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Media player resets on honking, with USB connected

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by askariah, May 21, 2013.

  1. askariah



    I took delivery of a 2012 (Dec) Punto Emotion, last week. The dealership has installed a reverse parking sensor as a complement, which is by far the only modification. I experience two distinct problems, which I am not sure is related or has a common root cause.

    1. When a USB disk is connected to the port, every time I honks, the source automatically switches to FM momentarily and comes back to USB like 30 seconds later. It is effectively like pausing the player and restarting again. The problem doesn't happen if I connect my mp3 player(Philips) or even my phone (HTC Desire HD) as a USB storage device via the port.

    2. With the head lights ON, and the audio volume reduced to minimum, I can hear a small sound from the bottom right (i think) of the dash. This is like the sound of an electrical disturbance coming through a loud speaker, when the source cable touches the ground.

    Would much appreciate any suggestions on the possible cause of this and potential course of action. I took delivery of the car from Kerala and currently staying in Bangalore near Kalyan Nagar/Kammnahalli. If this has to be addressed by a service center, it would be great if you can suggest me which one would be the best place to go!

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  3. askariah


    Not sure if someone's interested in this post or not ;) But for what it's worth, got the problem fixed.
    Went to KHT motors in white-field as advised by a friend who works in Fiat.
    It took them a while to figure out that the problem lied with lack of proper grounding of the horn.
    The service adviser Mr.Bharath was extremely helpful and the person who checked the problem, Mr.Velu also seemed to know his work.
    Bharat even went that extra mile in helping me remove a superficial scratch that the car had.
    Just one critical observation - I could still feel the 'Tata like service quality' inside the service station despite the best effort by Bharat. Even after personally monitoring the cleaning if the insides after the work, I could still find out couple of grease marks on the fabric. But since the main problem got fixed, I left one happy guy.
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