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Me and my Abarth - Ownership Report

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by theblack, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    When I first joined this forum I didn't pay much attention to the ownership thread and thus I'm doing it now, After completing 30,000kms.

    Buying experience.
    it was at the fall of 2009 that I decided to buy my first car with my own earnings , being all of 23 yrs old I really wanted a smashing car with loads of power , I had no constraints about a hatchback or a sedan . I liked both and i didn't mind picking up either of them.
    I was and still am in love with sedans and i believe that it makes a niche statement for the owner and back then I was in love with the Skoda octavia.
    Went to the skoda showroom near Mantri Mall and just fell in love with it.. Took a TD and i was amazed further.
    Came back home and told my parents that I'm going to be spending 13L for an octavia (Yellow color) and without hesitation my dad opened the main door and said you are free to leave , DONT COME BACK AGAIN.
    I simply shut myself up and shelved the topic of octavia since then :(

    So months rolled by and I started to drift towards hatchbacks as a compromise since I just was not able to find any good looking/driving car , Half year went by and still no answer to my prayers.
    Tested the verna, liked it a lot but again body balance was not very great
    Tested the i20 and found that amazingly the driver can feel that the steering wheel comes out and sits beside him over contineous humps (Scary), and it was foolishly expensive.
    Bit my teeth and entered a Maruthi showroom and saw the Swift , Just saw it and came back with a decision to never buy any Maruthi products in my LIFE.
    Tata was out of the question straight away.

    So there was really nothing i could buy, Now that's not possible is it?
    Then one fine day i saw FIAT banner and thought to myself , this is one brand I've not tried but I had heard a lot of nasty things about fiat in the past.
    However not once did i think that it was going to be a blocker for me since I was ready to go and sit in front of the SC everyday , should that need arise.
    So went to the concorde showroom on Mysore Road and was greeted by the then sales Exec Mr Satish (hope I've got his name right).
    He was one gem of a man to work with and was very very courteous....

    Almost Immediately i was bit by the sedan bug again and one look at the linea was enough for me to go gaga over it. I was caressing it , Yes I really did that.
    Sat inside and didn't like it that much but then I realized this is what Indian markets get and over a period of time these issues will grow on oneself and will be liked , So didn't bother much about it.
    ('09 models plastics were not that great if you guys can recollect).

    So out it was with the Linea, but wait I started to feel that there was a lot of turbo lag (at least to my liking) and the pull was not great at all..
    Chucked it into corners and then i realized what FIAT is all about.
    Did a TD of 30kms on mysore road and went back home ,mildly satisfied but not enough to sign a cheque . (I didn't even TD the Punto)
    Days went by without any progress and one fine day I gave up the idea of sedans and started the Hatchback hunt again.

    So what have I done thus far.
    1.) Swift --- HELL NO ,(why do i have to pay 6L for a car with features as bland as a grandma's wardrobe?)
    2.) Indica -- IS IT A CAR OR A TRUCK ?? (in terms of NVH)
    3.) I20 -- hmm its ok But not worth the money besides steering and turbo where major concerns for city driving...
    4.) Polo -- Didn't TD at all (Dont know if it was even lauched, no regrets though)
    5.) PUNTO -- Hey wait, I didn't even TD this , it ain't fair...

    So off to concorde again , and what awaited in all glory was a red E+ punto which had just finished bathing..
    MY god was it sexy, Immediately i thought to myself if this car handles as good as the linea did then I'm writing a cheque today. That's it. I was not read to listen to anyone or anything.

    Asked Mr Satish to get the key and took it out on Mysore road, Almost immediately I was able to see that the turbo lag was lesser compared to the linea, Put the AC to full speed and stopped the car on an Incline , Chucked it into 2nd gear and depressed the clutch....
    You know what was running in my mind???? <---- Where is my cheque book where is my cheque book ??

    That's it I had then and there decided to buy MY PUNTO.

    Now it was the color, I liked red a lot and my Dad liked it too, Everyone in my family liked Red,
    So i took my dad for the booking and there was a red punto at the showroom which was a bit dirty , that was my first hit, then when we spoke to Satish he took us to the washing bay and I saw a black punto being washed ..
    It came out so clean and neat , its then that I decided to buy the black.
    Hence theBlack becomes theBlack on TFI :)

    I knew it would be a hard color to maintain but i was up for it. I just wanted black at any cost....
    Booked and took delivery of a Black Punto( Emotion) on Dec 16th 2009.

