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Manza Diesel vs Punto 1.3 emotion

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by singh, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. singh

    singh Amatore

    i am planning to buy a car in budget upto 7 lacs , i considered Punto , i20 , manza and nissan micra Swift .
    But now shortlisted Punto and Manza . i20 have real AC issue , it doesnt cool , even less cooling than my Santro xing 5 yrs old , Micra seems girlish king like polo .
    Swift is like delhi CNG auto , can be found every few metres . Heart says to go for Punto , parents say Manza , but they have no issue even if we buy fiat . Something is pulling me towards Punto
    what you guys suggest , Fiat in my observation is better , as my main concern is comfort as i travel around 3000 kms a month , Manza is big and rear seat has enough space .
    my queries are
    1. How is rear seat of Punto comfort wise , space wise in real world , since most people dont drive with seat all way pushed back.
    2. 0-100 is not important , imp is pulling from 40 - 100 , means in overtaking trucks and buses going on 80kmph
    3. How are noise level inside cabin with stock tyres , planning to upgrade to Yokohama DB series or any other 215/55 R15 , possible?

    I have extensively driven santro and swift diesel , so its better if i can get comparison in terms of space and comfort of ride with these.
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    You need to prioritize your requirements and then decide. Both are in different segments. We are comparing a Hatch with a Sedan. If you really need a big boot then you will have to omit Punto from the list. Remember that Punto's boot is not smaller (280 Lts). Also, you should understand that the interior space alone will not give you the better ride and comfort. Punto's ride and handling is great and not comparable with Manza. Since you are going to do 3k+/month and if you want to enjoy driving, go for Punto.
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  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    If rear seat space and large boot are of utmost importance for you then go for Manza otherwise for all other features its Punto.

    You are comparing apples and oranges here just because their cost is same.
  4. singh

    singh Amatore

    mom gets tired sitting in swift back seat , feels little better in santro , Boot is hardly required , ASS both cars are in same category . concern is least tiredness and less fatigue .
    thanks for replying guys
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Barring the leg room and shoulder room I would say Punto. I rarely sit at the rear but people who have travelled along for 1k round trip haven't complained.

    Why don't you take your mom for a longish test drive and decide.

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  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Definitely the rear of Punto is way better than Swifts and Santros. True, both cars go to the same service station. With Punto, at least you will be getting the feel of owning a great product even if the A.S.S. in your town is not great. With Manza, that may not be case. Hope, you understood what I mean.
  7. I have travelled in rear seat of my Punto, once my brother was driving. Following are the couple of points I observed.
    - Rear space is sufficient for me. I was sitting behind the driver seat. I am 5'10" and my brother who was driving is 5'11". I have to share the rear bench with two others (My wife and my cousin).
    - Comfort is not so good or not so bad. I have travelled around 300Kms in rear seat in two days. I had nothing to complain or praise. May be I got used to driver seat comfort of my car :). My car (active) does not have hight adjustable head rests in rear. So, emotion variants should be more comfortable.
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  8. CountRock

    CountRock Staff Member Janitor

    Dallas, Texas
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I have travelled in a Linea and Punto in the back seat for quite a bit. I am 6'3" tall. Nothing to complain about! could use a bit more head room, overall the rear seat incline is much better then the Swift. I dislike the Manza a lot! There is no comparison. If you are okay with the space behind and the boot, the option is pretty clear!
  9. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    I would say If you have a driver go for Manza. No offences but i feel manza is not a type of car that should be driven by owner. Manza has good rear seat comfort but then the front seats are no good for long drives and even the car is pretty difficult to park given the shape and rear visibility.

    Punto's rear seat is not the best when compared to sedan but is certainly one of the best in class. little lesser than likes of Aveo U-VA and Vista. rear seat comfort also depends a lot on suspension setup, which is best in Punto in its class. I would suggest you to take your mother and try a test drive.

    waise, where do you stay in Delhi? any of us can help you in any regard? We Delhi TFI'ians are a lot active gang of people
  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    There you go. You've answered it yourself by putting forward these points.

    The Punto 1.3 Emotion should be your car. :up


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