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Maruti Suzuki to launch new Swift DZire in February

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by ramjn, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Gurjinder is one wonderful mod guys. It has made me stress-free at least when-ever i post. I know there is always some Fanboy-ism in my post but it shouldn't challenge credibility of inputs. I am also sure that Gurjinder will keep me/us always under-check if/we ever overflow it & start sound ridiculous to people.TFI is a much open community to ideas/critics/appraisals, that would be unfair i guess if we go all out for fiat.
    Obviously we will loose our credibility with too much fanboy-ism. Think about a guy on the border who just comes at TFI to know what is this about fiat that keep them passionate. Too much bashing of other products will take us no where & there won't be any difference among us & other's fellows who are supporting their buy.

    @Gurjinder, Thanks for correction again & remember, you are suppose to correct the mistakes so pls keep it up:p!
    but also realize the fact without a bit of fanboy-ism, there can't be a true FIAT FAN.
    I would advise all off topic posts to relevant etiquette-thread (including this one) & let's continue our discussion on Dezire.
  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    A hatch with boot is still a hatch with a boot and cannot be called a sedan. We now have a hatch with a chopped-off boot and still want to be called an entry-level sedan. We are experts at inventing things out of thin air and then redefine industry standards based on that!
  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    You can remove Tata from the line up there. Indica is much safer car than any Maruti any day especially the old one. The only crash tested car of it's time other than Palio in 1998 sold in India. Hyundai car becomes safer when they cost higher, but if you talk about budget cars security, Maruti/Hyundai are equally hopeless.

    170-180?? Since we are talking about Dezire here, Are you sure that new dezire will keep it's occupants safe at a head on crash@60km/hr. For Punto/Linea, just a week back i uploaded the pics of a head on clash of Punto with a truck@120 kmph with windshield intact & doors opening/closing with the same thud. I had to read it's insurance surveyor report that i took from service advisor@abs motors Gurgaon. The truck engine part was completely damaged & car went inside it more than a mtr. I didn't believe it was @120 kmph till i saw Punto's boot. There was not a single scratch on the boot but it was bent & misaligned mysteriously so much that i could insert my whole hand from one corner. God gracious!! that bend was due to G-Forces the car has experienced during head on impact & very less time for coming to rest (in order of tenth of second) with sudden appearing truck on the wrong side. I came to know this when i saw a Ford focus crash test@200 km/hr. The car was folded till the B-Pillar & the boot bent without any direct collision. That was due to the whiplash & 400G forces acting on car as a result of 200km/hr to 0 Km/hr in 38 milli-second only. Pls check, i have uploaded videos of the Ford Focus crash test in you tube thread). You can imagine that the same happened with Punto@120 km/hr albeit to a lesser extent. I have to believe it now, no option. Do go through that pic though & there is nothing left at engine bay. Everything was folded back to 1/2 feet wide metal sheet. But inside cabin, it's perfect without a scratch to driver & 3 other occupants. Now pls imagine new Dezire at Punto's place@80km/hr & very ugly picture will haunt you.

    Even i don't believe some of the astonishing stats that i come across & want some alternate explanation. The pics that i saw of FIAT's helped me a lot to make up my mind. Actually not much of the stuff is Fanboyish that i say, some of that is so unbelievable (especially the security aspect) that it appears Fanboyism:confused. So i won't blame you.

    As far as keeping maruti for 8-10 yrs is concerned, are you imagining any one in India who didn't come across a Maruti in his lifetime. I may not be Maruti expert but know enough about them to comment confidently. I am happy for you & myself that our Maruti was never challenged on security aspects. But what about the people who were challenged? Try speaking for others especially the ignorant one, it would make you feel better inside no matter what is bought. A writer wrote on Hitler & 2nd world war that

    first they came for the Jews, i didn't speak because i was not a Jew
    then they came for the industrialists, i didn't speak because i was not industrialist
    then they came for communists, i didn't speak because i was not a communist
    then they came for me, by that time no one was left to speak for me:mrgreen:!!