    I was so happy with my first purchase my head was not on earth and it was always flying.. for the first few weeks I washed it daily and even a small creek here and there I got paranoid enough to take it to TASS and get it checked...

    A BLOW
    on Dec 25 me and my Fiancee headed out for dinner in our new beauty to Kamat at Ramanagaram and that's when it happened..
    Due to extra love towards my punto and thanks to another idiot on the road I ended up going over a divider and pretty much wrecked everything under the bonnet except the engine.
    Total dues came up to 1.8L and I paid 50K from my pocket after insurance to get my baby back..
    My car stayed in the SC for nearly 3 months and every day was a pain ..
    Let me wind up this topic right here...

    A new life.
    On march 19th i got by baby back and I could not feel anything wrong at all .. I was so emotional that day and thank god there was absolutely no issues with the car after that...
    Kms started rolling in , my beauty started to eat more and more of the road with a smile and i was happy that after a mishap like this she showed eagerness to make me believe that nothing had gone wrong at all...
    I just smiled and smiled..

    A year went by and without modifications I began to feel that FIAT needs something more and that's when i came across ABARTH mods on this forum and finally got it done against all odds and revolts ;-)
    In 1.5 yrs my punto completed 25k and to commend her I got a remap done from Siddharth to breath some more life into the engine and since then i never feel like I"m driving a diesel .
    Its so smooth so clean and the power is much more accessible..

    1.) Link rod changed at 3000kms (Under warranty)
    2.) Seat belt twisted from DOM , hoping to get it fixed.
    ( Well that's it)

    Mods/changes 1.) Switched from Selenia to Mobil Delvac1
    2.) Abarth stickers on the body
    3.) Abarth Brain inside (ECU remapped)

    Places my Punto has seen
    1.) Mysore (countless times)
    2.) Waynad
    3.) kozikode
    4.) Coorg
    5.) Udupi
    6.) Dandeli
    7.) Goa
    8.) Kanyakumari
    9.) Rameshwaram
    10.) Yercaud

    Final verdict..
    Yes i've faced some problems after owning FIAT , times were there where I could not even get an AIR filter properly.
    I have had to wait for brake pads for nearly 1 month.

    But apart from these minor quibbles I really think FIAT is a great brand to own and the heritage it brings with it is second to none..
    The pure driving pleasure it has given me , the confidence that it instills in me on the highway and the solid body work all make me a calm person inside the car ...
    No anxieties what so ever about the cars...

    in my 2 yrs of owning this car I've started to fall in love with it again...
    My fiancee says that I've begun to spend more and more time with the car and for a 2 yr old car i think its too much.. Just goes to show why FIAT makes you love it day in and day out...
    FIAT finally has given us a timeless masterpiece...
    2 yrs it has been and still there has not been a SINGLE brand which has come out with a car better looking than the punto/linea...

    All in all , I'm a completely satisfied man with my Itialian beauty now and if i buy another car , I just hope FIAT can cater to my needs again...

    PS:: Hopefully its not too long to read ;-)
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  2. sungoa2010


    It was not too long but interesting to read how thered has transformed in to theblack. In fact the narration at 30K filled nostalgia in my mind:D
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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Oh thank you...
  4. Ashpalio

    Ashpalio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Phew, that was long..... simple would be - saw - drove - head spun - bought - enjoying 30k... more to come.. ;)

    dont get angry :)
    Yes, It is always knowing how you acquired your Dot. btw you missed adding the see your face on my theblack Punto, the look is fab, flowing black.
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  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats theblack. Better late than never.

    2 Questions.
    1. Why there is no Yelagiri in the list? :D
    2. I would love to hear more about the ECU remap. Please give some report on this as well.
  6. TB-What a review.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    nicely written Sham! your punto story is very similar to mine!! black colour, accident in the first month, 2.5 - 3 months in Tospital (TASS hospital!) and so on........
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yes our names are similar, stories same same as well
    Just hope nothing bad happens to either of us anymore
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    There are much more similarities. :D

    Both of your name begin with sham.
    Both are living in Bangalore.
    Both are in TFI.
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