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Minor Issues - Others

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gururajanv, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Lets divide the scenarios into Highway and City and then analyse.

    On highway runs , the general pattern of driving demands maximum from the turbo and the engine. Hence , the turbo gets pretty worked up.
    Now, turning it off instantly after a highway run is very bad practice and hence atleast a minute's idling is required . Mind you , a minute is the bare minimum.

    The time duration for which you have to idle is directly proportional to how hard you have been driving.

    Another commonly accepted way to avoid the minute or two's idling is - To drive sedately before reaching your destination / your intermediate stop. Although the distance for which you got to drive sedately is a topic for discussion , 2-3 kms is safe . That means , drive "off boost" ,i.e. at rpm's where the turbo does not start making boost till you reach the destination/intermediate stop. By this way , when you reach, ~30 secs of idling should do the trick.

    I personally prefer the 1-2 minute idling before shutdown and follow it religiously.


    City driving provides us the opportunity to drive off boost, generally . By driving off boost we can expect better kmpl figures as well as lower temperatures at the turbo.

    Here again , both the above methods can be employed. But the idling method is the one which i would vote for everytime. That is when the Exhaust Gas Temperatures drop is high resulting in cooling of the turbo.

    Turbos can last lakhs of km's when cared for. If not then even 50,000 km's of poor driving practices can kill it.
    Whenever you see a turbo car emitting blue smoke , fried turbo seals are a probable cause. Due to improper driving practices.

    And lastly , if you find idling the engine for a minute or two as rather long , i suggest you google Turbo Timer . It keeps the car running for a pre set period of time. Upon reaching the destination , you can simply remove the key , lock the car and move. The Turbo Timer will switch the engine off only after the pre-set duration of time.

  2. anna5563


    A small issue

    Hi friends,,

    I am facing a small wierd issue in my linea e pack MJD. Its a May2010 model and has run a problem free 21000 kilometres. from the past 3 days, at times it refuses to start occasionally. when i turn the key, only a click can be heard and then absolute silence. it starts after 5 or 6 tries. doesnt seem like a battery problem, as when ever it cranks, the vehicle starts instantaneously. Pls advice
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Hey anna. Firstly welcome and post an introduction about yourself in the new members area.

    The problem as you've told is of the solenoid of the starter motor. Loose contacts can cause a similar problem too.
    Get it checked at the service centre.

  4. anna5563


    Thanks a lot for your reply gurjinder..

    i will post an intro about myself in a short while :p.
    I am taking it to service centre tomorrow morning itself. hopefully they can sort it out. Any sure fire method to identify the issue as such?? Am quite worried as i i travel a lot and my linea is my only steed. Anything else which i should be aware about before taking it to the service centre??

    Thanks again friend..
  5. that means do we have to put it in the turbo zone only in the inclines?
    what if the rpm drops to 1600 in the mjd?
    wont it pick up like on the normal roads?
  6. It will but takes time for the engine to pick up revs.
  7. but then when i was coming towards your place when i was going up the road i felt there was no problem.
    i was in 16xx rpm.
    did not upshift though unlike other wise. which i generally do
  8. I am sorry I did not quite understand what you r saying. My Hinglish is very rustic
  9. i was in 16xx rpm but did not feel that turbo was needed.
    i tapped the accelerator like normal and whoosh it went over that inclined roads.
    normally i upshift at 1600-1700 rpm unless i am overtaking
  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It depends upon the angle of the incline. In MJD, you can do well even at 15xx in hills. BUT, with steep inclines, even 1700 might feel just manageable in higher gears.

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