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Metal heads

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by ancientmariner, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Hey guys me too lissens such kinda music.My stick carries stone temple pilots,pink floyd,alter bridge,creed,rhcp,hinder,HIM,A(band from UK),Aerosmith,saliva,sonata arctica,celesty,gnr,moonspell,iron maiden,puddle of mudd,RATM,skid row,staind ..much more.My mom n sis get irritated wen i play all such stuff.I dunt allow dem to plug in deir stick which contains hindi songs ::D cuz dey do not know how to operate blue n me ::V

    I do lissen to black metal but i aint no fan of it either.Like children of bodom,emperor,dimmu borgir,meshuggah...loadsa more :mrgreen:

    I guess Linea's ICE does handle dis well but needs sum tweaking for bass.Im happy but i plan to upgrade to better speakers keeping the stock HU as i dont wanna loose blue n me ::D
  2. paulduminy


    The metal heads truely are the stupidest group of people to pick a fight with. Metal can be broken down into sub-genre such as Power Metal, Death Metal, and much more.
  3. vinz


    \m/ im a metal head! i have loads of heavy metal nos of the past. only listen 2 dem.keep it rockin! usually blast it wen im alone in car!
  4. Haven't ventured into 'children of bodom', 'slayer' etc but yea whenever I drive alone, Maiden rules the rooost :)

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