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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. parulkarpr


    some problems faced with my Linea T-Jet

    I own a Nov.2010 linea t-jet+ By now I have done 11,500 km and the overall performance is v ery good.

    I however ,have noticed that the car shows the following problems:
    1) The car makes a see-saw dance at low speeds (Under 20 kmph)
    2) the head-light beams when lit, throw light more on the Right side instead of following the straight
    front line.
    I pointed these problems to the Tata Motors service centre at worli,Mumbai in the first and second service but they are not able to do any correction.

    How do I get these problems resolved?
  2. Jotinder

    Jotinder Regolare

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    Can you please elaborate more on see-saw dance part. As far as headlight problem is concerned, it can be easily fixed. You just need to push your SA to get it fixed.
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  3. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    #1 could it be due to the lugging ? Try to short-shift the gear and see how it feels.

    Hae you done the wheel alignment and balancing ?

    Thank you
  4. The see saw dance is basically because of the slightly softer suspension setup used by Fiat. Add to that the weight of the vehicle, around 1.2 tons if i'm not wrong. So when you drive on potholed roads the car has a tendency to sway from one side to the other unlike the Palio.

    If you are facing the problem on flat surfaces as well then you need to get the car checked as well as the alignment and balancing of the wheels.
  5. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Cause of see-saw dance is defective coil spring or defective sturts.

    Damping rate of front & rear suspension coil / sturt is kept to differant to get ride comfort.

    When this damping rate of front or rear suspension is disturbed, car starts to bounce. This bouncing (see-saw) effect is called " Dozzling".

    My former 75 bhp was facing same problem
    I changed front sturts. Problem solved
  6. arunk


    Hi All,

    Feels nice to see many replies to my post. But the issue of steel plate touching the ground is still there. How much ever I'm careful when i see a speed breaker and pot holes and trying to get through it, it still get scratched. I'm planning to take it to the TASS to see whats wrong. Also there are few minor issues like water sprayer not working, rear door glasses not completely getting down are there.

    Any suggestions on which TASS i can look for in Chennai.Any contacts would be helpful. My vehicle is yet to have its 1st service.

  7. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3

    Punto rear glass wont go completely down is built for that kind only.for GC yeah need to be carefull while driving over speed breakers...
  8. arunk



    Interesting point made by Ganges . Is it that all Punto versions comes like that. If so any particular reason?

    Arun K
  9. shams

    shams Esperto

    how many kms has your car run. check for any uneven wear of tyres. it may not be visible though if it hasnt run much. get your car's wheel alignment and balancing checked.
    A friends punto had this problem with which he ran approx 15k kms after which he had to change the tyres. in the initial days the only observable problem was slightly low fuel efficiency and low gc. only on aproaching 15k, tyre wear became visible and steering became slightly hard and it used to vibrate at slightly high speeds.

    All this was only due to alignment and balancing
    The shape of rear door is such that full glass cannot go inside it without having a quarter glass.
    I would any day accept the glass not going inside fully rather than having an ugly looking quarter glass over there and spoil the looks.
  10. arunk



    Shams - My car is nearing 4000kms and due for service in another month or so. I did checked the wear of the tyres and as you said i couldn't able to observe anything weird. Do you think its better to have the wheel alignment checked since the 1st service does that and its a month more for it.

    Arun K

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