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MEP Infrastructure starts online monthly toll payment for Mumbai entry points

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by ghodlur, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    As known to all there are 5 entry points to Mumbai at Mulund East, Mulund West, Dahisar, Vashi and Airoli and all these entry points are tolled and operated by MEP infrastructure. The monthly pass for a single toll costs Rs 1165 whereas for all 5 entry point tolls its costs Rs 1400/-. It used to be a pain to renew the monthly toll pass as one had to wait in line, have sufficient cash and the process was frustrating as it took a lot of time. Add to that the parking woes at the payment counter. If pass through the toll was not frustrating enough, payment of monthly toll at the counters doubled it. Another issue I used to face particularly at the Mulund toll on Eastern express highway was I could not get back to the monthly pass lane which would require me to cross 5 lanes to get there after I was done the monthly toll payment part. This would scare the shit out of me since the chances of somebody banging into my car was very very high. I am sure I will not be the only one to face this issue, there many have many many people going through this damn rigmarole.

    Every time I used to stand at the counter to pay for the monthly toll, my only repeated question to the staff at the counter was "When the hell is the online payment be introduced". Although they had no answer to that, but things were to improve. First they introduced ETC tag where the RFID sticker is pasted on the windshield and there was a dedicated lane for ETC tag which smoothened the passage through the tolls. But the issue of online payment remained unanswered. Not sitting down with a no, I kept pursuing the matter with MEP and their officials, wrote numerous mails highlighting the need for the online payment options. I guess my perseverance was answered.

    Received an SMS from MEP infrastructure who operate the 5 entry toll of Mumbai that they have started the online renewing of the monthly toll using either Debit or credit card. The link is below:


    1) Enter the car details (The captcha is unique in the sense no more entering the characters).

    2) Select the toll. Note that you will need to have a RFID sticker pasted at the toll before you can choose.

    3) Enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile (again during the ETC tag/RFID sticker process).

    4)Once verified, takes you to the screen where the payment amount and other details are visible. In my case a message flashed that I had already paid for the month of April 2016 and next recharge will be post 25th April 2016. Hence I could not see the Pay option but should be visible after 25th (my guess).

    5) Payment by Credit or debit card or net banking. Details below as seen on the screen.
    After selecting appropriate mode of payment Citrus Pay will charge convenience fee as follows:-

    Debit Card – 0.75% for amount < Rs 2000/- and 1% for amount > Rs 2000/-, Credit Card – 0.9% .

    Net Banking – Rs 5.50/- per transaction.

    (All above mode of payments will attract a service tax of 14.5% on the convenience fee charged by Citrus).
    1) Faster payment process
    2) No need to stand in line at the toll booth
    3) No need to carry cash

    1) Amount charged will be for monthly toll. Any change of routine will result in loss (Eg if only 15 days are expected of travel through the tolls)
    2) The site is not secure. Its not https.

    All in all its a good initiative by the toll operator although everyone loathes to pay the toll and the frustrating times while crossing the toll
  2. Apurva Tiwari

    Apurva Tiwari Timido

    Linea Classic
    Is the monthly pass now valid for the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link too?
  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    You will need to buy monthly pass for that specific toll. I guess it should be available online. Do let us know if you buy and the cost past, experience of buying etc

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