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Minor Issues - Engine

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ysapre, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Having 20.7 kgm of Torque, highly not possible, I drive a 76ps Punto with just 19.7 kgm of Torque and even though I agree it does not push hard but the pick up is the strenght, 1 can easily tell a difference b/w a Punto & a Swift, even though both have the same engine, but the Torque speaks for itself.

    @TahaFaizan, the possible reason might me either a Cold Engine so to avoid that please run your car ideal atleast for 60 sec before and after a trip and also try to avoid switching the AC when the Engine is cold and also when you have to pull up from a steep accent ...
    I know 93ps is not a performer but the strenght is its Torque, your 1st service is due for 5k mark, why don't you ask the FASS guys to check the Clutch by giving an complaint about the pick up, they will take a test drive and see for themself...

    For a scratch claiming insurance really makes no sense, you can approach 3M stores, they keep a stock of Scratch-out, which removed good amount of Stratches from the car, Even I have a H.P,Black and I know the pain of maintaining it, but claiming insurance would mean even though you have a B2B protection, you would still have to pay the minimum charges + you would loose on claim value the next time so you can avoid claiming.
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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I agree with Anup, on 1st gear, car getting halting is highly unlikely.
    Keep an eye on performance of car on normal drive, if you feel any issue with power missing as such, do get it checked once.
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  3. TahaFaizan

    TahaFaizan Timido

    Thanks DRIV3R. I had my wife and kid accompanying with AC on (Full Auto mode).

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    Thanks Ravi.

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    Thanks Anup. Yes, the AC was on on and in full auto mode. It was a pretty hot day and the engine was off for around 2 hours, so dont think temperature would be an issue. But made a note on switching off AC on climb and would follow next time.

    The future generali folks had said me that i have NCB protection for 3 claims. I will get the paint quote and based on that can take a call. Do you know how much it cost generally? And how is the paint experience? like it gels well with the existing color? Mine is Tuscon wine. Thanks for replying.
  4. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Well buddy, I drive both, so I know what am talking.

    Ever driven a 90HP/Linea with AC on full blast on an incline? I have, multiple times and this is what exactly would happen. The car just wouldn't budge.

    The 75 has much much lesser lag and is peppier and more FTD within city limits.

    @Taha: So, this is it, just as I suspected, it is perfectly normal for the 90HP mill. Next time around, turn off the ACC and gain momentum before you hit the incline and you should be good.
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  5. sine04

    sine04 Regolare

    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Fiat Enthusiast
    DRIV3R is spot on.
    @Anup- Torque figures aside, just try this.
    Stop your car on a steep incline, place a small obstacle in front of the front tyres, switch on the AC ( not compulsory ) and release the clutch as you normally would ( to be precise, no excessive clutch loading ). There is no way the car would rocket ahead, be it FGT or VGT. 99% percent of the times, the car just won't budge, however hard you rev it.
    This is one true way of appreciating the job the little turbocharger is playing in our cars!

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  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    It is a known fact that putting the AC on strains the turbo charger even on flat roads. So on inclines definitely the effect will be much more. Only solution is to switch the AC off during inclines.

    One thing which puzzles me is why did you make the incline in 1st gear? Was there a car ahead of you? Did it stall midway the incline?

    OT - I remember climbing a mall incline in my earlier Fiesta when the car stalled midway on the incline. Thats the time I learnt the fine nuances of using the handbrake - Clutch/Accelerator syncing on steep climbs.
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Car halting altogether on an incline is a completely different thing compared to a percieved lack of power while tackling inclines.

    As Ravi pointed out, keep an eye on it. It is definitely not normal behaviour.

    While tackling inclines from a standstill , release clutch and give accelerator input accordingly and there will never be any lack of power feel. The ultra short 1st and 2nd gear help in this regard.

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  8. Roadking

    Roadking Amatore

    Bangalore KA
    Quite normal I would say- reason as already discussed is cold engine and Ac running

    Almost all TDI engines have this issue, even the fast revving VW 1.6TDI faces this issue (I own one and face this issue every day even with the AC off and good amount of idling before I take the incline). The only way around this is D-Clutch, if you are riding the clutch you will end up with 0 power at the wheels...

    The torque figures have nothing to do with this scenario, torque figures are achieved while the turbo is/has spooled up to its maximum capacity and during an incline climb the turbo is not in the picture
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  9. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    When enough revs dont built up the necessary torque figure to haul the car weight with/without occupants is under-achieved; working against gravity pulling it's own weight or the GVW requiring more effort than normal.

    Adding futher to your point, during an incline climb if the vehicle is already in adequate motion and the turbo is in picture, the car makes whole lot of positive difference even when full with heavyweight occupants. The Linea if operating in 3rd climbs effortlessly many tedious inclines if the necessary revs (speed) is maintainable depending on traffic; heck it manages that in 4th as well if shifted/timed properly. You can actually sense where the torque helps while driving making oil burners more enjoyable.

    Warming the engine for a minute or two will help marginally but that is only part of the exercise. Accelerating a bit more while playing with slow clutch release/hold for steeper inclines is necessary anyways to avoid stalling. Engine size and tune does matter and in that sense Fiat's 1248cc SDE (small diesel engine) doesn't come to rescue inspite of the fact that diesels have a more linear torque curve that begins at lower rpms moreso on a VGT and falls off at certain higher rpms.

    The older tech, lower powered Siena 1.7td with Garrett FGT when playing with the pump governor produced massive good torque at the lower end to simply glide over inclines without any shortage of breath, even from a standstill position. Ofcourse it's not legal in the strictest sense but nonetheless the power was immediate at the slightest acceleration. And when the Turbo kicked in faster the surge was way too much to handle for a city based driver like myself and reverting back to normal state was a safer bet.

    The point being that higher state at idling too can make a difference on inclines for obvious reasons, though I am not sure if it is advisable that too for weight hauling from zero. With common rail and mapping that should be even lesser a problem to achieve leaving the stock map unaltered to a larger extent for other driving conditions and speed variables.
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  10. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Never faced any issue in pulling linea on steep ramps or steep roads leading to resorts on hills. You need little momentum and if it gets lost you have to use handbrake, clutch and accelerator combo and it goes up without any issue with passengers and AC on, I have seen AC compressor automatically gets cut-off in such situations.
    My linea have seen most of himachal pradesh and nearby hilly areas of uttrakhand etc.
    Either you haven't got used to clutch action of Linea or something is wrong with your clutch pressure plate.
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