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Minimal Grey MJD Emotion

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by obliex, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. anjith100in

    anjith100in Timido

    Obliex, how much distance did your car clock till now? I think my car is also just like yours,less frequently run. Actually i need the forum gurus to help me out here.. Heard a news that fiat linea 1.3 MJD engine has a 'TIMING-CHAIN' problem. One of my distant cousin's linea was taken back and did an engine rebuild once he covered 60,000 km. It was the issue with the timing-Chain. I am not a technical guy and so i am not sure of what all work was done. Only know that the piston,valves, and cylinder head was completely in a bad shape. Same type of problem was reported by a driver of my cousin. I dont think he needs to lie because he was all praising about Fiat UNO and SIENA which he used to drive(previous owners).I dont have much contacts in any showroom. Recently i befriended a service guy and he agreed that there are reports of the 'TIMING-CHAIN' issue. i simply love my linea MJD and i already booked another Punto 90HP. No other car in this price bracket matches its drive ability. Also I am wondering why only fiat cars have this problem when 10X times same engine is doing its work in other cars. Or are they keeping mum? I am very much tensed now. i searched a lot in net about this issue,but couldn't find one.
  2. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare


    i have done more than 70k in my linea and also i have a palio multijet that crossed 85k. they are doing just fine.

    and also i have used a swift vdi for more than 85k kms before selling it.

    the multijet engine has no such problem
  3. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    An Update @38000Kms

    Well lots of things happened between 30000Kms and 38000Kms. It was a real up and down for the past 8000kms.

    1. 32000Kms : Met with an accident on my birthday while we were going out for lunch. A six-seater auto decided to take in more passengers. So he without any warning swerved left. Another six-seater behind him braked. A Santro behind braked and hit the 6-seater. I braked just in time literally stopping couple of inches behind the Santro. But a Punto behind me did not , so I got rear-ended and crashed into Santro ahead of me. Well the good part I could drive 15kms to Pandit auto in Pimpri without the car missing one beat. I was truely impressed by car's structural build. Future Generali sent a surveyor in hours (literally) and my claim approved with my personal expense of 18000 and rest covered under insurance. Radiator replaced, front grill and bumper, side fender, fog lamps , crome replaced. Same case with rear bumper and all fittings on it. Total bill about 78000Rs including labour, painting etc. Car was handed back to me in 7 days flat. Quality of service very good. Only thing they could not repair was boot closure sensor. It irratantly showed boot as open when it was tightly shut.

    2. About 35000kms : One biker decides to watch "walking wonders of the road" rather than the road itself. So rear ended me on a slope while I was going over a speed breaker at 10-20kmph. Took the car to Shetty's garage in Wakad. Cost 5000Rs. Quality of work excellent. Shetty also fixed the boot sensor.

    3. About 36500 kms : During rains wiper decides it had enough and froze as they were in Verticle position. Mind you it was raining cats and dogs in Pune. Took it Pandit Auto. The wiper motor coils were shot so replaced the whole wiper assembly. Cost 6000Rs. Luckily I had extended warranty so Free.

    4. About 10 days later Check engine light comes on . Cleaned the Air filter (it was new had changed it at 32K in accident works) . Light went out temporarily but came back. Moved over to K&N replacement filter. Same thing light went out for a week and once while accelarating hard came back again with loss of power in 2000-3000rpm band with clouds of black smoke. Took it Pandit Auto. Replace the Intercooler to Turbo plumbing hose. All issues sorted. Cost inccured 750Rs . This is not included in extended warranty.

    Now the car is in good shape up and running as it was ... These 4 months have made a mechanic out of me. I bought a ELM327 ODBII scanner and was able to successfully pair it to TorqueLite on Andriod phone. Spent a load of time going through forums of what can be the solutions to CEL coming on.

    Hope it is worth all the efforts.... Fingers crossed...
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  4. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Update at 40100Kms

    Added new Infinity crossover speakers in front and Co-axial speaker at the back . Also added dampening in all four door. Result fantastic .... Total cost 15000Rs includes everything...

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