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Mini ferrari made me feel like a m.schumacher

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by arunbaboo4, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. puneet mehra

    puneet mehra Amatore

    Very Interesting...... Enjoying it everybit... Eagerly waiting for next lap(sound like Forumula -1 racing lap where Arun is driving his ferrari) so please upudate us asap....
  2. arunbaboo4


    It cost me around 5,000-00 only. I got a huge discount from Reliance autozone (discount was 32%).I have not opted for Leather seats(26,000-00) because if some wear and tear happens it feels very bad:eek: :( and we can't change immediately so i opted for PVC one which if we get bored we can change every ones in a year :p


  3. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    I have a feeling that you bought a Punto after recommendations from a TFIian.

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  4. arunbaboo4


    No Shashank nobody recommended me just wait for my last lap
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Enjoyed all your laps. You have uploaded just glimpse of your Punto awaiting for pics from all angles and I liked the rear spoiler (white color).
  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Nice tasteful mods there, the spoiler is not the OEM one though.

    I loved the Sparco pedals, how much did they cost you and were they easy to install?
  7. arunbaboo4


    Thanks DRIV3R
    The Sparco pedals cost me rs1990.00 and i did a DIY in under 10 mins. Just drilled couple of holes on each of the pedals and fixed it.
    The looks is a killer look and look awesome as soon as we open the door.
  8. arunbaboo4



    After the XYLO incident :evilsmile i kept quite for an week, i didn't think any thing about cars simply i was quite.
    Till date i don't know what made me to go for a Xylo:eek::eek:

    As Tony said i was had the two option weather to go with FROG OR FISH (swift or i20).
    So again one fine day i went for test drive. I took I20 and i drove for some distance the drive was good the handling in corner it was not up to the mark again lady SE explained the features but the sportz version itself is very costly with less features and the ABS is optional that made me very sad and one of my friend using VERNA said that Hyundais are costly to maintain.

    So the leftout was only the FROG(swift)
    Some things happen in our life that without willing we have to do somethings and we have to go against our HEART AND SOUL
    So i just zeroed the FROG in my mind and i just calculated somethings about the FROG in my mind and every time i think of the frog DDIS DDIS DDIS just went like a slide show:confused:.What is this DDIS

    Than came a thought just like a lightening in my BRAIN that this BLOODY DDIS engine is a BORROWED (BEGGED) from FIATstable :evilsmile:evilsmile :lol who used to call MULTIJET which was got the award THE ENGINE OF THE YEAR:dancing .
    Within no moment just i came to the decision that what so ever and whom so ever the car which iam going is the GRANDE PUNTO:rage

    Next day i went to the concorde motors, mysore road just i took the quote of the models and one brochure and just i came back without seeing the Punto, why why why.
    The answer for why, you people know the answer guys because this is a car loved by HEART AND SOUL, just i kicked my ASS myself and jumped in AIR
    and scold myself what a BUDDHU iam and i came back. Each and everyone loved the car just seeing on the brochures and the answer from everybody is BIG OK. Just my sister asked that this a rare car which we can see rarely on the road, within next moment my heart said to my sister we can see ONLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ARE RARE ON THE ROAD:lol
    Male members voted for sports colour (ER, BNW, HHB) Female members voted for corporate colours (TW and FTA) Finally the winner is EXOTICA RED :clap
    The model what i was zeroed is MJD emotion, my brother came in and he said (after studying the brochures)this car has got so many features which other cars has not have and we are going for the model which has ALLOYS and BLUE AND ME i.e EMOTION PACK answer i said ok. Next i took my brother to showroom just to show the car how it looks in reality and also to book the car.
    We both went together and we saw the car he loved every INCH and ANGLE of the car and he was even so happy to know that this car is design by the THE CAR DESIGNER OF THE CENTURY. I made a booking for the EXOTICA RED just i paid only rs10,000-00 mean time my brother came and said to me, you just come with me there is a two model which i am bit confused and he didn't forget to ask which is high end version between this two.
    Just i went with him he showed me the two models one was the EMOTION PACK and other EMOTION 90HP and i explained the difference between the two models and tried him to remind the 90HP ad (you guys remember) next his answer was we are going for 90HP and i changed the booking to 90HP immediately after just finishing the booking we came back to home on the way my brother (he is not much interested in cars and bikes but he is an ARTIST he can do good paintings,drawings) was just simply started himself pricing the car oh man i was amazed to see this situation and hear some things about the car from his mouth. Man this night i got a very good sleep but, next one month i could not have good sleep because you guys know the reason behind the thing ( one month delivery time)
    One day SA called me and said just come to the showroom and see the car, your car has arrived. I took my DAD with me for pdi. We went to the show room i took my DAD with me to help me in PDI but when i was checking the car i just saw here and there for him but he was no where there i was bit worried and went to search for him, because we were some where in first floor behind the showroom.Searching him i came to the show room and i saw my dad, he was silently standing in front of the car guess which car, in that N numbers of TATA cars he was standing in front of the another show stopper THE LINEA:dance :dance. He quitely said why can't we go for this car see how wonderfull it is, now it is really my turn to go for KOMAA, because the same reason, he is also not a car lover but he is also praising.But i expalined him that the lenghth of our garage is small to fit this car. Everybody hates FIAT or reject FIAT but in my family everybody went with there HEART AND SOLE not with as usual WHY FIAT have you seen this type of FAMILY (FIAT FAMILY)

    ON DEC 16th 2011 we got the delivery of the MINI FERRARI
    It was a podium finish with FIRST, SECOND and THIRD:rage :lol:dancing:dancing:wow:wow is me with no other contenders






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  9. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Man, I must say your Final lap was superly animated. Good write up :clap Loved your seat covers too!

    Btw, the letter 'P' in your number plate is superb! Havent cops troubled you for this font ?
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  10. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Enjoyed the Lap Dude.
    Had you been to the Plant visit??. If your Dad and Bro had seen the Bravo and the Alfa, then what to Say.........., Might be you would have started with lap 5
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