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Me, My Fiat and a Legendary South India Road Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Makshamsheer, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Makshamsheer

    Makshamsheer Timido

    Hello Everyone...

    I take great pride in introducing myself with this Legendary event of my life - - - A Road Trip cutting through 4 states of South India - - - AP, Karnataka, Kerala and TN in my Grand Punto 1.4 Emotion Pack [Petrol]

    I started on 17th From Rajahmundry and ended yesterday 25th Of November - - - with a 4 days stay in Hyd for all prep work and took off again on 21st Nov 5.30 AM - - - and returned on 25th Nov at 8.00 PM with a total trip of 3,250 Kms

    Here how it went:


    Some of the Stats you may find it interesting:


    Here are some of my Moments:

    On my Way - - - I m glad to let everyone know that
    - My Fiat beat up the Fortuners and the SUV 500s on the No Terrain Roads...
    - Had a tough time taking over a Volvo 9400 [Automatic] - Bus; Finally managed to over take @ 140 Kph over a Kilometer draagggg
    - Humiliated a Wagon R again and again till he gave up
    - Countless Livos and Swifts were left behind
    - Punto was in the air for half a sec at a speed bump in Bangalore
    - Top speed clocked 160 Kph
    - Lost to a Skoda Superb
    - Bowed to a Range Roger and let him pass

    If at all u r interested to know more - - - I gotta tonnes of experience I would lovv to share...

    This is for all the Fiaterrss on TFI - - - 3,250 Kms... none other than a Fiaterr can accomplish something like this...

    All Haill - - - Fiaterrss.... The Country's Roads belong to Us.....:evil:

    Best of Western Ghats.jpg

    Clocking 150 Kph on the Dials.JPG

    Country Ends Here.JPG

    Google Latitude Tracking.JPG

    Land, Water, Mountains, Sky and my Punto.JPG

    Me at the End of the World.JPG

    NH7 at its Best.JPG

    The Proud Me, My Punto, NH7 and The Nature.JPG

    This is where NH7 Ends.jpg

    Top of Chikmagulur.JPG
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  2. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Would love to hear more about your experience :)

    Just to spoil your sense of accomplishment, Ravi has done 5000+ kms in his FIAT :p

    You have a long way to go ;)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2012
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  3. I think what he meant was only a fiat'en can do this not him self.
  4. dharmesh


    I have also done 2 trips of 27XX KM in 2012. :D
  5. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    oops! my bad!

    I read it as 'none other Fiaterr can accomplish something like this' where it is 'none other than a Fiaterr can accomplish something like this'

    thanks for pointing it out Sat-Chit-ananda
  6. Makshamsheer

    Makshamsheer Timido

  7. Makshamsheer

    Makshamsheer Timido

    Thass koool ma mannn.....

    You have already ignited the gene inside...

    All Haill - - - Fiaterrss
  8. sungoa2010


    Welcome to TFI. Thanks for sharing such a excellent photos. Which is the ghat section in the last picture.
    Drivers of superb and Volvo might have been appreciating the beauty of punto and after that changed their gears. They are too heavy for our punto hatch:D
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  9. Makshamsheer

    Makshamsheer Timido

    Thank You Senior.... The Ghat in the last pic is about 30 Kms from Chikmagulur drive towards Mangalore - - - Oh Mann.... I just cant forget the way that Volvo took off.... Behemoth Transformer type.... Phew....
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  10. Makshamsheer

    Makshamsheer Timido

    1st Leg - Hyderabad - Gooty - Bellary - Chikmagulur

    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to Cafe Coffee Day - Google Maps

    Start: 21st November - 0530 AM

    To begin with - - - I have been thinking over this trip for quite looong time.... and only now were we able to take off. Initially when we started... we thought of heading straight to Kanyakumari and cover the Western Ghats n come back through Chikmagulur. But a flash of thought crossed - what if the roads are bad we had to call it off - cos I know for sure NH7 is game for any drive.

    Hence, we took a detour from Gooty and headed towards Bellary: Trust me... the moment we got off the Luxury of NH7, we started feeling "The Beginning" of harsh terrain. Road from Gooty to Bellary was just about OK with Chunks of Road mixed with Pot holes and vice versa. My Ground Clearance wasnt just enough - so Punto started taking the Hits and I could feel the pain at ever scratching noise.

    Now comes the worst of all - - - Bellary - Hiriyur: its about 150 Kms and I couldnt get past 40 Kph - I really wondered: Whether I was driving on a Road with Pot Holes or going through Pot Holes with some road here and there. Had to say... I have saved My Punto - the Max I can with the help of the new set of "Yokohama" I got it before we took off.

    The terrain had a combination of both Desert & Farms through Out
    The One below is Some type of Fort near Bellary:

    Sunflower Farm boosted our morale to explore further - What a beauty...
    DSC00830.jpg DSC00839.jpg

    Check the Road we drove through
    DSC00862.jpg DSC00930.jpg

    Nevertheless - The Spirit has been the driving force.... had to take another 100 Kms of the same kind of road between Hiriyur and Kadur; Thanks to the Company I had inside the Cabin and the Blaupunkt blowing the Glory of Bolly & Tolly Woods

    The Sun has set - but we still couldnt reach Chikmagulur untill 8pm 21st November DSC00957.jpg

    Had reached Chikmagulur at around 8 pm - and the Land of Coffee welcomed us with an Expresso shot in a Cafe Coffee Day

    Overnight stay wasnt planned at all at any of the locations - we searched for some hotels on the highway # 64 itself... Found a good one in Chikmagulur - The Planters Court - and thats where we crashed after a hot shower and a beer...

    Thats for the 1st Leg - - - More to come....

    All Haill - - - Fiaterrsss....
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