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MID, B&M Unit, Brake Light pedal -

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by teja, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. teja

    teja Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    couple of issues in my punto 1.3 (out of warranty)

    MID, and brake plug issues came up when it was given to 3M for cleaning. I was away for couple of months, and asked a friend to get the car cleaned at 3M. Couldn't blame 3M bcoz of the time elapsed by when I returned and observed the issue.

    MID not working -
    speedometer, rpm, temp guage, fuel indicator all are working fine. but the lcd isn't working.
    took it to outside garage, they cdn't fix it. is this a common problem with punto/linea? I tried Kurla market for a used lcd screen, but wasn't lucky. new cluster will be ~15k
    is it possible to get the lcd screen separately. kurla market shop keepers said it's a common issue with fiat, i checked the forum, found 2 cases reported, both replaced under warranty.

    Brake plug holder broken
    when you push the brake lever down, it actuates the brake plug (which is housed in the broken part in picture), and the rear brake lights glow.
    now the holder is broken, and RSA suggested replacement of entire unit, i guess cost with labor will be ~15k
    i think the warning light is due to brake plug issue.
    can this be fixed without replacement? unfortunately, i don't have the broken part with me.
    can't ignore this problem, vehicles coming from rear won't know when i apply brake, so i keep my eyes glued to rear mirror mostly

    B&M Unit
    this issue cropped up immediately after coming back from RS motors. Went for the fiat checkups, it was working fine, took the car same day, and observed i cdn't make any calls. Went to RSA, they denied it happened due to them. they checked and suggested replacing the unit. i took the board to folks who repair laptop circuit boards, and they said there is no issue with the circuit (tats based on the voltage they see when different points are connected to a multi-meter), but if it isn't working, it could be due to the chips.
    is there a way to check if the board is faulty? is it possible to source the board from outside

    Looking for pocket friendly solutions fr all 3 issues above.

    also, can anyone suggest spray paint brand for bossa nova white, need to cover couple of scratches.

    IMG_20160401_171207.jpg IMG_20150903_1212581.jpg IMG_20160403_104816.jpg
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 5, 2016 ---
    off topic. when i was away for few months, the car was with a friend, parked on the road during the bombay monsoons. when i came back,

    wind screen was broken (coconut fell the day before i returned). got a cheaper quote from windshield experts in goregaon. their service was quick and good, but they re-used the rubber strip which i didn't like. total damage ~5.6k. RSA quoted 9k initially, and came down to 7k.

    when i was going up a flyover near my office, low battery indicator came up suddenly, and all warning lights glowed. immediately switched off the AC, luckily reached till office, but the car stalled when i was trying to park. suspected it was an issue with battery and called batmobile in the evening, they jump started, and took it to fass immediately, they diagnosed the alternator is failing to charge the battery, and suggested a replacement (~14k with labor). the pulley in the alternator is faulty, and they said it's difficult to source it. i asked for sometime, and got the alternator fixed at Best Auto Electric works in Opera House - new pulley for 1.7k, best auto electric took 500 as their charges.

    learning about the alternator - faulty alternator can be due to the issue with pulley(1.7k for new), or something called a cutout, this has a circuit on it (~1.4k) or may be due to the wiring
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  2. prash

    prash Timido

    Hi, yes the LCD problem is common. Even i am facing and would want an easy solution to it. Even my lcd doesn't work. Please let me know if you have found a solution for that.

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