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Mileage of Fiat Avventuta 93 Hp 209 NM Torque

Discussion in 'Technical' started by car_champ, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. car_champ

    car_champ Timido

    @oxom, congratulations on booking avventura. On mileage aspects, I would say don't worry. While Fiat doesn't makes tall claims on high mileage, their vehicles give best of the both worlds. Recently I have done 2500 KM round road trip from Pune to Ooty. My speed varied between 80 to 120 KM/h depending on road and traffic conditions. I have got 22KM/l from my 90 HP Punto Sportz. I think its fairly good and to top it.....it was a cruise...beautiful and very nice...which one can't experience in tins made by Japs and Koreans. Current odo reading of my punto is 19500 KM's.

    Go for it....
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