore the above nitpicking.
  10. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Most cars today have only one reverse light. My 2010 Maruti SX4 also came with one reverse light. The analogy of you see the left side when you reverse and hence that side illuminated makes sense. It is not a cost cutting measure.

    Indicator stalks are configured to left hand drive models from Europe & USA. What Fiat did was make a right hand drive Punto but left the indicator stalks as per left hand drive models. Again, many cars have had this 'feature' in the past, Daewoo Matiz & Ford Ikon immediately come to mind. From what I remember, Fiat claimed they were giving premium European driving expereince by this. What they meant to say was that we have resorted to cheap cost cutting in the name of premium European driving expereince. :)

    So, in my view,

    Reverse light - NOT a cost cutting measure.
    Indicator stalks - Cost cutting but not a irritant.

    The oddities and irritation in Fiat's are:

    - Adjustable Steering that is still a bit to high in the lowest setting.
    - Poor Ergonomics - seat's , foot pedal's are not sorted out. It can take weeks for me to get my perfect driving position. BUT, once you get it, it's REALLY comfortable.
    - Power window switches are mounted too ahead on the door handle resulting in the driver having to stretch his hands. I end up opening the rear window instead of the front most of the times!
    - Blue&Me USB has the most idiotic settings. Only steering controls can be used to change folder's & tracks and worst of all if you stop the media player and then want to restart it it does not start from the last song that was playing so you have to scroll through all the setting's to reach that track. Which moron has designed this?!
    - Blue&Me USB does not change folder's once all songs in one folder have played. It, instead, starts from the first song in that folder again.

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