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meet @ DELHI

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Axn, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    That is all I had to post. hope I have covered every ride.

    and ANSAL next time ur Tjet shall be there, I presume. As Karan said earlier the novelity and glamour was missing from our meet.

    BTW oldest car was Linea (April 2009), oldest Punto was mine (July 2009) and newest from Karan Dec 2010.

    so long guys. Till we meet for the next time.
  2. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    sure mate, ill be there next time bu hook or crook. Great Pictures Guys.
  3. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Here are some more captured moment....[attachment=14:90tn99jh]DSC06943.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=13:90tn99jh]DSC06949.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=12:90tn99jh]DSC06951.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=11:90tn99jh]DSC06953.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=10:90tn99jh]DSC06954.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=9:90tn99jh]DSC06955.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=8:90tn99jh]DSC06956.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=7:90tn99jh]DSC06958.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=6:90tn99jh]DSC06967.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=5:90tn99jh]DSC06968.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=4:90tn99jh]DSC06969.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=3:90tn99jh]DSC06970.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=2:90tn99jh]DSC06973.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=1:90tn99jh]DSC06974.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh][attachment=0:90tn99jh]DSC06975.jpg[/attachment:90tn99jh]















  4. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

  5. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Good show guys! I am sorry but I have been inactive on the forum for so long! Would love to meet all of you.
  6. Hey Nitin...GR8 pics and thnx fo uploading :wow ....After looking at Aneesh's 180 km/h rocket, i now realize why Fiat ask for another one lakh for 90 HP :redcar

    @ nkapoor777.. Welcome back on forum... :clapping Would love to see growing numbers of Delhi TFI'ans in our next meet.
  7. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Nitin, Thnx for uploading.

    @Vinay where are ur pics. lets have a look on them too.

    @nkapoor777, lets us all meet once again before the summer sets in.

    @karan whats on grandeur front. Is he coming to Delhi.
  8. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    On Request of AXN a.k.a Vijayant Sir, Posting the Report and Video for future Records.

    Posting the Full Report and The Video Together.

    The Story - "RIDERS ON THE STORM" by Paddleshifter a.k.a Yashik

    February 12th, 2011
    Time: 8:00am

    Well, I have never written a report on such a topic but here is my attempt to highlight the events during the TFI meet in Delhi on 12th Feb 2011

    I land at the ISBT. Got a call from Vijayant sir that he is nearby. Rendezvous at the Metro station was easy as all I had to do was to look for a beautiful car (read-Italian FIAT) amongst n number of normal cars.
    We head straight for India Gate and reach there to find 3 cars standing by the roadside. In the front was an Exotica Red Punto just followed by a White Punto with a clod stare like that of a tiger. The angel eyes with smoked headlamps were clearly giving this car a character from a distance. A Hip-Hop black Punto was parked behind it.
    We park near those cars and were greeted by FIATians (Prashanth, Phew and NKapoor). Soon, other cars (all Punto) started converging from all sides.

    All Punto and no Linea till then.

    The following Punto owners were present:

    Harish (Cubbie) & his better half,
    Prashant Chugh,
    Vijayant Bharadwaj (AXN),
    Jasveer (Phew),
    Nitin Kapoor,
    Yashik Bansal (PaddleShifter),
    Karan Sharma,
    Nitin Kumar,
    Dilip (Dilip_DMK),

    Now, we were waiting for the Linea guys to arrive at the scene. Just then, I saw a car in Sun Beam Beige with big alloys taking a turn to enter the road to the India Gate. This car showed its power as it made a dash towards our group. It was something special. It was a JET with 16 inch FIAT alloys and had lots of bass.
    It crossed us and without doubt, a look at the Man United crest at its rear windscreen confirmed that Ansal has joined the party.

    Moments later, a Flamence Red Linea arrived with 2 guys.

    So the gang was complete: :dancing

    All the Punto guys above+
    Vinay Rathore and his friend (sorry mate but I forgot your name). ::pP

    This is the first time I have attended such a meet. It was awesome. ::T

    PHASE-I (Photo session at India Gate)

    Now, there were 2 attention seeking machines:
    1. Bossa Nova White Punto of Phew- It has smoked headlamps with projectors, angel eyes, smoked area on tail lights, 205/55/R15 tyres.

    2. SSB T-JET of Ansal- I don't want to waste 2 pages for enumerating all the stuff he has added. Visit his 55 page thread to see the details.

