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Minor Issues - Interiors

Discussion in 'Interiors' started by Girish, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I guess you guys are talking about the "parking lights" indicator light. That one has a green color and comes on when parking lights are turned on.
  2. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    yes YB I am guessing the same... as the green iindicator specifies parking lights

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  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore


    The LED marked in RED is being discussed. And you are right about the parking lights.

    PS: This is some random pic i grabbed from the Internet.
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  4. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    so the question now is did u check the parking light??

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  5. Yes i am talking about that green indicator highlighted in red circle in above posted picture . And Yes parking lights are working fine..

    To switch on the headlights we rotate the knob in upward direction . knob first halts at a position and in this position parking lightes ( small bulbs in the headlights) glow along with the green indicator in dashboard console. When we further move the knob upward in the nex halt main headlights glow and parking lights siwthced off but still the green indicator remains on . This i was observaing from last 2 years.

    But Now everthing is working fine except that green indicator which is not glowing at all.

    Highbeam indicator is different ( blue colour) and is working fine and i am not talking about that .
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Re: Headlight indicator in dashboard console is not working

    You are right expect for this. The parking lamps remain on even when headlamps are switched on. Should be a defect in your instrument console, get it replaced under warranty.
  7. sine04

    sine04 Regolare

    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Fiat Enthusiast
    Dashboard Glare - Tips and tricks to negate it.

    The windscreen in our cars ( Punto and Linea ) are steeply-raked. Although this provides excellent all-round visibilty, the problem of dashboard glare is phenomenally increased. This is all the more true in the case of a freshly polished dashboard.
    Personally, I wear a polarised sunglass to avoid the glare. But I'm curious to know how fellow Fiat-ians deal with this issue.
    Please share your workarounds to this problem.
  8. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

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  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Do not use that cheap polish at FASS and never polish dashboard.

    I clean all interiors of the car using VIM dishwash gel and it works well. If you want there are Meguires products also available for matt finish.
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I just wipe it with a moist cloth and it stays okay, no reflections. Never felt the need to use any polish etc. The issue starts when the car cleaner guys/ wash stations use the cheap glossy wax on the dashboard. The matte polish as stated by Rajan is another viable option.

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