    @Mods: Since we are comparing new Dezire security aspects, i don't think this post is OT. Still if you feel like.... pls go ahead.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2012
  4. To be frank with you, I don't think Dzire is a stupid car, not a joke by any means. Well, it's not a supercool car either. Maruti aims at the mainstream market, who need 'a car', just like that. they need a car which does what's required for them - mileage, and daily commuting, with the peace of mind that they CAN find a service centre somewhere near. Fiat is built for people who are passionate about cars. Still, a lot of Indians are passionate about their cars, again Fiat doesn't sell to them. My humble wish is that Fiat cracks the Indian code. For Indians, it's not Fuel Efficiency which is no.1, it's service availability. these are the things which make cars like Dzire succeed, not the build quality. Millions drive the unsafe car without really knowing the danger lurking beneath, but things go on, and only once in a while the accidents happen, if u take the proportion of the number of cars to number of accidents. even then, they don't take it as a maruti which crashed in an accident, becuz it's just a car. just any car. If it is a car, say, like Fiat, people notice it. Most Indians follow the herd, we can't do much about it.

    I wouldn't call the Dzire a great car, but not a stupid one. A brand can't stand this long if it continues to make stupid cars for a long time.
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Rahul, you should read my post carefully. I don't deny the practicality of the Dezire. I didn't call this car as joke. What I said is, labelling Dezire as a entry level Sedan is a joke. Manufacturers shouldn't fool ignorent people with these kind of marketing gimmicks.
  6. well, ramjin, my comments were not directed at any particular person/post, though i saw the word joke in ur comments. i was reacting to the way people treat other carmakers as if Fiat is the only sensible carmaker. cars are not made only for races. for a good number of people, it's a machine which takes them from point A to point B. People say that Maruti doesn't give as many features as Fiat does, though the pricing is still high for Maruti, almost close to Fiat - case of Swift/Punto. But haven't they given back to the customers in terms of service. poor service quality could be due to the guys who do the service. But i wouldn't take anything away from Maruti, though I don't want my next car to be a Maruti.
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Not at all. Fanboys are never good brand ambassadors. In the end, all they do is hurt the brand itself.

    And, until and unless some official crash test results (In India) are published , where the Dejiire and Punto/Linea are subjected to the same tests under the same conditions, we should not comment on one car's strength or the lack of it.

    Unsubstantiated facts lead the forum nowhere.

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  8. sungoa2010


    What we can do is instead of proving the theorems we will make axioms. :lol:
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Pls trade in your new Linea with the dezire, i don't see many points in favor of linea if you believe in substantiated details. Worst turning radius, bulkiest, worst 0-100 against rocket DZhhireee, worst A.S.S, interior, worst selling & what not :p:p. you are too smart to buy a linea, how come you miss dezire?

    Crash tests hardly involves the real life safety situation. You know why? Because the implication is "a vehicle safety standard can be rated against another vehicle of equal weight/size/category/segment & bla bla". It has to be a brand new dezire colliding into another brand new dezire. Since new swift has 5 star rating, it's equivalent to Punto in crash testing. It's substantiated fact!!! But on road in tough/unexpected conditions what will happen??? One can realize by the aftermath for sure. I have seen some serious solid stuff in FIAT in repeated cases & convinced myself what i wanted to, but too poor in case of others manufacturers. Where the hell were those Suzuki 50 stars of NCAP when 2 block next to my house, whole family was wiped out including 2 kids?? It just collided with a loaded TATA 407 at 60kmhr. I don't see anything favorable in visible vicinity for other makers, why should i degrade fiat for that? It's like eating wet mud thinking it might turn out a chocolate. That what substantiated details is as far as security/safety of Maruti is concerned.

    Even being in minority, Truth is self evident & never needed majority's support to stand on it's feet. This is not Fanboyiissmmm, this is well wishing for fellows. Pls go ahead whom so ever sees positives in Maruti, i really don't find any substantiated data to favor FIAT, neither magazines nor TV channels or anywhere else. It should pretty much put the exclamatory mark to everything about FIAT.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2012
  10. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Well true fanboyism will lead to nowhere! But according to me,my views for Maruti have always been on the negative side.A company who always compromises on safety and sells purely on the basis of brand image has totally being taking the indian public for a ride for more than a decade.I mean how much more profit do you want? OK! you're doing business,profit is your main aim but atleast keep safety in mind.FIAT has always kept safety first thats why their cars are built like a tank.There might be small issues but we all can live with it anyday.No car is perfect.A.S.S is improving day by day.

    So talking about the new Djire in a FIAT forum is like banging your head on a wall, but it would make no difference to the wall!
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