    It was already around 9am and the members had lots of discussions regarding various aspects of their cars.
    A photoshoot of the FIATs and TFI members took place and by around 10am, it was decided that the phase-I is over and we need to move to stage-II.
    Stage-I attracted the attention of lots of people (both local+foreign tourist) who were amazed to see so many Fiats parked side by side with a bunch of enthusiastic owners discussing the cars and clicking photos. Most of the part of the road was blocked for photo session. :)

    PHASE-II - FE run to Damdama Lake

    Now, it was time to go to Damdama lake which is around 50-55Km from India Gate. Everyone at the meet was requested to reset either Trip-A or Trip-B of their cars and the idea was to have a FE run competition while going to the lake. ODO readings were noted down and trip meter were reset. Varoon had some work and thus had to bid farewell to others and leave. Vijayant sir volunteered to lead the group and we started out for the lake.

    Its hard to keep T-JET under control and Ansal came out in the front only to enter some other road based on input (for shorter route) from his GPS Navigator of the T-JET.
    Some of us couldn't keep up (lots of traffic+traffic lights) so it was decided that all will assemble just post the Gurgaon toll.

    NKapoor however did not stop at this place and thus we were left with a group of 9 cars. Time to continue the journey and I decided to accompany Ansal and his J-JET. We started at the back as we wanted to make a video of other FIAT cars on the road.

    First surprise. FE of Ansal's car was 17.3kmpl at this point. Excellent figures for the T-JET. :car

    Now, one by one we crossed all other cars while the FE still hovered between 16-17kmpl under moderate acceleration.
    Now, comes the best part of the Stage-II.

    GONE in 10 SECONDS.

    Ansal pressed the accelerator once to overtake a Honda City and the thrill was too much. Watching my excitement, well the FE competition was forgotten and Ansal pressed the accelerator. The T-JET was putting every car to dust and those 10 seconds were like that transporter movie when it touched 100kmph from 0. :mrgreen:

    There was a lot of G-Force to handle and it was making me excited as well as scared. lol, Ansal saw me with folded arms and thought I am feeling cold and set the Automatic climate control to a higher temperature. :lol:
    Nitin Kapoor had not stopped at the Gurgaon toll booth and must have been at least 3-4 Kms ahead of us but the T-JET caught it in no time.
    He further floored the JET and it touched 140kmph in no time only to slow down to traffic ahead.

    Anyways, all of us reached Damdama lake by around 12:30pm-1pm and the winner of the FE run was declared (Thanks to Ansal's jet that I forgot but I think it was Nitin Kapoor). :hit

    STAGE-III - Lunch , Photo session and Visit to the lakeside

    Now, everyone gathered in a resort nearby for lunch and photo session. After a small photo session, all headed down into the resort for lunch (being led by me who had just eaten a burger in the past 14 hours).

    Few of us had beers while 3-4 of us just had Pepsi. Next we had our lunch which was the best part of Stage-III for me (being so hungry).

    After having a good lunch, we headed down to see the lake (or the pond thats called a lake). Vinay Rathore and his friend left left at this point as they had a function to attend to. We walked down on its "beach" to the far end side of the lake where we had lots of fun discussing driving pattern of a few people plus other cars.

    I have never laughed :evilsmile so much before. Special credits to Nitin Kumar, Karan and Jasveer.

    Now, we came back for a cup of tea after which everyone left for their homes. For a good 10-15Kms all the FIATs were together flashing their indicators with headlights and fog lamps glowing in the daytime.

    Man United derby match forced Nitin Kapoor and Ansal to break the formation and sprint ahead while Karan sprinted to follow Ansal's T-JET.

    Vijayant sir dropped me at the ISBT at around 6pm from where I boarded a bus to Chandigarh.

    SPECIAL THANKS: Vijayant sir for picking and dropping me from the airport. Ansal for giving me the feel of the G-forces of a civilian jet.

    BIG THANKS to all the members who came to the meet. Cubbie for starting the meet, Cubbie's better half, NKapoor, Karan Sharma, Vinay Rathore, his friend, Dilip, Prashant, Varoon, Nitin Kumar, Jasveer. Hope I haven't missed anyone.

    The Video - "RIDERS ON THE STORM" by ansal11 a.k.a Ansal

    The Story
    Heres the Riders On the Storm Video. Video Taken While our spy Cameraman was riding on the Jet. So the Picture quality and any shudder are the result of the Turbo Boost Shaking the Earth. ::V

    India Gate and Drive to Damdama Lake


    In-Video. Please watch the full 6.11 mins of the Video.

    The Video.....

    P.S The quality has suffered a bit by uploading to Youtube. I have the best quality one, will share at the next meet.
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  9. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Thnx Ansal.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Great going guys now I am expecting a grande TEAM FIAT INDIA meet. :)

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