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Mini ferrari made me feel like a m.schumacher

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by arunbaboo4, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. arunbaboo4


    LAP - 03

    Oh man it was a really very very very tough LAP - 02 and there starts my LAP - 03

    So my hunts starts for the good car (still now i didn't consider the GP)i looked for the cars which are there in the market which were not in my list and i short listed for two cars and that were Maruti Ritz and Skoda Fabia, i never looked for Toyota Liva man the exterior design of the car is awsome that it really make us to remember some of the hatches designed by FIAT way back in 60s and 70s what a cheap design.

    I went for a Skoda showroom and i had a look of the Fabia, (external design i was not impressed by it when it was launched itself) but we want a car so i went, the interior was beige and cockpit was also not impressed me and the rear gear,should push further towards first gear which are similar in buses and trucks.
    The looks of the Fabia, Beige interiors( the initial car was also beige interiors) and cockpit it doesn't impressed me and the same engine TDI from Volkswagen POLO made me reject the car and even i didn't test drive the car (the SA forced me to take a test drive). The price also costly for only fewer features.

    Next comes the Ritz ( the car rejected by many indians because nobody knows who has kicked his ASS)
    I felt it was a good nice look car from some angles and from the back we don't have any words to explain, the interiors are good i have impressed by the plastic quality and textured used in the dashed board, it was a tall boy design which makes easy for ingress and exgress.
    But has i mention earlier we want a car which should be bigger than our previous car (Indica Xeta), this make me to step back from Ritz and also so many indians were laughed seeing the design of the Rirz when it was launched if we bought same car that too in India you people know what wil happen, so even Ritz was also not ok than what next.

    One day i saw the newspaper in which a good offer was given on a car and i checked the offer it was quite good and it was a diesel car and it was a FORD FIESTA( classic)
    One fine day sunday i went for a near by showroom for a test drive, i drove the car the power was poor the quality interiors was not up to the mark and they already launched the new Fiesta we don't know when they discontinue this model and its a car with a boot which we are not looking for so it was not for us.

    So what next if i go like this i couldn't complete my race, so i decided to finish my race in four or five laps

    Next comes lap - 04



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  2. Waiting for next Lap, Seat cover looks classy and unique...
  3. arunbaboo4


    True automobiles lovers no the true value of the swift:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks and the seat cover are OVION make

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Hai raj having a PUNTO 90HP our start should be very great :evil:
  4. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Hi Arun.. welcome to TFI... and congrats on ur ride...
    nice intro....

    i'm quite surprised that all ur family members said no to swift.. '(its a froggggggggg)'wow..very interesting family
    and interiors of the 120 was not liked... wow.. for both these reasons, ur family very unique in my eyes..

    Loved ur mom only request abt the car.. and ur statement...'WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE GO FOR A FERRARI IT HAVE ALL THE CHARACTERSTICS WHICH YOU ARE LOOKING FOR'

    In short.. i like ur family...
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  5. arunbaboo4


    Thanks Thomman :dance :dance
  6. Hi Arun,

    Hearty congrats on the ownership of the Ferrari. :)

    I simply loved your mother's concept on choosing a car - "the car which we are going for should fewer on the road, now a days we are seeing so many INDICAS AND SWIFT on the roads its boring to see them" :up

    Glued to this thread.
  7. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Froggggg :- i feel Chevy Beat :)

    Conratsz for your ride and read all your laps... :)

    Unless and untill you remap or tune your car, though being an 90 HP till then our indian Punto will be a lazy bulll (or sometimes like kungfu panda) for the rallies .... :D
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  8. arunbaboo4



    LAP - 04

    Oh man we indians can easily find a girl for us but not a good Bike or a Car

    So simply i finalised myself that iam going for SWIFT or I20 ( i didn't told this to anybody in my family) but but but but but still still still still my HEART and SOUL is still not satisfy.
    Simply i just calculated myself that which car is best amongst them, everybody said Maruthi and some fellows said Hyundais are costly for maintainance but i decided to take a test drive of I20 but not SWIFT ( BECAUSE WHEN WE ARE GOING FOR MARUTI WHY THE TEST DRIVE )

