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Me and my Abarth - Ownership Report

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by theblack, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yes sir as reported I have procured all the materials including filters and wipers. Forgot to mention.
    I am going to Harish as told and no he does not have the scanner but my car would not pass scanning anyway as it's remapped :)

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  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Oil filter will be replaced now during the change but fuel filter was changed about 2000kms ago only under my request so I won't be changing it now.
    Yes I have a clear log of all the parts changed at what time and an Android app to remind me when things need attention

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  3. Please share the details of andriod app,Btw we are missing a Travelogue and new phone review .
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    yes all will be done shortly. Sorry for the delay
    Andriod app : Carango

    Some features of the app
    service schedule reminders
    parts replacement reminders (you need to feed in at what kms you replaced parts and when is the next replacement and it will pop up)
    fuel log
    historical data analysis of fuel/service/ and everything in between.
    Sat, i can show it to you today evening (I've bought the pro version costing about 80rs or so and its amazing)
  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    So just now left my car for the 45,000kms service at Harish of Pride motors.
    Complaints i had,

    1.) left strut is crying foul with a plunk plunk noise over humps (No major damage but under investigation)
    2.) left rear door rattles after the speaker change as those guys had forgotten to replace all the screws
    3.) front under chassis rattles at the engine guard (i think that's the location) when i go over minor ditches.
    4.) All fluid change (PS/Brake/Gear oil/ engine oil/coolant/ anything else)
    5.) Clutch replacement

    I'm sure he is going to come up with many issues here and there and will fix that as well.
    I'm hoping to get the car back tomorrow let's see.

    PS :: Thanks a lot to Sat, for letting me use up his time slot at the service center!! :)
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  6. No problem,any way it is a long weekend.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    45,000kms service done

    In view of my upcoming trip i headed to pride car (Harish) for my 45K service while the odo stood at 42,000kms
    Considering a long weekend i found out that harish was ready to take my car in and the next moment i dropped my car there and stood by her for the whole day looking at the beauty being given a well needed service.

    My complaints,
    Rear left door rattling after speaker installation (a screw was missing)
    some weird noise from front left when i went over ditches (metal - metal contact)
    strut makes a 'plunk' noise over humps

    Normal service:
    Change all fluids
    Check/clean brake drums

    I landed up at Pride cars at 10:30AM on friday and decided to stay there the whole day to see what all would be done.

    Step 1 :
    clutch replacement
    My clutch was perfectly fine (as i found out later) but after having driven a lot of new gen cars and in view of my upcoming trip i was somehow not happy to drive with the old kit so bought a new one from 99RPM and harish set about replacing it .
    That's when we decided to compare the difference between the suzuki's kit and punto's kit and we were in for a surprise.
    the Clutch plate is 100% Same while there is only marginal difference in the pressure plate and the bearings.


    With some juggad i believe we could use the switf's clutch (correct me if wrong). The only reason for this compare was that suzuki's costs 3200 while it costs 4700 for punto.

    Here is a pic of my old VS new plates
    clutch plate.jpg

    Step 2 :
    Replace fluids
    Brake oil : replaced with Motul (theblack's brake oil had gone the black way ;-) )
    Engine oil : replaced with MD-1 ( 2nd time)
    Coolant : Replaced with Motul inguene
    Power steering oil : no replacement
    Gearbox oil : Replaced with Shell Spirax S2

    This is when Harish's showed me the default brake fluids he uses on most cars . Its from a brand called "Golden Crusier" (OEM for Maruthi) .
    What i found interesting was the ratings on golden cruiser as opposed to Motul. Looks like the former has more tollerence than Motul, but since i had already bought motul and i had never heard of Golder cruiser i decided to stick with the known devil. :)


    Step 3 :
    Suspension work
    The moment Harish heard of the strut noise issue he had a solution that he was giving for almost all punto owners and My god what a world of difference it made.

    The whole work involves feeding in a high grade rubber hose through the springs and finishing up with rubber padding at the base of the springs + rubber washers .
    When i took a TD after the work was done believe it or not i felt nearly 85-90% improvement in the suspension and i'm sure FASS would never even think of anything like this citing "Warranty issues" and driving away potential complainers. I will get to the experience later .

    Step 4 :
    General service,
    Brake drums were cleaned, all hose pipes were checked and i had minor coolant leaks at the radiator and inlets. Everything was removed and the clamped up properly with a touch of Anabond for completeness.
    So far i've not observed any leaks, hope it stays that way.

    Step 5:
    wash.jpg wash1.jpg


    Service cost :
    I had sourced all the parts myself except PS oil and Gear oil
    Total cost came - 9460
    Total Service cost - 5380
    Final bill - 14,840

    Service bill break up[TABLE="class: grid, width: 500"]
    Gear oil


    Hose clamps


    Hose pipe


    Service Labor


    clutch overhaul/ lubrication of gearbox


    strut lubrication / piping


    Head lamp assy replacement


    coolant hose sealing / hose



    What was not done and opinions needed
    I tried to source the PS oil but really could not find the recommened one by FIAT or anything better. I was not ready to use the one that he had so that is left untouched.
    I'm looking out for it . Please advice if its needed to change the PS oil and if so which one/what grade?

    Verdict :
    On saturday when the car was delivered to me i took it out for a spin and the most noticable changes were with power delivery becuase of the new clutch and the suspension work.
    Suspension has now become too good. I rarely hear that plunk noise and when i go over a hump i almost feel like the car is lofting over it. It experience can only be felt if anyone drives with this new mod.
    Overall i really felt i spend 5k wisely for the serivce.

    Some point:
    i found that the manul says 7.6Lts of coolant is needed but i have so far only topped up close to 5Lts and i've regularly checked the coolant level to see that its perfect now.
    Hows this possible?
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  8. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Good to know the issues addressed were resolved.
    Niw my ride will go for suspension overhauling next week:D

    @sham is this place will b crowded? Do we need an appointment with Harish?
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    On a weekend it might be crowded but you Cam always call and get the status since Harish is the only guy who looks after all fiats

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  10. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    All in all amazing from Drive Train and Power train.With this you can cross more than two countries border.
    Again hip hop black,your ride is head turner.please update head turner thread :D
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