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Mileage of Fiat Avventuta 93 Hp 209 NM Torque

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by oxom, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. oxom

    oxom Novizio

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Dear folks this is going to be my first post as i have just joined your exciting and informative forum. Recently i had booked hyundai i20 sports crdi but now after taking a test drive of the avventura i was bowled by its looks and most importantly the way the car handles. This car would be used primarily by my dad who has retired and hence i wanted to know its mileage before i make my final decision to cancel my booking and book this beautiful hatch. Infact this is the best looking hatch that is present in the current market. It would be very nice if the members who own avventura diesel could share his mileage figures in city and highway with both ac and without ac.
  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hi @oxom , a pleasure to have you here on the forum, not just the best but the only one of its kind.

    Mefeels you could expect a minimum of 14/15km/l in city traffic, with AC and say 18-22 or even more km/l on highways: this mjd engine's really a great harmonic mix of power, torque, efficiency, refinement and reliability/durability. Of course, much depends on actual road, traffic conditions, amount of hill incline driving, and of course driving style. Driving it like it should be: mileage is not even the slightest issue with this engine on the Avventura/Punto Evo/Linea.

    cheers, let us know how things proceed, will you?
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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    +1 to @prabhjot . The mileage he mentioned is the average one can get from Avventura. Frankly people buy Avventura for all other reasons other than mileage. If you are more interested in fuel efficiency, then I suggest stick to Japanes or the Koreans who are known to tune the engine for getting the maximum out of every drop of fuel.

    Avventura should be bought for it build & ride quality, handling, looks, features etc. Mileage will be last on the mind. But its still better.
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  4. oxom

    oxom Novizio

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @prabhjot thanks for sharing your views i really appreciate it. @ghodlur you are correct to a certain extent but practicality too is very important. Just see the nos of linea tjet vs linea multijet. That says it all. Anyways all i wanted to know what kind of real world mileage can i expect since here quite a few of the members have bought this beautiful hatchback. Do you own too an avventura? In a day or two i will cancel my i20 booking once i get an idea about the mileage figures. Dear folks who owns this beautiful diesel avventura plz share your mileage figures. also i would like to know that the arai certified mileage is it city or highway mileage.
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  5. Sujit508

    Sujit508 Regolare

    Bangalore , Karnataka
    Retro / Classic FIAT

    ON Paper i.e. ARAI the difference between the i20 and Avventura may be -2 kms.
    In Real World the difference is much lesser. May be -1km or +1km. The koreans and Japs have mastered the ARAI testing pattern. But in Real World you get similar mileage for a similar class of car.

    Please look around the forum, there is a separate thread on the Fuel efficiency of Fiat cars. Agreed not many Avventura posts in that thread as it is New. But Me feels it will give the same reading or slightly better FE than the Linea Multjet 2014, as it uses the same engine and slightly better tuning.

    Having said that, the Mileage increases if you drive around 80-90 km on highway.. I got 26kmpl over a distance of 750 kms when driven sedately. (read 80 - 90 kmph ).
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  6. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @oxom I have got a mileage of 15 km/l over a period of 11 months having driven 17.2 K kms on a 90 HP Grande Punto.

    I keep stats of each expenditure on my car including service, diesel,accessories, toll and parking. So be assured that my figures are based on tankful method till date and is highly accurate.

    I am not a sedate driver and most of drive is on highways(70:30 ratio). I have recorded a maximum of 21.3 km/l driving sedately with an average speed of around 75 km/h. Be assured if you drive this car sedately this car can give mileage upwards of 23 km/l.

    On the same note I would also like to add that I have achieved mileage as low as 11.2 km/l with some spirited driving for about 200 kms.

    I guess you got my point this is one car which can give you the best of both worlds.Mileage for the "Kitna Deti Hai Types" and speed, brillaint drive dynamics and supple ride quality for the "Corner Cravers Types".
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  7. oxom

    oxom Novizio

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thanks folks for your early replies to my query. With due permission of the forum admn may i tag the avventura owners to get the first hand information as to what they are currently achieving a mileage off.
  8. Mabams1826

    Mabams1826 Amatore

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @oxom I own a linea and not Aavy.You had mentioned that your retired dad is going to drive the vehicle but not mentioned how much he will be doing in a month.
    Let's take it as 1500Pm.
    For I20 it would be 83 lit per month for 18kmpl.
    If its Aavy then 100 lits per month for 15kmpl.
    A fuel difference of 17 lits.At current price 850(depends upon where you are residing)
    Pls note I have assumed highest slab for monthly run km and I20 mileage.
    You end up spending 10k more in year.

    Come on! oxom when you are spending close to million bucks, this is peanuts and don't forget the additional safety, driving pleasure and a unique and unquestionable Pride of owning a true car.
    Don't go with the heard.
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  9. oxom

    oxom Novizio

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @Mabams1826 i am from assam basically but my dad makes frequent trips to a hill station called Shillong which is around 100 kms from guwahati. Here the price of diesel is around Rs 48 and petrol around 59. Our average running is around 1400-1600 kms per month month on an average.I agree to your statement about the sheer pleasure of driving this avventura and the looks that it has got. My problem came because i have a swift for myself 2010 K-series engine and it consumes fuel and doesn't have that power too though in paper it sounds nice 86 BHP but then again also the pick up at low end of the car is very poor and we feel is especially when driving in hills. To extract the juice you need to rev very hard and its not possible always and sadly the fuel efficeny suffers. Once when i had to drive 350 kms back to back same day within a period of 9 hours and i maintained a speed in excess of 100 kmph always and at most times in excess of 130 kmph. My mileage was around 13kmpl but what i have observed that diesel cars inspite of high speed sips less fuel. For me the ideal highway speed is between 90-110 kmph in assam roads.So can i expect a FE of around 19-20 kmpl if i maintian speeds in the range of 80-110 kmph or is it too much to expect. But sadly i haven't yet got any response from avventura owners :(
  10. Whencut86

    Whencut86 Amatore

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @oxom Your post answers your question. Father driving frequently to Shillong in highways. So more than mileage, importance for safety, ride and handling and stability at high speeds in what you need in a car. Just buy the Avventura or Punto diesel.
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