    But one day unbileavable has happen ( Guys what you are thinking is absolutly wrong)

    That is one day i saw some ad in newspaper regarding big discounts on MAHINDRA XYLO yes you read the right XYLO (hahahahahahahahaha) within no time i went to the showroom and i spoked to the lady SE ( to my fortune she was the same lady who was in TATA motors when we purchased INDICA XETA) she explained me the discounts and even within no time she managed to give a good price for our old XETA for exchange totally the package was very very good and she didn't forget me to told that for some reason the discounts will be closed within next day you have to make the full payment to get the discounts (because of some price hike in MAHINDRA that to twice in that year) but i asked her no its a year ending so in order to getting the booking you people are lying to me, but she said no sir even who have made booking of the car we have send them the notice that if you people make the full payment before on the mention date you people are eligible for the discounts otherwise no she even showed me the letters which they are supposed to mail speed post.Oh man iwent immediately to the ATM and bought 10,000-00 and booked the vehicle (without telling to my family members). Next i called my BROTHER INLAW to come to the showroom. After two hours he came and asked me whats the matter i just showed him the XYLO and asked him to test drive he just went for a drive and he was quite happy and he came towards me, i asked him how was the ride, he told its a good ride the handling was good and its very spacious than INNOVA, and he didn't forgot to ask who is going to buy this car and he was very shocked just hearing the answer we are purchasing this car (there was no word from that side). I went home i explained every thing to the family members they were also very shock to here that i have zeroed the XYLO(even there was no word from that side). My dad asked me one question is that your XYLO fits in our garage, silence from my side ( because i know the reality NO). I told to my DAD that the next day itself we have to make the payment and iam taking the DD ( there was nothing from that side) in the mean time my Brother inlaw went to his home and explained the thing to my SISTER and she was shocked hearing that we are going for XYLO and she called to MOM and asked what things are going on, MOM said i don't no.
    Next morning i went to the bank and took the DD for the amount what SE has mentioned and went to the showroom and i finished the PAPER works and i came back.

    I finished the dinner and i went for a sleep oh man it was not a night that usually i used sleep i don't know what happen to me there was something is going in my mind but i can't realise what it is it was 10.00 pm, 11.00,12.00...........and it is 3.00 am early in the morning i have not slept still i couldn't realise whats happening and for what immediately i came out of my bedroom and started to recall wants happenend on that day and it was the BIG XYLO went across my mind hoi laa my HEART AND SOUL immediately stopped there and they kicked my ass and told me that IDIOT what the car your going for nobody in your family has showed interested in this car and they no need, they need something CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE CAR they given the responsibility to you and what you have done i wish i F********K YOU. I thought that this shit thing took my sleep and i gave big thanks to my HEART AND SOUL than i went back to sleep and i had only 2 to 3 hrs sleep you people wont believe that i wake up in the morning at 7.00 am and the first thing i did is you people BELIEVE IT OR NOT just called that SE and told her not to proceed anything or any paper work, I WANT TO CANCEL MY BOOKING, silence from that side than after some sec she told me that we are already done the paper works of your car we can't cancel the booking because we have already registered your vehicle ( last day i just handovered the DD to that lady in the evening 4.30pm only how come govt office works after 4.00 pm that to in india and that too RTO) I told her that i am coming to your showroom at 11.00 am the DD what i have given to you, you should give back to me and i know Govt office timings JUST I WANT MY DD BACK once again it was a silent from that side and than ok sir pls come and collect your DD.

    And finally i stood for this (So simply i finalised myself that iam going for SWIFT or I20)






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  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    ohhh, You had really shocked me, Cancelling the xylo at the 11th hour and heading towards Frog and Fish,
    Now i am curious for the Next Lap. How did the Italian Know your heart....
  10. Waiting for the final installment...btw how much did the seat covers from ovion cost you? Can you post a few more pics of the seat covers..

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